Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Month Update: September

In order to be able to be caught up with blogging by the end of the year, I'm going to go back to the old way of blogging and do big blog posts with everything. I decided to do it by month so it won't be that big of a post, but still... just know that it hurts my heart as I love doing small posts making every individual event special... but it is what it is

We stared September (and finished our Lagoon trip) with a trip to Temple Square. We have been wanting to take the kids to Temple Square for a while because we thought the kids would really like it and it did not disappoint. They LOVED it!
 They were so many things to see and do and Katelyn kept screaming, "Look Mom, Jesus!" what could be better than that?

 After going everywhere for a couple of hours (yeah, the kids lasted for hours), we had a small picnic behind the Church History Museum. We wished we would have been able to do a tour of the conference center but it was just way too hot.
The Little Guy stared preschool again on the 5th and was so exited for it. It was hard to fall back into the school routine after our super busy summer, but he loves school so much. I could not think of a better thing for him
Julianna went to Homecoming, and we all took turns harassing her and her date for pictures
This summer we did a Summer Bucket List for the first time and actually completed of the things on it. You can see through the pictures by searching #keelesummerbucketlist2017 on Instagram. The last item on the list was a road trip and we completed it with a very last minute trip to St. George. We were only there for 2 days but managed to pack it ridiculously full of things
We recently discovered Music and Movement at the library and have been going as often as we can. The kids have so much fun singing and dancing to the songs. It has really become something to look forward to every week
Playing made up Uno rules with Phase 10 cards. Grandpa Bell is a super champ though and just goes along with it
Spencer decided early on his Halloween costume for this year and wore non-stop throughout the month
and that's is for September. This one was not quite as long I thought it was going to be. Hopefully that will hold as I write the next couple of months

Monday, December 18, 2017

It's Lagoon!

This year we got not one but TWO trips to Lagoon thanks to American First Credit Union. They rented out the park on August 30th and let the the employees leave early. Because we were all set for our annual Labor Day trip the next weekend, we decided to just take the early trip with only Spencer and I.
It was such a blast and we got to pretty much walk on every ride... and then we got super sick. SUPER SICK! I don't know if it was something we ate or just because we were going on so many rides with no breaks in between... but we were really sick. I actually think we have never both been sick like that at the same time. It was not fun
We decided to go home really early (don't worry we had plenty of fun) but both of us were too sick to even drive home, so we just walked around the new shops in Farmington for a while. I know it sounds like kind of a bummer, but it really wasn't... okay, being so sick WAS a big bummer... once we were felling a little better, we had a blast shopping and laughed and talked all the way home.

Four days later we were back up for Labor Day weekend. This year, we decided to save some money and only stay in the hotel for one night instead of two and drove up on Saturday Morning. Oh and in case you didn't know (Katelyn likes Adam a little bit)
and I could say the Little Guy and Julianna get along as well
The jury is still out on how many times we went on Rattle Snakes Rapid... weather it was 13 or 14... and then met Grandma Julie and the kids for lunch
Okay, we had SO MUCH FUN with the kids!!!! They are at such a fun age, they were able to go on everything and they just loved it!
Last year, the Little Guy was a scaredy-cat and refused to go on a bunch of rides even though he was tall enough so I was not having that this year. I told him that he had to go on every single ride that he was tall enough for and if he cried about it, he had to go on that ride twice (a trick I learned from Julie's friends the Wilsons).
The result: the Little Guy had so much fun on all the bigger rides! His favorite ride was actually BomBora to which he threw a huge tantrum last year and refused to go on it. Yeah, that's good parenting
We played for a couple of hours and then decided to let the kids play in the splash pad before going to take a nap but they were both way too tired
Of course, they didn't actually take naps, but the break was good nonetheless
We made it back to the campground perfectly in time for dinner
and of course, Tio Adam had a giant minion waiting for Katelyn and some pokeballs for the Little Guy
We went on a bunch of rides again after dinner and around 8 met with with these goobers to that we could ride Sky Coaster. I mean, there is pretty much nothing better. Sure it is scary but once that initial drop is gone, you are literally flying and it is so amazing!
Julianna and Aubry went on it for the first time as well and they loved it
Some un-pictured stories from Lagoon... The kids favorite ride was the Jumping Dragon and they went on it a ridiculous amount of times. Katelyn would be so exited when she was getting on it that she would literally bounce on the balls of her feet while she was waiting in line.... Adam took the kids for a little bit (completely unprompted and because he wanted to) and Spencer and I got to go on one last roller coaster by ourselves.... this was our first time since we have kids that we actually stay until the park closes.

We were all so exhausted by the time we got to the hotel, we went straight to bed (Katelyn didn't even make it out of the park, she fell asleep in the stroller as we were walking towards the parking lot)

The next morning, we packed up and had delicious breakfast. The Keeles decided to go straight home, but we actually took the kids to Temple Square which is something we had been wanting to do for a long time (I'll write more about that in the month update post)
Until next year Lagoon!!!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Bathing Suits instead of Church Clothes

For the first time since before the Little Guy was born, Spencer got to come with us  to the annual Ward Pool Party and it was AWESOME! We literally had to drag the kids out of the water because it was so cold, and I turned my back for one second only to find Daddy had let them back in.... It was a fight to get them out again (although I did let them play longer). Katelyn especially loved that Grandma Julie got in the water with us this year!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Month Update: August

You know when you don't really have enough laundry for two loads but way too much for one load so you stuff everything in the machine and hope it gets cleaned? Well that is what is happening with this post. We did so many thing in August and I had a bunch of small posts planned but in the end decided to go with one big one. That being said, I will still do separate posts for the Ward pool party and Lagoon as those have a lot more content; but for now, enjoy a super long post all about the month of August (all in random order of course)

Spencer and I got to go to a Real Salt Lake game for the first time. It was such a blast. We have both been wanting to make it out to a game for years now and it did not disappoint. Spencer got tickets through America First Credit Union and they included great seats and dinner!
 I would say that watching soccer is an acquired taste and a lot different from watching other sports. If you are thinking about going out to a Real Salt Lake game definitely try it, but do not be disappointed if it is not your cup of tea.

For Bacheroette finale we had a "ring" shape themed and only ate things that were shaped like rings. Quick side note: I NEVER liked Bryan and still don't!
 We had the opportunity to help cleaning our church building. We were actually given the perfect job for the kids which was to clean all the glass doors. I think the kids were able to really appreciate all the effort that goes into keep the church clean and take pride in helping themselves.
The kids' trip to the dentist went as good as could be expected. The Little Guy was great... Katelyn wasn't, but that's fine. The good thing was that all teeth were accounted for and looked great
Did you catch the solar eclipse, it was super cool! The craziest part for me was the significant temperature drop
Flying on the tramp!
Katelyn did not get hurt once but twice in the month... TWICE! The first was right after my birthday when she fell off the concrete steps in our backyard. Honestly, I have been waiting for one of my kids to fall down those from the second we moved in. The fact that we lasted a year and a half before that happened was a miracle.
The second injury happened towards the end of the month when she slipped on the tramp and hit her head against the metal frame so hard she opened a big gash. Of course, this happened on a Sunday night where our only option was to take her to the ER for stitches. We were worried that we were going to get to the ER and they were going to say there was nothing they could do and it would cost us a ridiculous amount of money; but lucky for us we have a PA in our ward, so we decided to have him look at her and decided if we needed to go to the ER or not. He thought, she could probably use a stitch but they would most likely glue it anyway because she was so little and he had everything he needed to do it right there.
This picture is after we got home. We are so thankful Bro Montgomery was able to take care of it and save us thousands and thousands of dollars

If you follow me on Instagram (keeleana) you may have seen the story about Mr. Poops, but here it is again. At the beginning of August, Grandma Julie brought home a caterpillar for the kids to watch turn into a butterfly. It was seriously the coolest thing I have ever witness. We got go watch Mr. Poops (so named because of how much he pooped) move and eat and grow so much and eventually get completely encapsulated in his chrysalis in a matter of hours. HOURS! We were gone for only two hours and he was completely in there. I am still in awe as to how he fit. The chrysalis itself was probably a third of his length or less.
We had no idea what kind of butterfly he was going to be an were so surprised when we woke up and discovered the incredible monarch butterfly waiting for us. He was nothing short of magnificent. We sat outside with him for about 15 minutes until he flew away; and when he did, I a was absolutely heartbroken.
I don't know what it was but even writing this now makes me super sad. I hadn't realized just how emotionally invested I had gotten on Mr. Poops. Maybe it was that the fun time we had together was over... regardless, I think I'm going to have a really hard time with my kids growing up... well see. (I am crying as I write about Mr. Poops now, I hope he migrated and found a butterfly girlfriend)

I really didn't want to make a big deal of my birthday this year. I don't know what it was about it this year, but I really didn't care. I wasn't mad or upset in any way, I just really didn't care about it. We still had cake that day and a Spencer and I got to go to Tucanos that weekend, it was perfect
We also discovered that you can get the rest of your Brazilian lemonade in a to-go cup so you know, that changed our lives
Random picture of the kids drinking Oreo shakes. One thing we absolutely loved doing this summer was having Sunday dinner outside. The weather was perfect and we already had shade there by 5
The kids had been talking about going on a "Pick-mick" (picnic) for a while and we finally were able to the first day after swimming lessons
and here is a picture of Katelyn sitting in time-out for over 5 minutes because she refused to say "sorry" in order to get out
August had not one, but two pool parties. The first was for a law office in Spanish Fork. It was so much fun but it was freezing so we didn't get to stay as long as we would have liked. The second was our ward's annual pool party which will have its own post soon
Getting your toes painted by Tia Julianna simply because you asked, that's the way to live life. Also, can you even handle those curls?!
We had family date night at Salem Pond. It was the first time the kids had been there (well the Little Guy had before but when he was a baby) and Spencer and I had not been for years.
Spencer and I used to go all the time to feed ducks but the ducks were no where to be found this time around. It was a stroke of inspiration to not tell the kids about the ducks in order to keep them a surprise. We would have had a revolt on our hands had they been promised ducks that were not there

What? Spiderman doesn't randomly show up at your local Walmart? Who keeps your city safe then?
All joking aside, this was the best character impersonator I have ever seen. Not only was the costume spot on, but he was so friendly and good with kids. Usually the Little Guy is really shy and likes to look from a distance but he joke around with him and even posed for the picture.

We were back at again with swimming lessons this year. I enlisted Nate to come along a couple of times so that I could take pictures
Swimming lessons were worth every cent and then some this year. Even though we go swimming all the time and he can swim by himself with the life jacket on, the Little Guy was super scared to even get his hair wet. He gained so much confidence with going underwater and even went off the diving boar on the last day!!!!!
and the slide too. This is a really big deal. He is always so scared to try things so I was almost in tears seeing him
The Keele kids decided to dig up the time capsule they had buried about 10 years ago. I think I was not the only one surprised that anything was still there
Here is an unedited video of them opening it up
Grandpa Mark's work hosted their annual Seven Peaks party again and Spencer got to come with us for the first time. It is a testament of how much fun we had that this is the only picture I was able to get as I was in the water with them and couldn't get my camera
Nathan helped me put together the water table for this kids and he was able to get it so much tighter than I was able to last year. They had so much fun with it, to the point that we are going to buy a new bin next year because they literally wore a hole through it
Like I said, one big load of laundry, better than a crazy amount of smaller loads thought... right?