Monday, May 8, 2017

Halloween town at the Keele's

With Halloween being on a Monday this year, it actually tuned into a whole weekend event. On Saturday we stared the day by meeting the Titas at Jaker's Pumpkin patch. It was just a freaking blast!
That evening we went to the ward "Fall Activity" (they don't call it the Halloween activity as to not offend anyone, even though it 100% is)... Oh yeah, we were the Ninja Turtles this year! It worked out that were able to get all the costumes together with not a lot of difficulty and by some miracle we were all able to be the four different turtles!
 The Little Guy loved his costume, it's hard to tell from his super grumpy face, but trust me, he LOVED IT!
 They had set up all sorts of games for the kids including donuts on a string. The Little Guy came come with so much candy we were able to maintain a steady sugar high all throughout the weekend
After church (and naps) on Sunday, we carved the pumpkin we got at Jaker's (Thanks Abuelo and Abuela!). The Little Guy was super specific that he wanted the pumpkin to have two teeth at the top and two at the bottom and he made sure his instructions were respected and carried out. Daddy let the kids borrow a couple of shirts to use as smocks.
Katelyn loved scooping out the guts so much. It was by far her favorite part for the whole experience
I didn't get as many pictures as I should have on the actual day but we were so busy. Daddy had to work but we stopped by to see him and get some candy on the way to Abuelo and Abuela's
Um... can  I just take a second to gush about Addie dressed as Princess Lea?!
We trick-or-treated around Abuelo and Abuela's for a while and then met up with Daddy and the rest of the Keeles at the McEntire's for the annual scones and chili. So delicious.
Then it was trick-or-treating until we (and by "We" I mean Spencer and I) were just exhausted. We really got SO MUCH CANDY this year! Yeah, I ate most of it... I have no remorse, I birthed them after all.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Month update: September

Between our Lagoon weekend and the reunion, September is always a really busy month for us. Add to that, Daddy switching jobs and it was just insane. So here is the usual craziness in random order

The kids and I were able to make it out to both Maple Mountain and Spanish Fork's homecoming games.
 Katelyn, unfortunately, had her first really sick-sickness. She got an ear infection on both ears which lead to the discovery that she is actually allergic to penicillin when Dr. McBride prescribed her some and she broke out in a rash. Yeah... not a good time.
 At the begging of the month (right before we left for Lagoon) we had the annual 7th Ward pool party; and get this, this year we were actually part of the ward and not just crashing like always
 The kids taking pictures of me, as I take a picture of them.... and yes, Katelyn thinks she needs to raise the camera as if she were taking a selfie
 Tita Nana went to Homecoming... what?!
and that was September.... super busy... super stressful but super fun.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Day in the life 2: First day of preschool

Here is another day in the life video. It was done on September 6, the Little Guy's first day of preschool! It was a really busy day. Enjoy

Reunion/St. George Vacation

The reunion was VERY different this year. Spencer had his last day of work at Young Living the day before we left and we decided that we would come home on Tuesday hopefully in time for the Little Guy to make it to preschool (he didn't. Really the only thing that made us come home was preschool. We were having so much fun in St. George)

We drove down late on Friday and got to St. George around midnight. Because the Children's Museum is only opened for members on Monday, we knew we had to go on Saturday before we went to the reunion. It meant that we missed the horseshoe tournament and swimming but it was worth it, the kids had so much fun! Not to mentioned it is not as busy mid September as everyone is just getting back to school.

Are you sick of seeing pictures of videos of the kids at the Children's Museum yet? I know that I do post a lot, but I mean... look at them... they are so cute! and they love the museum so much! This was the first time Katelyn was able to walk around the museum by herself. Last time we were here she was crawling and could walk a little with the grocery carts; this was a different experience for her.
We went straight from the museum to Hurracain for the reunion and got there just in time for the start of the raffle. It stinks that we didn't get to put in our raffle item of buy any tickets to use ourselves but it was okay. (Side note: I still have our raffle items put away for next year, so bonus!)
This year, they also had a corn hole game
Even thought we missed the tournament, the boys were able to recruit Nate to play horseshoe with them
Katelyn was obsessed with the goats and horses. At one point she grabbed a big clump of dirt and put it straight in her mouth. We all freaked out thinking it was horse poop and (ask anyone that was there) we now all remember it in slow motion.... it is hilarious to write about now but that was not the case in the moment.
The Little Guy played with the older kids the entire time. We would just make sure we always had him in eyesight but he was not with us once. Not even at dinner. We actually ended up leaving right after dinner and didn't stay for the program. It was already 7:30 at that point and we had had a really long day... translation... the kids were D.O.N.E

The rest of the Keeles spent the night on Saturday and then went home early Sunday so we had the house to our ourselves the rest of our trip.
We took Sunday nice and relaxed. Just playing games and watching movies. Oh, and playing with blocks. Yeah, my Megablocks skills are just fantastic.... a table and two chairs... that's it. Hey, the kids were really impressed
Katelyn obsessed with Baba like always, took her on the trip and was feeding her dinner
We had originally planned to go home on Monday afternoon so the Little Guy could go to school on Tuesday but quickly decided we still had things we wanted to do.,, and the Little Guy would be okay to miss one day; so after a late brunch, we went to the splash pad for HOURS
Don't worry, everyone was forced into applying a ridiculous amount of sunscreen
I'm pretty sure this was Katelyn's first time being able to actually play in the splash pad... oh the joys of walking
Why that hat fits him perfectly don't you think?
Blowing bubbles!
Our favorite thing about going down to St. George is being able to do what we want, when we want. Do the kids need a bath in the middle of the day because they smell like sunscreen and sweat?... well they can play in the big tub while they are at it.
We were starving when we got done playing so we hit up Chuck-A-Rama
air high fives!
After dinner we hit up the zoo... okay Petco... same thing right?
This trip was so needed for our family. We actually only ended up spending about 3 hours at the actually reunion but it was just what we needed to re-charge and spend time together.

PS Look the neighbors have ONIONS growing next door! (If you got that joke... you get me)