Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Katelyn at Two Months

This young lady is officially two month (I know I can't believe it either). If it is even possible she is getting cuter everyday. We are such so happy to have her with us. The craziest thing so far is for her to actually have outgrown her newborn clothes. It was a big surprise to us as the Little Guy was still wearing newborn size at four months. Of course, that meant that we were completely unprepared for her to outgrow of clothes and I had to run out to get her some new dresses for Sunday and jammies. 

She went in to the doctor on the 20th for her two month check up and quickly made everyone fall in love with her. She had a bright smile for everyone and was a little princess (until her shots that is, but really, who can blame her?) 

Here are her two months stats

HEIGHT: 23 1/4" 78%
WEIGHT: 9 lbs 11 oz 9%
HEAD SIZE: 14" 0%
SHE CAN: coo, fix and follow past midline, grasp, lift head 45 degrees, vocalize, smile responsively
IMMUNIZATIONS: Pentacol, HIB, PVC, Rotavirus

So her head has actually not grown at all since her two week appointment but Dr. McBride is not worried. He thinks that so far her body is putting all it's growing energy into her height and it will even out soon. 

Her two month pictures were actually taken on the day she turned two months. 

Have I posted this video? Katelyn found the mirror on top of her swing and she loves it. 

Some fun facts about Baby Kate
  • So smiley! Seriously, she is the probably the happiest baby I have ever seen. She doesn't disappoint anyone that will talk to her in attempts to see her smile. 
  • Sings. That's right! She tries her best to sing along with me (the Little Guy used to do the same thing at this age, I just have really musical children)
  • Her favorite song is "Jolene" by Dolly Parton. She will smile and sing along to it every time, whether I play it for her or just sing it. Here's proof
  • She's at the phase in which we has discovered all her toys and loves them but doesn't really know what to do about it
  • Treats me like a binky... yeah, I'm living that that again
  • Refuses to nap at the same time as her brother

And here are some blooper shots... enjoy...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Katelyn's Newborn pictures

We got Katelyn's newborn pictures this week and they just turned out so pretty. Following the footsteps of her older brother, Baby Kate decided to be a stinker about her pictures. She decided that she was not going to sleep. No matter what we tried! That stinker. Thank goodness Nickell is such a talented photographer and came through for us once again.

 ^^Could we have even asked for a more perfect family picture?^^

 ^^Although still cute, not quite as perfect, but I do love the Little Guy's face^^

 ^^Spencer actually doesn't like these pictures of him and Katelyn but I think they are stunning^^

^^Seriously though, the Little Guy's face, isn't he looking right at you? Why are we not making money off him and having him be a model?^^

 ^^My favorite picture^^

 ^^and this is obviously my second favorite^^

 ^^What she has on top of her is actually a cape. My grandma made years ago^^

 ^^Look at that face! yeah, this one is going to have an attitude^^

Here is the birth announcement. I debated for a long time whether or not to put her blessing date on it (it seriously got edited at least 15 times). In the end I decided to keep it out.

Although at the time all I could thing of what "why won't you sleep you little stinker!" now that I look back at the pictures I really can't believe how awake and alert she was... she was only a week old after all

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tio Nate

Well Tio Nate is gone on his mission (officially for a week and one day). He reported to the Mexico MTC on Wednesday the 5th. We tried to spend as much time with him as we could last week and all day on Tuesday the 4th when he got set apart.

^^He needed to take $50 in Mexican pesos which is the equivalent of around $700 pesos. Yeah he thought he was pretty rich holding all that money^^

^^We stopped by the Distribution Center on the way to the Keele's house so that Spencer could pick up some of his favorite missionary tools for Nate. Here he is showing him how he had organized his scripture journal^^

After going to the stake center so that Nate could get set apart, we had family dinner one last time. Nate chose Julianna to make her mac and cheese for his "last supper". It was pretty fun once we got back home and he was officially an Elder. The stake president said that any adult member of his family could serve as his companion (even the women), so as he moved around the house he kept switching companions depending on who was in the room.

^^We actually did not have a family picture since Katelyn was born so we made sure to get one before Nate left... and yes, Tio Adam did ruin what would have otherwise been the most perfect picture ever^^

Then we sat down to pack (of course he hadn't packed yet, it's Nathan after all). Everything had to be labeled so we each grabbed a sharpie and got to work. 

The biggest issue we had was making sure that the suitcase weight less than 50 lbs. It took several tries on the scale and a lot of repacking.

^^All ready to go^^

We decided that it was probably a better idea for the kids and me to not go to the airport. Nate's plane was set to leave at 9:45 which meant that we would have to be there at 7 AM which meant the Little Guy would have just been bored, tired and grumpy and I would have had to feed Katelyn at the airport... not a great scenario. So the Keele's stopped by and picked Spencer up instead (and of course I sent him with the camera)

^^well of course he is posing^^

^^ One day we blinked and Nate was a lot taller than Spencer. As tall as Adam in fact^^

^^Can't hug girls as a missionary^^

^^Sister are okay although it looks like someone forgot to tell his face^^

^^Sorry I know this post is about Nate but do you see how cut Spencer looks in this photo?^^

Goodbye Tio Nate! We will miss you so much!

The Keeles stopped for donuts on the way home... Don't be judgey, everyone is allowed to grieve in there own way.

PS you can actually follow Tio Nate's adventures and emails by CLICKING HERE.You might notice that blog looks a lot like this one and that's because I run it (what I can say? I like staying true to the brand)