Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Month update: September

Between our Lagoon weekend and the reunion, September is always a really busy month for us. Add to that, Daddy switching jobs and it was just insane. So here is the usual craziness in random order

The kids and I were able to make it out to both Maple Mountain and Spanish Fork's homecoming games.
 Katelyn, unfortunately, had her first really sick-sickness. She got an ear infection on both ears which lead to the discovery that she is actually allergic to penicillin when Dr. McBride prescribed her some and she broke out in a rash. Yeah... not a good time.
 At the begging of the month (right before we left for Lagoon) we had the annual 7th Ward pool party; and get this, this year we were actually part of the ward and not just crashing like always
 The kids taking pictures of me, as I take a picture of them.... and yes, Katelyn thinks she needs to raise the camera as if she were taking a selfie
 Tita Nana went to Homecoming... what?!
and that was September.... super busy... super stressful but super fun.

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