Thursday, May 19, 2016

Month update: March

March was definitely a busy month. I really don't have a lot or random pictures since mostly everything has been posted already

Here's the Little Guy rocking out to the drums at the Tita's
 Tio Ariel took us to the mall one day and went on the merry-go-round with the kids. It is a standard thing that every time we go to Provo Town Center we go on the merry-go-round. I just wish that they had some sort of loyalty program because it is kind of pricey
There were a lot of rainy days in March, the Little Guy and Spencer used those to play video games together
 Yeah, she's a sweetheart
 We continued our traditions of going to the women's conference all together and then out to eat. Although because didn't have anyone to babysit the kids, "going to the Women's Conference" actually meant watching at the Keele's. It worked out easy enough. Plus, there was candy and we didn't have to get dressed up. We went to Malawi's Pizza after and it was the perfect choice since it was mostly empty.
 Public service announcement: if you'd never gone to Malawi's Pizza, give it a try. It's pretty good, very reasonably priced and it is a one-to-one meal donation for kids in Malawi.

"We are never ever getting back together" is currently the Little Guy's favorite song
and... here's Tia Laura
Like I said, not a lot of randoms this month

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Easter Festivities

So I'm going to start out by saying that for some reason my phone deleted all of the snaps for Easter and I am super bummed about it. Seriously... ALL OF THEM! I don't even know why. So there is a lot of stuff that I will just have to try to remember.

That being said, we had a great time this Easter. Personally I don't love when Easter falls on the same day as General Conference and it was nice to have that separation this year.  We spent the Friday before Easter with the usual dying of eggs. I realized that this year mark the 6th year anniversary that Julianna and I dyed eggs (ever since I stared dating Spencer). Crazy how quickly time passes. This year, however, I let the Little Guy take my spot and was content with just taking pictures.
It was to no ones surprise that the Little Guy loved it.
On Sunday, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Swenson's house for fire pit hot dogs. The weather kept getting cold and then warm so we had to keep switching between jackets on and off.
I made my usual Easter cupcakes although they were not quite as fancy as previous years. The decorations were not even my idea, Grandma just happened to have them. But I do have to admit they were quite delicious.
While we waited for the Easter Bunny (AKA Grandpa Mark) to hide all the eggs outside, we enjoyed some Easter poppers. They are these super cool things that when you hit and shake, they start to grow. Here's Katelyn with all of the poppers. They are super light but really firm
The video below shows them both plus the Easter Egg hunt. Of course there was a lot more video and pictures (grrr)
In a serious miscalculation, we had a ridiculous amount of eggs considering it was just the Little Guy and Katelyn. The following week, I made deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches and we still had to throw a couple away. Better to have way too many eggs than to little I guess.

PS. Did you notice Katelyn's dress was different than the one from the Easter photo shoot? Grandma Julie and I saw both dresses when we were down in St. George and I could not decide between which one to get. In the end, I choose the solid one, but as it turns out she had liked this one better (I didn't know that). When Grandpa Mark and her went down to Las Vegas for Grandpa's birthday, she saw it at the store and bought it. So Katelyn ended up with two beautiful Easter dresses. Spencer thinks that I should run all of Katelyn's clothes by Julie from now on and choose the opposite of the one she says that way Katelyn will end up with everything ;) Thanks Grandma Julie!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Easter Photo Shoot

We contemplated doing an Easter photo shoot for the kids like last year's bunny pictures (see HERE) but in the end decided to save some money and just do the pictures ourselves (with the thought that we could always get them professionally done if they didn't turn out like we wanted). So we got all dressed up the Sunday of the Provo City Temple dedication and went to the Spanish Fork sports park armed with our tri-pod and good intentions...I have to say... they turned out pretty good. Of course, we are no professionals and somethings were not taken into consideration (ie the power box in the picture below) but the whole experience was actually so much fun. The kids cooperated as much as they could and they thought it was hilarious when I would set the timer and run for the full family pictures. It is definitely something we'll have to do again for the fun of it.
 photo IMG_2235_zpspirtqoxz.jpg  photo IMG_2238_zps0ty0lzjr.jpg  photo IMG_2240_zpsglyhzora.jpg  photo IMG_2249_zpsqnoov1ib.jpg  photo IMG_2252_zps1gpfdmna.jpg  photo IMG_2257_zpsojhanuni.jpg  photo IMG_2265_zpsa1esgjeh.jpg photo IMG_2282_zpshp4w3510.jpg photo IMG_2259_zpsldq8skj7.jpg photo IMG_2274_zpswspblx1o.jpg photo IMG_2280_zpsgvze9cxo.jpg photo IMG_2285_zpsi8ffnetx.jpg photo IMG_2299_zpswrkbvvbp.jpg photo IMG_2295_zpsocjllcrl.jpg
Yeah, I think we did pretty good. Since the pictures turned out so good I convinced Spencer to send out an Easter card this year. This is the one we did
 photo a25a8289-ba05-4cbb-9088-19c625d08c19_zpsm3c1imtq.jpg

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Katelyn at 9 Months

We went to the doctor for Katelyn's 9 month check up on March 24th and (spoiler alert), she's still a goober (my words) and kind of a stinker (doctor's words).
Here are her stats at 9 months

HEIGHT: 26.75" 14%
WEIGHT: 14 lbs 1%
HEAD SIZE: 17.75" 80%
SHE CAN: Crawl, wave, play pat-a-cake, stand with support, shake, bang and throw things, babble consonant sounds, get to a sitting position from hand and knees, play peek-a-boo, sit alone
So there were a couple of things that were not checked off on her passport. She can not say "mama" or "dada" or clap yet. We have been working with her but I have a feeling that she will do it when she wants to. That seems to be the theme with everything she does.
She full out crawls now. To me it seemed like she realized it took a lot more effort to get to a sitting position from the ground that it did from all fours so she might as well just crawl on all fours. As if she wasn't enough of a trouble maker before, regular crawling has made her even faster (and that's saying a lot). She's completely unstoppable now. Everything is set on the time schedule of "before she gets to it". Whether I am trying to get ready in the morning or cleaning something (or whatever really) I will sit her down on a corner of the playroom, run back to wherever I was and try to get as much done as fast as I can before she gets back. Then the process starts again

The doctor said no more with her waking up in the middle of the night. There is no reason for her to still be nursing at night time and she needs to sleep. So we are supposed to just let her cry when she wakes up and soothe herself back to sleep (can you feel my enthusiasm leaping through the text?). Yeah, it's been terrible. For a while she was crying for over half an hour, and by "crying" I mean screaming and sobbing. She seems to be doing a little bit better now but it still sucks. When she's crying, I'm not sleeping and all I can think about is how if I just went and got her she would go to sleep much faster which in turn would let me fall asleep much faster. All in all, my sleeping situation so far is unchanged, but here's hoping for the future. Doctor McBride has not led us astray in almost five years that we have been going to him, I'm sure he's not going to start now.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before but she will not drink milk unless she is nursing. Whether it is from a sippy cup or bottle, whether it is breast milk or formula, she refuses to drink it.  We are not worry about it since she will be able to drink regular milk in a couple of months and at that point we are going to be done nursing. She will drink water, or apple juice with a sippy cup, however, and can even drink through a straw
 It goes without saying but she still loves her big brother more than anything

No teeth still, although we are not worried, the Little Guy was one before he got his first tooth.

Her hair for the last couple of months has been a little too long for headbands and it sticks out in funny places but it's still too short for clips. It is also a very rich, strawberry blonde color.

Everything is still going in her mouth, a problem that has now gotten even worse due to her advance mobility

Still is the happiest girl ever. She really is such a joy to have around. Always smiling and laughing.

Still has everyone wrapped around her finger
Yeah.., we'll keep her still