Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Month Update: March

Obviously the big thing in March was the cruise; after that, it was a pretty calm month with a lot of little gems.

The night when we got back, Katelyn fell asleep on me as we were watching the first episode of Survivor... it pretty much made me never want to leave her again. PS she was all covered in the ridiculous amount of chocolate that I had let her have so I was also covered in that chocolate
Bachelor finale! (I'm still not over the heartbreak of Nick picking Vanessa... I think she's terrible)
 Green pancakes for St. Patrick's day
 Spencer had the day off so we took the kids to the Rock Show at the fairgrounds. They loved it
 Happy Birthday Grandpa Mark! (yeah, I don't know what's going on in this picture)
 The Little Guy is obsessed with "Survivor". I caught him playing outside by himself, practicing his fire building skills
 Relief Society birthday party... and I was actually in the ward this year instead of just crashing the party like I usually do
 The kids and I finished listening to the entire Harry Potter series. We love listening to audio books in the car. It was seriously the best to be able to talk about "the Potter" with the Little Guy. Once we finished the last book, it was time for the movies
 I think their favorite was "Prisoner of Askaban", for some reason, both of my kids LOVE the dementors.
and that's it for March. Like I said, it was very calm after the craziness of the begging of the month

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