Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Katelyn at 12 Months

We have had this (no longer) baby for over a year now and she continues to make our lives better everyday. As I mentioned in her birthday post (read HERE) it took us two shoots to get her 12 months pictures taken, but I am so happy with the results. It was definitely worth it.
She had her 12 month check up on June 21st. Here are her stats,

HEIGHT: 27 3/4" 7%
WEIGHT: 15 lbs 3.5 oz 1%
HEAD SIZE: 18 1/4" 84%
SHE CAN: Fill and empty containers, cruise along furniture, imitate or say 1-2 words, holp cup and drink, find hidden objects
IMMUNIZATIONS: MMR, Hepatitis A, Varicella
 So our pretty girl is still a tiny little thing. Here are some tidbits about her at 12 months. Although her weight doesn't show it, she does eat extremely well. Now that she can eat everything she wants, she is taking full advantage of it. Can I just say how AMAZING it is for her to be able to drink milk now. With that, we have stopped nursing.
 She is not walking by herself yet but can walk along furniture and if she is holding on to something like the shopping cart she got for her birthday. Her favorite thing is to push one of the little chairs we have in a kid table all around the kitchen so she can get where she wants to.

Still worships her big brother over everything.

Her favorite song (as shown in her birthday party video) is Me Too by Meghan Tainor, and when I say her favorite song, I mean her FAVORITE song. She seriously freaks out, drops everything and starts dancing every time it comes on.
 We love this little princess so freaking much!We have gotten so lucky having us in our lives!

(So yes, this post should haven been posted back in June. I realize that I am ridiculously behind on blogging. Hoping I will be able to be all caught up before the end of the year so we can start next year up to date and blogging things as they happen)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Throwing a party for a big girl!

Katelyn's party took place on June 27th and it was a lot of work... but so so so WORTH IT! It really turned out so great. I stared planning over a month before (or maybe more?) so it was actually easy... just work. We decided to do it in the backyard and go with a gold and pink theme. I made all of the decorations myself and have to say... pretty proud

(I forgot to scan her party invite before I put it in her baby book so I had to take a picture the best I could from inside the book)

We served pulled pork sandwiches, salads and watermelon. I made the pork with a combination of recipes I found online and it turned out perfect. Seriously it was so juicy and tender. Most importantly, it was cooked in the slow cooker so I set it to cook in the morning and didn't worry about it until it was time to shred half an hour before party time. 
Spencer and Julie were worried about the mason jars as cups but come on... how freaking cute did they turn out.Of course, the kids had plastics cups anyways.
I am so happy with how those paper fans looked. They cost a dollar to make each and they were so easy (just follow this VIDEO)
Spencer was in charged of the sign at the door telling people to come it. He was pretty proud of his hilarious sign.
Angie Cauble made the super cute birthday cake. She kept it a secret as to what it was going to be and only asked for the colors. I didn't see it until she brought it over before the party and it was such an awesome surprise!
Watching Abuela get her some food. She is definitely not fast enough to satisfy this birthday girl

As I did for the Little Guy (see HERE) I set up 12 pictures each representing a month of Katelyn's first year and had everyone guess the order. I had so much fun going through month to month seeing all of the different pictures. It is funny for me because I felt like I was giving everyone clues with the ones I picked. For example the picture where she is in the bumbo is obviously six months since she was too little for it before then (and we couldn't find it). Or the picture of eleven months that is actually taken from her month photo shoot. It was my own private joke when no one even noticed the clues I had given them. It's a Mom thing I guess
Here are the twelve pictures in order
No one got a perfect score, but Abuela and Grandma Julie tied for the closest
She let me put the crown on her to open presents (yeah, I'm sneaky, I knew she would be distracted enough with the presents sot hat she wouldn't notice the crown)
When we unwrapped this necklace she immediately put it on all by herself, surprising everyone. She is the biggest girly girl (of course the crown had to be removed when it got caught on the necklace, so there went my sneaky plan). 

Here is a video of her party. I think that one of her favorite things was giving people the invites herself. I recorded her giving her first invite to Grandpa Mark and loved it so much I knew I had to record her every time and included in the video. The song in the video is "Me Too" by Meghan Trainor which is by far Katelyn's favorite song. She'll drop everything and start dancing every time she hears it.

Spencer made me promise that this was our last birthday party for a while but it turned out so good and was so much fun that I'm going to try my best to convince him for the Little Guy's next birthday. Maybe just a small friend party 😉

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Katelyn Rose!

Katelyn's birthday came and went so fast! (even if the blog spot on it took over 5 months to post) I spent the night before looking at pictures of her and reading her birth story again (read it HERE) and crying. There was a lot of crying. I also made some cupcakes... and cried... like I said, a lot of crying. This young lady is just the sweetest, happiest (no longer) baby I have ever seen.

Her birthday was so much fun. We got up in the morning and blew a candle with Dad before he left for work.
After nap time, we went to the Tita's to blow out a candle and open presents.
We also had two photo shoots trying to get her month pictures because she was just being a pill and wouldn't stay still. We at least had one picture so I was able to make this for her birthday
Here's a video of all the Happy Birthdays throughout the day
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We love you so much!