Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Giving Me Presents for Being their Mom

Mother's day was so much fun this year (and not just in comparison to last year when the Little Guy kept freaking out... see HERE). As presents for the Grandmas and Great-Grandmas, the kids and I made these adorable pillows with their hand prints.
Seriously, I am kicking myself for not having someone out there filming while we made them. It was such a blast. Both kids got the hang of it right away and they loved it. They were also really proud to give them to the Grandmas since it was something that they had made themselves.

This what I got for Mother's Day... yeah.. I have the best family!

I tried my best to make it a stress free, easy day. We went to church, hung out at home, then went to the Keele's for dinner (and to talk to this goober) and finished the day at the Tita's with a game of Canasta.
Nate is doing great, and it was a blast talking to him (something I think we all needed). Funny story, the connection kept freezing and he would have to hang up and call us back. Every time it did, it would alwaysfreeze his face on a cool still. After the third time, I stared taking pictures of it. These are my favorites
Another really cool thing that I did (well... at least I think it turned out pretty cool) is that I decided to make a video of Mother's Day. Some of it is taken on my camera and some of it on my phone. I am so happy with how it turned out. You can definitely expect more of these videos in the future. 
As is very evident from the video it was a great day! I love my crazies so much and are so thankful to be there mommy

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Oh yeah... we moved!

Remember when I said that we had talked about some major life decisions in our St. George trip? Well here it is... we moved in with the Keele's! (yep we are those people that live with their parents). What can I say? It is the best thing for us right now. We knew that it was going to be hard and definitely "not ideal" but we also knew that it was the right thing. So far, it's been great. No really. It has. The neighborhood is awesome, the kids have more room to play... not to mention a back yard!

The worst thing so far was by far was the actual move. One would think Spencer and I are pros at moving this being the SIXTH time we move since we got married.... but they may have just been our worst move yet. I guess I need to give a little more back story to that. We decided to move on May 24th because it worked best with Spencer's work schedule even though it meant that we would be paying for rent for the month of June even though we would have been moved out already (we had to give a month notice that we were moving out). The plan was to move all of the beds/clothes etc that day for our bedrooms and pack up the rest of the things (i.e. all of our kitchen stuff) after and put them directly in storage. WELL... it didn't work out that way. We talked to our landlords and told them that we were moving and were planning on paying for June and they said that if we were completely out and they could get it rented we would only pay until it was rented or the month was over. Um  yeah! We were definitely going to take that. So the move turned into get everything out of the apartment as quickly as possible so that they could show it. That meant throwing everything into boxes at random and putting them in the Keele's garage... Guess what? They are still there! We have to go through every box individually pack it then actually pack it but we have just been crazy busy lately (look for upcoming posts about a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, birthday party, trip to Las Vegas and a wedding). Not to mention it is so HOT. It is impossible to be out in the garage during the day (or when the kids are awake for that matter)

Anyway... here we are. At the Keele's. Which now includes us too.  Like I said, it's actually been pretty good so far. Except for maybe Tia Julianna declaring at least a couple of times a week that she is never having kids and it's all thanks to us. Only time will tell if she is only teasing or we have truly traumatized for life.

I made a video of some of the recordings from that day... it's not great... but here it is anyway.
So we have been at the Keele's for the past two months... and the garage is still a mess... yeah. it. sucks.