Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Bunny making it rain

It is so much fun when all your kids understand and can be active participants of holidays! We had so much fun for Easter this year with egg dying, hunts and eating candy (seriously, I think I ate through 6 bags of Cadberry Mini Eggs by myself)

Julianna and I have been dying eggs together since Spencer and I stared dating, but his this year she had too many "teenager" activities to do and was too busy so the kids and I got to do it by ourselves. Not going to lie, I thought I had made a terrible mistake to try to take on the egg dying with the kids by myself, but it was actually great. Not to mention the kids loved it so MUCH!
 On Easter Sunday, the kids woke up to a note from the Easter bunny giving clues as to where he had hidden their Easter baskets (pictured below on the left). When we got home from church, the Easter bunny had come again for Spencer, Julianna and I leaving eggs all over the backyard (pictured on the right)
 As it turns out, our eggs had candy and MONEY in them!
 We had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Swenson and then did an egg hunt for the kids
I (obviously) don't have pictures but I just wanted to talk about a little about the Easter program at Sacrament Meeting. It was so wonderful. The choir was in charged and they did such a wonderful job. Spencer sang a duet with a sister in the ward and Julianna sang a solo. It was just a perfect reminder what Easter is actually about. Not to mention the Prince Of Peace campaign was just beautiful

PS you may have noticed that the kids are wearing different clothes than they were at the Easter photo shoot. I accidentally left all of our Easter clothes in St. George like an idiot. Thankfully the kids had cute clothes that totally worked

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