Monday, October 16, 2017

Fiesta Days!

If you have been following my blog for a couple of years, you know that Fiesta Days is one of my favorite things about living in Spanish Fork. (For those of you that do not live in Spanish Fork, or Utah for that matter... quick summary. In Utah we celebrate the 24th of July as Pioneer Day, the day the Mormon pioneers came into the valley of Salt Lake to settle. It is huge for the state, almost like a second 4th of July. Fireworks are allowed, there are parades and decorations and Spanish Fork throws the biggest party in Utah County... Fiesta Days. Complete with a world-class rodeo)

While there are activities that start at the beginning of the month, the official Fiesta Days celebration starts the night before the rodeo begins This year that meant Wednesday the 19th. We started our festivities with the Baby Contest. Seriously... why do I put myself through that?!  Katelyn wore her cowboy outfit from her birthday and was so exited for it, but as soon as it was our turn to approach the judges, she immediately looked down, put a sad look on her face and didn't want anything to do with it. As we were waiting in line for her picture, she got happy again and attracted the attention of the local news channel covering the event. The producer asked me if it was okay to film her and as soon as the camera came up she immediately got sad again.... The only good thing that came out of it was that by some miracle we actually got a good picture out of it (although she refused to wear the hat, even though she had refused to take it off earlier)
The theme for Fiesta Days this year was "We are SF" which is why she has the SF on her cheek... which she loved that I put on her by the way

That night, Julie and I took the kids to the Heritage Parade where the cowboys and horses make their way to the fairgrounds for the rodeo. We also took the kids to Cold Stone after
Back in February, Julie got tickets for her, Mark and the Little Guy to got to the Rodeo but Mark wasn't able to make it so I got to go on Friday instead. Oh my goodness, such a blast!
It got long for the Little Guy and he was very tired long before it was over but he hung in there because he was really exited for the bull riding at the end. Julie and I loved it so much, we decided that we are going every year from now on and whoever wants to come with us can.

Saturday, we went to the activities they have at the park and to see the results for the baby contest (Katelyn didn't win her division and we hadn't expected her to). The contest is judged by Spanish Fork Royalty and their moms so we got to meet them and take pictures after. The kids didn't care for that
Monday was the big day! We stared our day at the parade. I may be biased, but this is seriously the best parade! Everyone in Utah County comes and there are so many floats!
Julianna and Aubry were in the Maple Mountain High color Guard. Of course, we made a ridiculous amount of noise when they went by... Also, we teased Julianna for this picture because she is not supposed to break from standing in attention like she did to smile at us
"A llama?! He's supposed to be dead!"
After the parade we went to Mi Rancherito for lunch... another one of those things that you are missing out if you have never been... so yummy!
As I mentioned in my Sidewalk of Fire post, Julianna and Spencer were in a band called Day Job Junkies this year. Not only did they perform at our party, but they also got to perform at the library park as part of the "Entertainment at the Park" schedule. 
Again, I may be a little biased but they were seriously so good! People were freaking out over Julianna's singing (mostly boys and I didn't like that)
Spencer had scheduled to go to One Man Band for scones with his old band buddies from high school (as he does every year) and I decided to take the kids to the carnival instead. This was the only bad thing on the day, and it was really bad thing. First thing that happened was that Katelyn really wanted to get her face painted... She was so exited seeing people with their faces painted and kept saying she wanted to be a butterfly, so we waited in line for 30 mins and when it was her turn, she stared freaking out and wouldn't let them come near her (remember the baby contest? I don't know why I don't learn). So... her face did not get painted. Then both kids only wanted one thing... to go on the merry-go-round (in case you are new to the this blog, my kids and I have an unhealthy obsession with merry-go-rounds) Well, as it turns out the merry-go-round was 3 token per person, so we went to get tokens and they were $1 a piece! I know right?! $3 for one ride is absolutely ridiculous! But of course, the kids have already seen the it and were super exited to ride and not going on it at this point would have resulted in melt-downs. So I bought the $6 worth of tokens and we waited in line for the ride. Of course the nightmare didn't end there... when it was our turn to ride, they wouldn't let me on without paying the tokens as well and the kids couldn't ride by themselves! Are you kidding me?! Also, tokens are non refundable so my choices were by 3 more dollars worth of tokes of waste the ones I had already bought... So if you are keeping track, it cost us $9 to ride the merry-go-round. NEVER AGAIN!

but look at that happy face!
After that was all over we went and found Daddy to watch the steel drum band show but we had already missed after taking so long waiting for face painting. The Little Guy then got a nose bleed from the heat (it was seriously so hot) so I decided it was time for us to go home. I know that last section sounded like it was just a terrible nightmare but it really wasn't that bad. We had so much fun and so did the kids

That after noon (after naps and a shower) we met up with the Tita's for a delicious BBQ and games. Canasta is our favorite game to play and Spencer and/or my dad always dominate... I still like it though
We contemplated taking the kids to see the fireworks, but we were all so tired, it had really been a super long but super fun day. Maybe next year

Seriously, if you live in or near Utah County come to Spanish Fork for Fiesta Days! You will not be disappointed!

Monday, October 2, 2017

This sidewalk is on FIRE!

I need to start by saying that there was a LOT of back and forth with Sidewalk of Fire this year. Mainly the controversy dealt with Nathan. He was scheduled to come from his mission to Mexico on the 25th and we had Sidewalk of Fire scheduled for 3 days before on the 22nd. The problem was that if we waited to have it until after he came home, we would not be able to have fireworks because we would be outside the time set by the city. In the end, we just had to do it on the 22nd. Nathan was sad, but he understood

Can I just say that this was the best Sidewalk of Fire ever! Everything went super smoothly and perfect. Not to mention this year we had cotton candy... which, next to avocados and watermelon, is tied on the top food of all time list
 Have you ever had a smoked hot dog? It is out of this world good! Our neighbors across the street helped us out by smoking a crazy amount of hot dogs and they were fantastic
 Spencer and Julianna's band (Day Job Junkies) were the headliners this year. They were so good (seriously so good! I'm not even biased)
 Katelyn loved them so much! She danced to every song
Someone brought sidewalk chalk out this year and the kids loved it!
 watching the band again... she took breaks from dancing for food
 As I said on Instagram... I ate a plantation's worth of cotton candy
 The Little Guy tried sparklers by himself for the first time. It was such a surprise for me as he is not big into trying new things. It was all going great until his sparkler went out and he immediately put his hand around the burnt part. He was really sad and cried but didn't actually get burned. Then he surprised me even more by wanting another one! If he is not big into trying things, he is definitely not into giving things a second chance, so it was a great moment for him to do so
Like last year, I did a video of the whole night... enjoy

PS can you believe it is the 6th year of the Keeles putting on this party?! Spencer proposed a couple of hours after the first one

Monday, September 25, 2017

That time we went to Vegas and spent a ton of money

It was the second annual Girl's Trip to Las Vegas (you can read about the first one HERE and no, Katelyn was not invited this year)

We made it a tight trip this year because Julie was saving up PTO for when Nate got home at the end of the month so it was a non-stop fun fest! and some things that were not quite as fun. As we were drying passed Yuba, I was retelling Julie a joke I had made to Grandma Swenson when I jokingly asked her if she had brought the key (jokingly, because obviously she had right?) WRONG!!!! The key had been sitting on the counter at home... she thought I'd grabbed it.... I thought she'd grabbed it... NO ONE GRABBED THE KEY.... as a quick refresher... we were in YUBA!!!! for those of you that do not know, that is an HOUR away from Spanish Fork. Needless to say, we had to drive back home, get the key, and drive back down. It has been over three months since the incident and I don't think we have recover from it yet. I supposed we can count our blessing that we realized "early-ish" enough to turn around and didn't make it to St. George without the key.

We finally made it to St. George at around 10 PM and had to take a picture in order to get the weekend stared. Julie yelled "do the Julianna face" (open mouth smile) and then she got us by not doing it herself...
This year, we had Alaynah with us. She could not come shopping with us because she had to work, but as she worked in St. George at the time, she came to spend the nights with us once she got off.

After a quick trip to the grocery store we were ready to watch a ridiculous amount for Family Feud (the number one show watched by the Keele family when they visit St. George)
also... on a non-kids or husband trip... Mamma reaches for the good cereal!
we ended up staying up way later than we should have so we had a slower start than we wanted to in the morning... thankfully, it was nothing that the Habit (or the fact that Las Vegas is an hour behind) couldn't fix
We took this picture right before starting... and then proceeded to shop for almost 6 hours
matching cat ears....
I need to go ahead and point out that it was 115 degrees in Vegas when we were done shopping at 7:30. If you are thinking right now... dang that's hot! You would be right! It was crazy hot! I really do not know how people are able to live in that

We have Chili's for dinner including amazing guacamole, which if you didn't know... I have a serious love connection with avocados
After we got back to St. George, and met up with Alaynah we sat down to watch "Easy A" Julianna hadn't seen it... it was a right of passage
Thank you pretty ladies for such a fun weekend... it is definetely something we need to keep doing for years and years to come!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A "Beaching" Good Time

We got super spoiled this year when Grandpa Mar's work threw not one but two work parties. The first one was at Provo Beach. None of us had ever been there before and it was a blast.
 Spencer and Grandpa Mark did the ropes course
 She loves merry-go-rounds as much as her mom does
 Spencer, Julianna and Aubrey also did the Surf-rider. There was a learning curve for them but they all were able to stay on long enough for a picture
 They all had a couple of bruises but loved it
 While Daddy was getting changed, I took the kids around to games and we ended up at the bowling alley. Spencer joined us right on time to add his name to the game. I had been wanting to take the kids bowling for a while but didn't want to spend a lot of money and then have them not like it, so this was perfect. It turns out... they didn't like it.
 That's not true, they DID like it but they got bored. Ten frames was a lot for them and they were done around frame 4. Spencer and I each took one of the kids turns and played by ourselves while they played Angry Birds on my phone.

They had a giant Ms. Pack Man that Grandma and Grandpa loved
 Daddy took the Little Guy around to play some more games and Katelyn and I had another turn on the merry-go-round
My review of Provo Beach is that it would be super fun (albeit expensive) for a date but not great for family night. We loved that everything was free but I don't think we would have liked it as much if we would have had to pay as there was not that many things for the kids to do

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Today We Celebrate our Independence Day

As I say every year, the 4th of July hold a special place in my heart. Not only because we celebrate the freedoms that we have in this amazing country, but it is also the day that Spencer proposed to me (read about it HERE)

We stared the day with a game of tennis (go read the link above). It was so hot! Seriously SO HOT! we were only able to play one set (in which Spencer killed me by the way) and made the kids sit on the grass drinking water and cheering for us rather than play in the park like they wanted to.
 Look at my cute little 4th of July family!
 We decided to have backyard BBQ with our friends the Harris it was the best decision we could have made. The food has so yummy and the kids had so much fun!
 We set up the pool for the kids and they had a ton of fun going down the slide over and over again
The kids also loved playing with pop-its. It was Katelyn's first time and we had so many for them to do (I actually still have some left over)
It was really a perfect 4th of July