Thursday, March 31, 2016

Playing in a Winter Wonderland

This happened a pretty long time ago; but I decided that the first time the Little Guy played in the snow deserved its own post so here it is. We got to play in the snow on December 26th (see a really long time ago). I got him all bundled up and we went over to the Tita's.
The Little Guy is super hard to read. He either will love something or absolutely hate it and there is no way to tell what you are about to get when he tries new things. That being said, HE LOVED THE SNOW! We played out there for a really long time and just had so much fun. I don't even remember the last time I played in the snow and I had never really been a big fun of it in the first place. Things can look so different once you see your kid enjoying them
It really was such a blast. The snow was too powdery for snowmen or even snowballs but we still ran around and threw snow at each other. His favorite, however, was making snow angels. He would make his angel and then ask me to help him get up so that he wouldn't ruin it
I finally told him it was time to go inside when his lips where blue and he stared shaking a little. He went in without a peep so I guess he was pretty cold but didn't want to say anything that would make him go in before he had to.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

St. George St. George St. George

We finally got to go to St. George the first weekend in March (seriously I've been wanting to go to St. George since last April). It was just Grandma Julie, the kids and I and boy did we have a good time! Grandma took Friday off from work so that we could drive Thursday night. We packed the kids in the car (and pretty much the rest of our house. It is crazy how much stuff you have to pack when you have kids) and headed down.

The original plan was to drive all the way through as long as the kids would let us but I really needed to go to the bathroom so we stopped in Beaver after all. It worked out though, I was able to feed Katelyn and change for kids' diapers (and no, I could not get the Little Guy to look at the picture)
On Friday morning, my super-awesome-way-better-than-yours mother-in-law treated me to a hot stone pedicure. That means that as part of the pedicure, they take a smooth hot stone and massage your feet with it. Sounds kind of weird... but OMG it's AMAZING!!!! Look how pretty my toes look
While I was basically in Mommy Heaven, Julie took the kids to the Temple. 
Once we were all back together it was time for Swig and The Habit! (I know that I have talked about The Habit a lot in past posts but it is truly the most amazing thing ever)
Grandma Julie wanted to take the Little Guy to Zoopotia and we decided to all go together (Side note: the movie was so good! If you haven't seen it, go see it! Take your kids! It was the best animated movie I've seen in a while)
With Katelyn taking a nap during the movie, and the tub of popcorn we ate, we decided we were all set for some serious shopping. We found so many really cute things for the kids at really really good prices. 
Needless to say, we were really tired by the time we got back to the house. We had delicious Cafe Rio for dinner and went to bed. Well, most of us did. Katelyn decided that just because we were in St. George, that did not mean that she was going to allow me to get any sleep.

The next morning we hit up the Children's Museum. You can see all of the Snaps from it at the end of the post. (Quick note: This was my first time using Snapchat videos to document an event. I now know that in order to get a good story video, I should have taken the entire 10 seconds that is allowed. That is reason why it all looks so choppy. I've learned my lesson since then)
We enjoyed some delicious Olive Garden for lunch. The food was so good, the Little Guy, not so much. He was just really tired at this point
We got home and Katelyn and I took a nap (yeah, I actually got to take a nap, I said it was a great time didn't I?) while the Little guy and Grandma Julie watched "The Jungle Book"
Then it was park time
After the park we hit up Old Navy for some more shopping. Although we actually stayed 10 minutes too long. The Little Guy turned into an uncontrollable monster. We were planning on going to Target after for bubble bath but decided against it. We did let them take a bath in the big tub though
Tio Adam and Tia Alaynah came over on Saturday night after going to wedding in Vegas and we went went out to lunch the next day before going home. I don't know why I didn't take pictures the next day, It was probably because of the weather. It was raining a lot. We cleaned up and went to brunch at The Bear Paw. The wait was an hour so we went and toured the Tabernacle down the street. It was so cool to see it and hear all of the history behind it. I really wish I had taken pictures.

Here's a video of all of the snaps through out the trip
It was really such a great weekend. We had an awesome time. Thank you so much to Grandma and Grandpa Swenson for allowing us to go down there. And a special thanks to Grandma Julie for the awesome time we had

Monday, March 28, 2016

February Update

Did you know that February is the shortest month of the year? It sure didn't feel that way. Between not sleeping, a droopy eye scare and a holiday all about love... it was a long long month. So here it is in a bunch of videos and pictures

First of all... this happened  on a Sunday after church. I know I'm a little biased but the Little Guy is so talented
I thought this picture was worth taking. It was the first time she ate all of her food. It was a great day
 She doesn't quite understand that she needs to be on her knees to crawl and tries to do it by getting up on her feet instead
and here she is playing peak-a-boo all by herself
 Survivor stared again this month. Yeah... we like Survivor
 Tio Ariel came over on a Saturday morning to play games with the Little Guy. He had to play games with a toddler and then write a paper about it for his human development class. Everyone won with this one; the Little Guy had so much fun and I got to take a nap on the couch
Katelyn had her first time on a swing.. yeah I think she liked it
That same day we went to the Provo City Center open house with Grandma and Grandpa Swenson and Grandma Julie and Grandpa Mark. It was so nice. The kids loved it. It is definitely a parenting win when your child loves the Temple so much. 
 This is how we Keeles do the Superbowl
So this year we had an extra day in the 29th and the kids seem to have taken it as a personal challenge to be extra bad that day. Seriously, they were horrible... it was a bad day. On the plus side, Valentine's Day was a lot of fun. Spencer surprised me with chocolate and roses :)

and here's Katelyn chasing me

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Katelyn at Eight Months

Due to the fact that our young lady is now 9 months, I thought it may now be time to post her 8 month post. At least the actual pictures were done at the appropriate time even if the post is over a month late. So let's get going with some but Katelyn facts

We had a breakthrough with this little one. We got her to eat. Early in the month, we were over at the Tita's when I gave her some ice cream for the first time and SHE LOVED IT! When I got home and told Spencer about it we realized that it wasn't that she didn't want to eat, she was just being picky. So we stared trying out different foods and until we finally got some stuff she liked. She's a solid food rock star now
Her favorite things are sweet potatoes and the baby puffs. She also loves, pears, bananas, chicken, turkey, sometimes apples and, of course, ice cream. But she hates hates hates rice cereal
She is now an army crawling master and can also get on all fours and shimmy her way into a sitting position. She can take a couple of steps with regular crawling but she has no patience for it. This seems to be a pattern with her. She gets content with what she is currently doing and doesn't care to try something else. 
Still refuses to sleep. Yeah it still sucks
Still loves her big brother more than anything and just wants to do everything he does. She will watch him play with something and immediately get to it as fast as she can (which is surprisingly fast). 
She can play by herself for a little while. It's both cute and sad. Cute because, I mean she's so stinking cute but sad because she only plays by herself when the Little Guy refuses to play with her. At that time I'll usually try to sit with her and play along

We sure love her

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All of January... One Post

Yeah... I'm a little behind on blogging. Let's get over it and move on. January was so long ago but still very much worth blogging about. So here's some pictures and videos in random order (per the norm)

Spencer and the Little Guy took it upon themselves to make my gingerbread house "compact" enough to fit in the garbage can

The Little Guy's first day of Primary. Here he is at Sharing Time (yeah, I snuck in with a camera. Doesn't everybody?)
These kids were supposed to be taking a nap in this video

One pretty cool thing I did in January was make cardboard letters to hang above the Little Guy's bed. I wanted them to look metalic and was so happy with how they turned out. They really look like brushed steel but they are super light and safe in case they fall. Here's a picture of what they were before I painted them. Honest to goodness the Little Guy did this all by himself. He spelled out his name but in backwards order. He's so smart
Here's what they look like finished and on the wall... yeah, I'm pretty proud of it... not to mention the Little Guy LOVES them!

We also celebrated Abuelo's birthday

I asked the Little Guy what he wanted to get Abuelo and he immediately said a big car. When I explained that we couldn't afford a big car by saying that we did not have enough money, he said that HE had money at Grandma Julie's house (as in the play money from a cash register). It took some convincing to understand that we could not actually use his money to buy Abuelo's present. In the end, we were able to come to the agreement of a couple of little cars. He loved playing with Abuelo as soon as he gave them to him
In a last random video, here's Katelyn laughing with Grandma Julie over her balloon