Friday, December 30, 2016

That day when I turned....well, you know

I never thought I would be one of those women that cares about how old they are, or don't want people to know but I totally am. For those of you that don't know, let me give you a back story. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always thought that when you were thirty you were officially old, and now that I am (ahem) 3 years away; I still think that!

But all my hatred of actually getting older aside, I had a GREAT birthday! Spencer had the day off, the kids were great all day, it was just perfect.

First of all I woke up to this upstairs
After lunch, (while the kids were taking a nap) Laura took me to get a pedicure (my feet are the ones on the left)
 Seriously pedicures are the best! I think I forget how good they are. When I got home we got the kids up and headed to Tucanos for my birthday meal, and it was the best family outing we had had up to that point being a family of four!
 The food was delicious, but what made it the best was that the kids loved it and they were so good! Seriously, I am still dumbfounded by how good they were. Had I been looking at our family, I probably would have been jealous at how perfect we seemed.
 After dinner, we walked it off by walking around Riverwoods. With the promise that they were not going to get wet, Spencer and kids played in the splash pad for a while.
 Then it was time to go to the Tita's for cake. My mom got the cake from Costco and oh my goodness was it DELICIOUS!
 As if my birthday couldn't get any better, it was bacherlorette night that night, so (after the kids were put to bed) we gathered for the show with even more treats
 The final thing I did for my birthday was make the video below. Months before, Spencer had found THIS VIDEO and I knew I HAD to do one for my birthday. It actually took a longer than excepted to change and memorize the script and the diaper throwing was definitely a learning curb for Spencer, but I am so beyond happy with how it turned out!
It also took me several takes to figure out the best way to hold the camera. At first, Spencer was filming but then we found it was just better and more true to the original if I held the camera. Watch the original first (so I don't just look like a conceded, crazy person) and then my video below
It was such a good birthday! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Potty training level: Success!

Let's start the potty training saga shall we? Back in February (yeah February) we decided it was probably time to start trying to hit up potty training (the Little Guy being 3 and all). So We went out and let him pick out a potty and got some M&Ms and stared trying. Yeah... nothing. It was terrible.

Flash forward to May.... I decided it was time to get serious. I got online, read all of the articles, bought a ton of juices and candy, made a chart... the whole nine yards. Yeah... nothing. It was terrible.

Flash forward to August. Time to get serious(again). The Little Guy was set to start school in September and he was still not potty trained. Spencer had a week off work and we decided (again) it was time. So we stared hardcore... really hardcore. It was so hard! So hard! (seriously have you ever potty trained? It's SO HARD). By Wednesday we were still not getting anywhere and Spencer and I were getting ready for a date when the Little Guy asked me what I was doing and lighting struck. I told him I was getting ready to go on a date with Daddy and asked him if he wanted to go on a date with me. He got super exited and immediately said yes. So I told him that if he went potty 10 times we would go on a date. Oh my goodness.... 10 times went by so fast! In less than 48 hours he was ready for our date. Since then, he has not had a single accident and has NEVER wet the bed! I know right?!

We went on our date on August 11th to the mall, just him and I. We had dinner at the food court, played games and rode the merry-go-round and he loved it. And so did I
Can I just say that having a kid who is potty trained is just about the best thing ever?! Yeah, we like it a lot. A LOT.

Month Update: July

July was such a busy month. Between stay-cation, sidewalk of fire, a trip to Las Vegas, a bridal shower, a wedding! Yeah busy. What, you want the usual random order? Well, okay

Here's the Little Guy holding Baby Addie for the first time
Grandma Julie and I took the kids to the stock parade after the baby contest for Fiesta Days. 
Let's talk about the baby contest for a minute. Yeah, Katelyn was a pill. She was smiling, happy and loved her outfit right until we got in front of the judges. Then she was super grumpy and annoyed with life. Isn't that just like her.

As part of the baby contest we got to visit with with the current Miss Spanish Fork. The first thing she said when she learned our last name was "Are you related to Nate Keele?" haha
On the 24th, Spencer had to work and it was SO HOT so the kids and I played out in the pool for hours. Of course all I had to do was put on swim diapers for them but I didn't. So their diapers were ridiculously full until eventually they just had to be taken off
My cousin Gabriel (Pichi) also came home from his mission in July. The kids and I had the best time going to the airport and seeing him. It seemed like every single missionary in Utah was coming home that day and we had to park in the free parking super far away and take the shuttle. We took it all as an adventure though
Spaghetti madness!
Katelyn's hair was finally long enough for piggie tails! 
4th of July family picture
Tia Julianna in the Fiesta Day's parade
Here all all of the random videos for the month of July (in no particular order, as per the norm)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Just Married! (Well, you know, 5 months ago)

We are so happy for Tio Adam and (now officially) "Tia" Alaynah. The ceremony took place at the Lion House and it was so lovely. It had also been a long time since we all got get all dolled up and it was much needed.
 Look how pretty!The bridesmaids wore suits and they looked so cute. Also their friend Adam that married them and it was lovely. Then Adam and Alaynah read their own vows to each other.Yeah, I cried. Just lovely.
 Those are Alaynah's parents. Aren't they so cute!
 Julie asked me to take pictures of everyone so that we could send them to Nate

 Adam sang "When you wish upon a star" for Alaynah... In case you have never met her, Alaynah LOVES everything Disney. EVERYTHING.
 We decided to not take the kids to the actually ceremony in the morning and it was a good decision. Spencer and I were able to enjoy the wedding by ourselves, and it was GREAT. Of course, they went to the reception and they actually behaved... okay.... we all had fun in different ways. The Little Guy by running around. Katelyn and I by dancing and Spencer by singing
 Tio Adam has a soft spot for Katelyn... and she loves him so much!
 The Little Guy had a blast running all over the place, although it was a hassle to try to keep him inside at all times
 The reception took place at Boothe Brother's Theater in Spanish Fork and they posted this up on the marquee. How awesome is that?!
 It was all "movie" theme (Adam and Alaynah LOVE movies) so they served popcorn and red vines
 I made a quick video of all the snaps from the day (please keep in mind that this is before I got my new phone and it is pretty low quality)
We love having you so much Tia Alaynah! Congratulations to you both!

Sidewalk of Fire 2016

Were we crazy to still host Sidewalk of Fire one week before Tio Adam and Tia Alaynah's wedding? You BET! But doesn't mean that it didn't turn out AWESOME! I mostly took videos to make this awesome (if I say so myself) video of the whole party (see below) but I did take some pictures as well so that we could send them Nate right away.

Okay... embarrassing moment, we had the party before Spencer and I were able to finish cleaning all of our stuff out of the garage from the move... so you know... there it is... front and center in the picture.
 Tia Nana invited all her friends... including a BOY!
 This year we served hamburgers as well as well hot dogs. It was a big hit
This year was also the biggest turn out we ever had
 I have a small clip of Julie that I literally just found that didn't make the video and I'm so sad about it! So here it is
 In the name of safety this year, we built a wall of cinder blocks for the fireworks. We had so many fireworks this year, it was an awesome show!
and here's the video I promised before... I am actually so super proud of it!