Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oh August!

Boy! The month of August was so... busy/hectic/hard/exhausting (pick your adjective). Let's just say that the fact that I am now the mom of two kids (one of them being a crazy toddler) is really sinking in. I really can't complain though because we do have a lot of good days; but the bad ones.... they are really bad! And they always seem to come a couple of days a time. The Little Guy is officially behaving like a 2 1/2 year old that has a new baby sister. Bad. But really... I don't mean to complain (okay, I'm complaining a little) I know that it could be much worse than it is. Onto the random things in the month of August then.

Katelyn got hit with baby acne bad. It was bad enough the morning of her blessing that we started thinking we should probably take her to the doctor the next day. Throughout the whole day, we kept getting told that he wouldn't be able to do anything but when it looked like this that night....

....we knew we had to do something. We were certain that it had to at least itch and were worried that she might be in pain. As it turns out it was just baby acne (to which there is no cure) but Doctor McBride was worried that it might had gotten infected in some areas so he prescribed he some topical antibiotic to put on it. The antibiotic was a pain. It didn't absorb into the skin for anything so if we touched her face at all we would get it all over ourselves (as it turns out we touch her face a lot. From caring her to feeding her the arms are always on her face) but man did it work! We saw significant improvement by the next day and by day four her face was completely clear. She has the perfectly clear iconic baby face now and it's easy for us to forget how bad it was.

Here is a random picture of Kitty in a bucket (bathtub) covered in grass (soap) with a little ball (a bubble). Kitty is constantly talking now.... I'm trying to not look to much into it. At least for now. Unfortunately, Kitty might not last too long. He is quickly loosing stuffing (which I may be able to fix) and hair (which here is no way to fix). We have been looking for an exact replacement but no luck so far. If anyone comes across a Kitty, please let us know.

On the 11th, Grandpa Mark's rented out 7 Peaks for a work party. It was so much fun. I hadn't been to 7 Peaks in years. The Little Guy was super exited... really scare and wouldn't do anything... then had a great time. As we were pulling up to the park and he saw the slides and was desperate to try them. I decided we could try the small slides by the kid area and boy was it a mistake. He was super exited, held my hand all the way up the stairs and couldn't wait to sit on my lap. All heck broke loose when we hit the bottom of the slide and got soaked by the splash. He hadn't expected (and to be honest neither had I) to be just completely engulfed in water. After that, it took us a while to get him to try anything again.

^^Grandma Julie is basically forcing him to walk in the water here^^

^^Katelyn wasn't allowed to play in the water but Grandpa made sure she still had a good time^^

^^Yeah, I like him^^

We finally found something that he actually liked. Floating on a tube in the lazy river (he would swim though, I had tried that earlier). He went around with Grandpa a couple of times and then with me.

Due to some lighting they got everyone out of the water. For a while we though we may not get to go bad in at all.

Lucky for us, that's when the petting zoo opened. The Little Guy surprised everyone by being completely fearless. He went around by himself just touching all of the animals like it was nothing. He is usually shy around things he doesn't know so it really was a surprise.

The best part of the whole day was after they let us back in the pool, I took the Little Guy over the wave pool. He wouldn't go in with the ways but loved it once they were over. We had so much fun just the two of us in the time between the waves that he decided he wanted to still play once they came back on. We finally had to get out because it was really cold. It really was some much needed Mommy-Son time. Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa for inviting us.

Because it has was so hot this month, we really didn't go out as much as I would have like. I get anxiety putting the kids in the car when it's so hot. I have, however, been on sort of a DIY activities kick so I don't feel too bad. The first thing we tried was face paint. The Little Guy wouldn't let me put it on him but was more than happy to put it on me.

^^Don't I look pretty^^

SIDE NOTE: Never again. I was itchy, it flaked and I had to scrub it off. From now on, actual face paint or nothing.

My birthday was pretty low key this year as Spencer had to work. I did however wake up to this...

My favorite is the reflection on the mirror ;) Not going to lie... the treats did not last long. I made the mistake in the morning to try to have the Little Guy let me change the TV since it was my birthday. It was a mistake because not only did he cry, but he spent the rest of the day randomly stating that it was NOT my birthday just in case I was getting any ideas of doing something besides what he wanted.

Another DIY this month was slime. I actually had some doubts about this one because (as I mentioned before) the Little Guy is not good with trying new things. Again he surprised me and loved it! I split it in two so that we each had our own (yes I played with it too) and played for over an hour. I was really worried when we were done because it was all over our clothes (I was so happy that I let him play in his jammies) and Kitty but everything came out during the wash without any problems.

^^Kitty took it to the face^^

^^You can understand my anxiety when i saw Kitty like this. I can't imagine what would have happened if it had not come off^^

^^Seriously... so fun. I'll post the how-to on the House of Keele blog in the near future^^

If I can hope for anything in the month of September it is definitely more sleep. But I'm not getting my hopes up. I'll end with a random picture of Katelyn. She loves dangle toys so much.