Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Because I apparently like torture/Easter Pictures

I guess it's a tradition now for us to do our own Easter pictures. This year, we had a family trip to St. George planned so we decided to take everything and do them there. Seriously, I do not even know who we got a single good picture this year. The kids decided they didn't want to do it at the last second and refused to smile.... we were loosing sunlight... the kids would not sit still for a second. The fact that we a couple of good pictures is nothing short of an Easter miracle
my favorite picture!
 And no... we did not get a single good picture of the kids and I. Every sing one was blurry as one of the kids would move.

Our Superbowl shirts came in right before we left, so we took the opportunity to take a picture with those as well
Can I just say... there are few things in life I like better than when we are all matching! It is so much fun for me. If I could get Spencer to agree to it, we would probably match every single day

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