Thursday, June 30, 2016

Katelyn at 10 Months

Yep this goober is now ten months (technically she's a year now but the picture were taken when she was ten. It's just been really hard to keep up with blogging lately). She is such a sweetheart; a stinker, but a sweetheart all the same. Now for some fun Katelyn tidbits:
 photo IMG_2367_zpsaqyyiwpo.jpg
See that bruise on her forehead? Yeah, she constantly has them from throwing tantrums and face planing on the floor when she doesn't get her way. You'd think that the pain from the bruise would be enough for her to stop doing that but no. 
 photo IMG_2380_zpszp92clw9.jpg
Her hair is finally long enough for clippies! I was so happy when we put the first one one and it finally stayed. The problem is her now. She refuses to keep them on and will rip them out and stick them in her mouth... which bring me to my next tidbit
She is still putting everything in her mouth. It's cute and sweet when she is able to feed herself but we have to be on constant alert for her with things she may find on the floor. It has made me even more OCD than before when it comes to things on the floor, vacuuming and moping. 
 photo IMG_2376_zpsu7mfpy9u.jpg
Still refuses to say "mama" and "dada" and it's still refusing to clap. The Little Guy and I sit down with her everyday to try to get her to clap by playing pat-a-cake or singing other songs, but will not have it. The funny thing is that she does every other movement in the songs except for the clap part. It's like she is deliberately not clapping because I want her to. 
 photo IMG_2375_zpsgdyzi6i2.jpg
I have mentioned before how she has a way of smiling and wrapping everyone around her finger, well now she has added a shy look. She will smile at someone and then get shy and nuzzle her head on my shoulder. It is  heart breaking cute. If the people in our ward loved her before, it is nothing short of worship now. I get stopped in the hallways constantly by people wanting to talk to her (young and old). 
She still loves her big brother more than anything. Although now, baths are a second favorite. She has always loved bathed time and that has been super amplified with the fact that she is now big enough to be able to take a bath with the Little Guy and play in there with him. She will crawl as fast as she can when she hears a bath starting and still stand by the tub until it's her turn. Unfortunately, her love of baths means that she throws a huge tantrum and screams even I get her out. The Little Guy and I can't help laughing because as she will usually try to worm out the towel and get back in.
 photo IMG_2373_zpsjnz59ew3.jpg
Loves music almost as much as the Little Guy and she is a huge dancer. Seriously. She dances to everything, even the Little Guy's beat-boxing. It has become a constant staple in our house that we listen to "dancing music" (reggaeton and bachata) at least once a day. 
I'm pretty sure I've not mentioned this before but she's kind of a pain when I try to vacuum. Remember how the Little Guy used to be terrified of it? Well, she's the exact opposite. She will follow the vacuum around and try to grab it, crying when I move too fast for her. The worst part of it all, is that at some point of the vacuum process she gives up trying to catch the vacuum and settles for pulling on the cord and yanking of the outlet. At which point I have to pick her up and put her somewhere else, which produces more crying. Yeah, it's not fun. 
 photo IMG_2368_zpsgefqmbm9.jpg
I mean, sure, she can be a stinker, but she still the happiest baby I've ever met. She loves her family so much. She will brighten everyone's day with her smile. How can we ask more than that. (although I may be justified in asking for a little more sleep. She's still pretty bad at that)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

St. George: Part 2

Grandma and Grandpa Swenson invited the kids and I to go down to St. George with them the third week of April. Originally we were going to drive down on Wednesday the 20th but Daddy surprised us with getting the days off and came down with us. We were actually there from Friday the 22nd to Tuesday the 26th. We really had so much fun! Seriously, there are no pictures just because we were too busy having fun. I did, however, take Snapchat videos but even those do not include everything we did. Here are all the videos from Snapchat
I guess I'll quickly break it down by day

Friday: We left SF around 5 and were planning of going as far as we possibly could without stopping... we made it to Beaver. The kids played at the McDonald's there for about an hour but we knew we were going to have a hard time on the rest of the drive. Katelyn kept pulling at her ear and was having a hard time with the elevation changes. We didn't make it to St. George until about 11

Saturday: Katelyn was up a lot during the night and she woke up with a fever and just really grumpy. Because she kept pulling at her ear, we decided that we better take her to the InstaCare in case she had an ear infection. I dropped the boys off at the splash pad and took her by myself. Thankfully the wait was not too long (only about 30 minutes). She didn't actually have an ear infection but the doctor was worried that she would quickly develop one. All we could do was alternate between Ibuprofen and Tylenol to keep her happy and if she got worse take her back in. Once we picked up the boys, Grandma and Grandpa took us to Chuck-a-rama. It is one of our favorite traditions to go with them when we are all down in St. George together. Then (after the kids took a nap) it was shopping time! (my favorite tradition when we go down there). The Habit closed off the perfect day

Sunday: we decided to take it easy on Sunday. Grandma and Grandpa went home at around noon so it was just us from then on. Spencer and I had gone grocery shopping the night before and we had chicken pot pie for dinner

Monday: It actually rained all day on Monday. A lot. It was the coldest that I have ever seen it in St. George. We had to wait for the cable guy to come install Grandma and Grandpa's cable and after we went to dinner, Petco, Ross and Old Navy. Yeah, it was good day, despite of the rain

Tuesday: we originally planned to leave earlier on Tuesday, but we couldn't leave without going to the Children's Museum. We actually left at around six. Oh my goodness the drive home was terrible. The Little Guy slept for about half and hour and then cried the rest of the time. No joke. The entire time! We made home at around 9:30 and put the kids straight to bed.

Of course we all took turns in the big tub throughout our stay (even me too although I didn't let Spencer take a picture). Spencer and I want a big tun in our house so bad. Hopefully one day.

Even with that hiccup at the end, I still love going to St. George so much. Thank  you Grandma and Grandpa for letting us stay down there. I can't wait to go back