Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Katelyn at Three Months

I promise I will eventually talk about the move and everything that has happened since but as Baby Kate is now four months, I figured I better post her three month update done first. So here it is...

This young lady is growing up so fast I cannot keep up with it! She is such a joy to have; although I really wish she would sleep more... at all. Although it is pretty hard to be mad at her when she is awake and so happy even if it is three in the morning. The biggest difference from the Little Guy is that even if he "sometimes" didn't sleep, I could at least catch up on my sleep when he slept. With Baby Kate, when she's up all night she sleeps all morning, which is all fine and dandy for her but the Little Guy is up so I can't sleep. Let's just say that being tired is now just a part of my essence, it's who I am. But hey, I have been burning through show after show on Netflix so... I guess there's that.

I cannot believe how cute her three month pictures turned out... Enjoy

They turned out so cute that I actually thought about not editing them but I decided to just stick with the theme. All of same... here are all of the pictures in full color

She laughed for the first time on August 28th. Spencer and the Little Guy were talking to her while she was on her swing and out of no where she just laughed. I immediately ran for the camera.

She rolled over for the first time on September 1st. Tia Laura was over and I put her on tummy time turned around for one second and she was on her back. We immediately flipped her to see if she could do it again and she did! The video is of her third time. She rolled one more time after this and has not done it since. Not because she can't but because she doesn't seem to want to. It's like rolling over has been accomplished and she's done with it. 

Her new thing is trying to crawl. She wants to crawl so bad. She will push on her knees as much as she can and then get really frustrated when she can't move. But man, if any of us dare touch her when she's trying she just gets so mad and freaks out. She wasn't to do it by herself. Yeah... She's going to be a fun teenager.

Here's a collage of her first three months... I can believe how much she has grown specially three the second and third months

Monday, October 19, 2015

Lagoon 2015

So why haven't I blogged in forever? SURPRISE, we moved! But more on that later. Now it's time to play catch up on our of our fun/some not so fun times. Staring with the Labor Day Lagoon trip.

Spencer and I debated back and forth as to what we wanted to do about Lagoon this year (Quick side note: we originally thought that we were not going to go at all since we would have a new baby but Katelyn was doing so well we didn't see a reason to stay home). The debate was based on whether or not we wanted to actually stay at the hotel and make a weekend out of it or just go up for the day at Lagoon. In the end, we decided that the whole weekend was worth the trip (and the cost of the hotel). We met the Keele's at Costa Vida on Friday afternoon for dinner before driving up.

Usually I much prefer Cafe Rio, but I have been having some good luck with Costa lately... and some bad luck... it's hit and miss. This salad was delicious though and completely free thanks to our Costa cards.

We got to the hotel around nine (after having to go back home after dinner because we forgot the pack-n-play), got all organized and headed for the pool.

The Little Guy was being a major scaredy-cat but we did get him in a couple of times. And he even forced a smile for this photo (although I have no idea why it turned out so blurry)

In order to save money on the hotel, we all split up into two rooms. Make and Julie had the Little Guy and Adam in their room. Julianna, Aubrey, Alaynah, Katelyn, Spencer and I stayed in the other one. With Spencer, Katelyn and I in a side room. It actually worked out great with the only hiccup that our mattress SUCKED! With that Katelyn's creative choice of not sleeping at night, it made a pretty tiring weekend for Spencer and I.

Alaynah didn't know I actually got this picture (and I'm so sorry if you don't like me posting it) but seriously, how cute is she?! She actually sleeps like that! Perfectly still on her back, holding a teddy bear... priceless.

After breakfast the next morning (by far the best part of staying at the hotel is the breakfast. So delicious!) we met up with the Hardings and McEntires to get lunch ready.

The kids found their own ways of entertaining themselves.

So I'll take this opportunity to state that there are really not a lot of pictures at the park this year. Not even the before and afters of rattle snakes rapids (which we rode 8 times). With two kids it's practically impossible to get lots of pictures and still go on rides. When Julie had the kids so that Spencer and I could have some fun, I left the camera behind and we went on as many rides as possible as fast as we could.

We actually got lunch pretty early at around 11:30; we were all just starving after Rattle Snake Rapids

Food coma for Katelyn right after lunch

The merry-go-round is by far the Little Guy's favorite ride. Since he had already been to Lagoon earlier this year, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

I believe he rode the merry-go-round about 5 times before the end of the day

At this time, it was around 2 and we decided that we could all use a nap. Since we were going back to the hotel anyway, we though we might as well let the Little Guy get all wet and have fun in the splash pad (although keeping him from running was super hard. Our child has a severe problem with walking, it seems that his body restricts him from doing so)

He just wants to do everything like Daddy, even though ducking under the stream is completely pointless for him

After our much needed nap (we put the Little Guy and in our room and slept in Julianna and Aubrey's bed so that we could actually be comfortable) we made it back in perfect time for dinner. Costo pizza this year. Super easy and cheap and no one had to spend time cooking it.

I decided to not do Sky Coaster this year simply because of time. Spencer and I didn't have a lot of time by ourselves and after dinner when Julie and Make took the kids, we decided that we would rather go on rides instead (it can take around 40 minutes between everything to go on Sky Coaster). We left the park about an hour before it closed so that we could go back to the pool. We wanted to avoid the crows leaving and really we had done most of what we wanted to do (although we didn't get to ride Cannibal; not our fault, it broke down while we were waiting in line). We didn't get to go on a lot of rides this year, but we did go on all of the ones we really wanted to. With two kids (one of them not even three months at the time) we really couldn't have asked for any better.

We already knew that we were not going to go to Music and the Spoken word this year (besides the fact that they don't let us in with the kids anyway, since Labor Day was late this year they had already moved back to the Tabernacle which SUCKS! There are WAY too many people because of Labor Day and it gets super hot and crowed. They just don't understand that they need to keep it in the Conference Center until AFTER Labor Day!) but we were still planning on going to the activity at the church cemetery. However, when we woke up that morning ("woke up" being used loosely as we once again didn't sleep) we decided that the kids were done and ready to go home. Which was the greatest decision we could have made. We already had plans to eat dinner with Grandma and Grandpa so we just got home and ALL slept until dinner time (with a quick break in which Katelyn and I were up while I fed her). Heaven. 

I got this gem on one of our sleepless nights. Katelyn just loves talking to Daddy and has a lot to tell him. The fact that it was three AM didn't bother her