Monday, July 25, 2016

Katelyn at 11 Months

Why yes... Katelyn is over a year old already... but let's talk about her when when was just 11 months.

At 11 months Katelyn is still the Belle of the Ball. Just smiling at everyone and everything, she is just a joy to have.
She is such a little trouble maker. Seriously, do you see the thing on the side of her eye? That's from falling off the the Keele's porch onto the rocks on Memorial Day. She crawled outside by herself and fell off because she wanted to see what Grandma Julie was doing (or so I was told, I wasn't there). I guess we were lucky that she wasn't hurt worse but still! We can not take our eyes off her for even a second
She has some teeth now! Two of them (top) with two more (bottom) almost there. We were so shocked when we say them the first time. The Little Guy didn't get his first tooth until he was a year and a month so we were most certainly not expecting it so soon. She's been a super champ about it. 

She will now clap her hands! It is so fun. One day she just decided to start clapping... and clapping she did. 

She is also saying the word "That". She will point to stuff she wants and say "That" all the time. She is really exited to have a way to communicate what she wants. 
That's it for our eleven month old girl... as a quick side note... we had the hardest time getting these pictures. She would just not stay still. That is also the reason why there are there so few of them.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Month Update: April

April went by so fast. With us going to St. George and getting ready for some major life decisions (see future posts) we really didn't have time for anything else. Therefore there were not a lot of extras.

The Little Guy planing hide-n-see with Daddy (spoiler alert, we found him pretty quickly)
Katelyn loves Grandpa LaVell. She had been sitting him with for about half an hour when I took his video
and that's it for April. I know that I am super behind on bloggin with it being July and all but we have just been so busy. Don't worry catch up posts are up and coming