Sunday, July 2, 2017

Thank you for this day

I feel like we get a bad rep for spending Thanksgiving by ourselves each year. The truth is that we DON'T want to have Thanksgiving by ourselves, we DO, however, want to have Thanksgiving exactly how we like it with no compromises and at our house. That may sound a little harsh but Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. Moreover, it's Spencer's favorite holiday and I love making him happy. What actually happens every year is that we invite both families to spend Thanksgiving with us and when they all have some excuse to say no... we end up having Thanksgiving by ourselves.

This year.... the Titas said YES!

I was so excited/intimidated to throw the dinner for so many people... mostly excited. I don't want to brag but Thanksgiving is my one time a year to shine and I've nailed it in the past; I just figured I would do everything I normally did but in a bigger scale. First thing first, the turkey. Usually I make a 5 lbs turkey breast, but obviously we were looking a big bird this year. I opted for a 14 lbs and it was the perfect size. This year I also discovered brine and OH MY GOODNESS if you have never brined your turkey DO IT! It was so good. I used the Pioneer Woman recipe (as I do most things in life) and it was just awsome.
The hardest part of the whole things was not realizing that when I put the turkey inside the pot it would displace the brine and make a huge mess. I had to yell for Spencer with the turkey in my hand to come help me put the pot in the sink and then disinfect everything. I'm laughing about it as I write now, but it was a very panicked time. 
Spencer talked me into having the dinner in the basement so that he could watch TV as he ate and as it turns out it was actually inspired because the kitchen was so HOT by the time it was time to eat it would have been terrible to sit in there.
 So yeah... I killed it with the food! It was so freaking good, my mouth is literally watering right now as I write
 After dinner, we went upstairs to take some pictures... Oh, hello Tio Ariel
 Abuelo and Abuela wanted a picture with the 3 grand kids... this was the best we were able to get.
All in all a perfect Thanksgiving. Even cleaning up afterwards was good (okay it was a nightmare but it was worth it)

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