Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Did somebody say St. George?

After having left the kids for almost two weeks in March, we wanted to do a mini vacation with them; so at the first of April, we packed up and headed down to St. George. We were only there about three days but we packed them full and had a blast.

On the way down, we stopped to see Adam in Cedar City. The kids were so exited to see him (and he was probably even more exited to see them). We decided to just have dinner there but Adam didn't fit in our car so Spencer and him walked to a nearby dinner while the kids and I got there by car and waited for them at the city center park (you can see videos at the end of the post)

Look at the size of the burger Spencer ate!
Back in our favorite place!
We were really exited to try Thunder Junction. It is an all abilities park that was recently opened. We were pretty sad back in February when it was still under construction so we immediately jumped at the chance to check it out
Boy was it cool! and PACKED. Seriously... so busy! But is was still a blast and a half. The splash pad wasn't opened yet so we can't wait to go back and try it

After lunch and a nap (and a quick trip to the outlets while the kids slept) we hit up our favorite place... The Children's Museum. We have been there so many times but the kids do not get bored. They love it so much!!!

The Little Guy played on the light up floor for 40 minutes! The only reason he stopped playing was because they were closing. Spencer took Katelyn around to the other rooms she wanted to go and I sat with the Little Guy the entire time
It gave me time to look at the system that runs it. It turns out it is actually a projector above that runs the whole thing, the floor doesn't do anything. I was able to find the website for the program online and the system is $10,000! Yeah, we won't get one in our house anytime soon
As if we had not had an awesome day already, after the Children's Museum, it was time for the splash pad!
We were there for another two hours

Needless to say we were exhausted on Sunday. We had originally planned to go to Church but we slept in. We decided to just take it easy and just played games at home most of the day. Around 4, I gave the kids a bath and got them all cute for our Easter pictures
I'll do our Easter Pictures on their own post
Movie night!
Before we left on Monday we all got dressed in our Superbowl shirts (that actually came right before we left on the trip)

I made a video of all the Snaps I took during the weekend

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