Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Little Guy at Three Years

Can anyone believe this child of ours is already three years old?! Yeah we can't either. This Little Guy brings so much joy in our lives. He's so fun to be around and says the funniest things all the time. Not to mention he is the best big brother ever!
We went to see Dr. McBride on the 30th for his three year check (no shots this time) here are his stats

HEIGHT: 35" 4%
WEIGHT: 26 lbs 1%
HE CAN: Use 3-5 word sentences, dress myself, balance on one foot, count to at least 3, pedal a tricycle, play with other kids, know 3 colors, copy a circle and X, build a block tower, walk stairs with alternating feet, knows name, age and gender. ask why or what

So yep... still a little guy. He is actually doing well development wise and following a growing trend even if it is the last line on the chart. 
So here are some fun tidbits from our super cute Little Guy:

He is super witty and sassy (seriously I don't know where it even comes from) some of out most recent sass fests include

LG: (as we are pulling up to Provo Town Center) Mom, are we going to the merry-go-round?
Me: (pretended I didn't hear him and said something to Spencer)
LG: (as we are parking) Mom! Are we going to the merry-go-round?
Me: You want to go on the merry-go-round?
LG: Yes
Me: (I sit quietly because I don't want to make him an empty promise)
LG: MOM! are you saying yes or no?!

Tio Ariel: Say "I was born annoying". Go say that to your mom. Say "Mom, I was born annoying"
LG: (runs in the kitchen) Mom, Tio Ariel was born annoying!

LG:(Playing with Spencer) Do not cross this line Daddy Mark Keele!

Me: (as I'm changing a particularly gross poopy diaper) My goodness, you are a poopy monster today
LG: No Mom, I'm not a poopy monster I'm a poopy guy!

See... so sassy

He's Daddy is everything to him. The first thing he does when he wakes up is ask if Daddy is sleeping and then say that he wants to play "puzzle pieces" with him when he wakes up. 

He's super smart! Seriously he know so many things. He knows the alphabet and can recognize all the letters. He can count to 20 and keep going if someone lets him know the next set of tens. Otherwise he'll continue to count "twenty-eleven, twenty-twelve, twenty-thirteen" If you just tell him it's thirty he can figure it out and counts all the way up to the sixty like that.

He is a pretty picky eater. If likes one thing one day it does not mean that he will like it the next day. The only constant thing "sort of" it's pasta. He does really like noodles.

Refuses to nap. It's a big thorn in our side

Loves Primary. We were worried about the transition from nursery but he's been great. I actually threaten him during Sacrament Meeting that if he's not good we'll go home and he won't get to go to Primary.

We love our Little Guy so freaking much!!!!!

PS thank you to Tio Adam for the pictures

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas Day was nothing short of wonderful. We got to spend the day with family and just take it nice and easy. Our day stared with presents at our house.
The Little Guy giving Katelyn her present from him. He was so exited to give it to her. Her face says it all
Of course every present had to get it's time before moving on to the next one
We spent all day trying to keep wrapping paper out of Katelyn's mouth
The Little Guy was the best at helping Baby Kate open her presents. He would actually get her involved in it and try to get her exited about what the present was
All his presents from Santa, Daddy, Mommy and Katelyn
With all her presents (Took seven tries to get this picture as she would not stay still)
Once all our presents were opened we got dressed and headed to the Keeles. Santa had a RC car track set up and ready for the Little Guy when we got there. 
After the utter destruction of the Keele's living room, we sat in to wait for Tio Nate to call
The Little Guy and the Tios with playdough
Katelyn and Grandma Julie with a nap
 We waited for a long time. A really long time (seriously like 2 and a half hours) But finally!!!!!
Talking to him was so fun. He had a ton of stories to tell us and we had a ton to tell him. The funniest thing was his accent. He has the exact accent of someone who doesn't speak English trying to speak English. We miss you so much Tio Nate!
As soon as we were done talking to Tio Nate we hurry and packed everything and went to the Titas (we had to hurry as it was already 1 PM) and got everything ready for lunch. Seriously it was so good!!!! (I would like to take some credit for it as I did make all of those milanesas). The Little Guy was being a super grumpy bug at this time (waking up super early and a lack of a nap will do that to you). The only hiccup of the lunch was the Little Guy chocking on a piece of bread. It was only for a second and really not a big deal but he got really scared. After that he just sat on the couch and watched Rise of the Guardians. Which was actually good for me because I got to eat in peace.
Katelyn also refused to nap
Santa also hit it out of the park at the Tita's for the Little Guy with a drum set in his size. This is not a great picture (I could only get him to sit still long enough for one picture and that was it) but it's a full on drum set with a base drum petal, an awesome seat and everything. To no one's surprise, he LOVES IT!
Before everyone went to take a nap (we actually had to go wake up Spencer, David and Laura) we celebrated with a toast (it's and Argentine thing). We had both sparkling cider and the grape stuff. YUM!
Then we got out Santa's other present for the Little Guy a CTR Town. He specially loves that it has the SLC Temple and a church and loves taking his cars to the Temple.
Tia Vero had to be back in Price that night because she had to work at 7 AM the next day so my parents decided to take her down around 4 four before it got dark and stared snowing. We decided to go back to the Keele's house and had dinner there (yummy home-made Cafe Rio) and watched ELF. Our plan was to go back to the Tita's but by the time the movie was over the kids really needed to be put to bed so we went home instead.

The Little Guy loved his firetruck from Santa so much he refused to go to bed without it (don't be fooled by this angel face. It took us an hour and a half to them to go to sleep)
Since we hadn't been able to go back to the Tita's on Christmas we went back the next day and had what Spencer called "Second Christmas". We played in the snow and then went swimming for a long time. It really was the perfect holiday!

Monday, January 11, 2016

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas Eve

Well it was a perfect Christmas Eve. A ton of fun, snow everywhere and lot and lots of family time. What could be better. I set out to get everything done on the 23rd so that I could enjoy Christmas Eve and that included shopping, super cleaning, frying a ton of milanesas and staying up until 3 AM to get everything done. There were a lot of milanesas to fry (Argentine country fried stake. My mom makes them every year for Christmas but she needed help frying some this year since we were making so many). Here's a picture of them all breaded up ready to be fried.
 I burned myself something fierce when one of them slipped and splashed oil everywhere. Of course I hadn't put the clean dishes away before I stared frying so when the oil splashed it got everything. Once I was finally done frying I had this lovely mountain of dishes waiting for me
 It was worth it though. The next day all I had to do was bathe the kids, shower myself and we were ready to go the the annual Swenson Christmas Eve party. This year it was at Uncle Joe's and Aunt Jolene's house (which is just about the most stunning house ever). It's in midway and as hard as I tried, I still got super sick on the ride up (but surprisingly not on the ride down). Once I got my stomach under control (and said hi to everyone), I got to turn my attention on the awesome food (with some pictures, of course)
Seriously the food was so good!
After dinner was all cleaned up we got all together for a family picture. It's the entire family (minus Nathan, of course). As I was the photographer I have to say I'm pretty proud of the picture. The self timer is a wonderful thing
A couple of years ago the Minute-to-win-it tradition was stared (in fact, it was the first year I went to the party) and it's quickly turned into a favorite. Because everyone was here we turned it into Gourleys vs Swensons vs Keeles. The Swensons won this year but it's cool. Redemption will be coming two years from now
Obviously I couldn't leave this picture off the post, even if it is a little blurry
This was the greatest part of the games. It clinched the win for the Swesons but who cares. How great is this!
 I actually had to feed Katelyn during the Nativity so I left Adam in charge of pictures

 This year, we had an unwrap-it game for the kids. For those of you who are not familiar... everyone takes turns rolling dice. If you roll doubles you get to start unwrapping a present. You can keep unwrapping until someone else rolls doubles and then it's there turn. The kids present had candy in different layers. They weren't really into it until that first layer of candy came out, then it turned into a battle. The funniest thing was as soon as the last layer was unwrapped and the rest of the candy came out, everyone who hadn't won something stared crying. Don't worry, there was extra candy for everyone
No one cried at the adult's unwrap-it game; which is saying a lot since there was a $25 Cheesecake Factory gift card on the line (way better than candy if you ask me)
 We ended the night with everyone's favorite... the White Elephant! Spencer and I were pretty proud of the presents we brought this year as they both got stolen. I was all set to steal a selfie stick but Katelyn loved the present I had unwrapped (a stuffed taco that sings and dances). I couldn't take it away from her (besides she had already sucked on it a ton)
Katelyn fell asleep as soon as we got in the car to go but the Little Guy was awake the entire ride through the canyon. We had a great time singing Christmas songs all the way home and got super lucky that the snow didn't start until we were our of the canyon and back in Provo.

Thanks to everyone that made Christmas Eve so special for our family!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jazz game!!!!

Santa Claus came early for Spencer and I at the Keele's house with Jazz tickets for the game against the Suns on the 21st... 8th row!!!!!!
Yeah, we could have thrown something on the court if we had wanted to
Rudy Gobert is still injured so he didn't play; but that didn't stop him from coming to the game in bright orange pants
This guy works for Root Sports and got to interview the players after the game and we still had better seats than him!
When the game was over (Jazz won! By a lot, it was a blowout!) I got a high five from Trevor Booker!!!! It was awesome! Then Spencer and I got a picture with two of the Jazz Dancers (although it turned out super blurry)
Best game ever!!!!

It was also my first time sitting in the lower bowl and I got to learn a lot (enjoy my wisdom)

  • Although super nice (nice enough to stop and take a picture with us), the Jazz Dancers are really not that great of dancers when you see them up close. That's not just my opinion Mark and Adam both brought it up before I had even said anything (did I mention they were at the game too?)
  • The music is at the perfect volume when you sit at the lower bowl. I have always thought that the music is a little loud and it makes it hard to hear the announcer but as it turns out it is only loud in the nosebleeds so that it can travel down and be just right for the good seats
  • The actual basketball bounces a lot higher than I had ever noticed before. 
  • Quin Snyder's scowling face looks the same no matter where you sit (or if you are watching it on TV for that matter). He's my favorite coach
Thank you so much Santa, Mark and Julie. It was AWESOME!