Monday, July 27, 2015

The First Month

Remember when I was still pregnant? Well it's a already been a month since then... crazy right? The funniest thing is that I can't help but thinking that it's "only" been a month. It seems like it should be a lot longer. 

Baby Kate is so fun. She is just the biggest sweetheart and we are all just smitten with her. One thing that we no one can believe is how fast she is growing. I am with her all day and it's like I can watch her grow right before my eyes. She is already close to growing out of her newborn clothes. 

Here are her stats from her two week appointment

HEIGHT: 20'' 34%
WEIGHT: 6 lbs 13.5 oz 9%
HEAD SIZE: 14'' 59%
SHE CAN: Focus on faces, lift head, turn head to side, respond to sounds, startle reflex

Even though she is low on her weight percentile wise, the fact that she gained over 8 oz in the two weeks is really great. Just like the Little Guy, she is just little. As long as she is following the line (even if it is the second to lowest line) she is doing okay. 

Instead of doing onsies for her, I decided to go the chalkboard route. Although I found that it makes the month photo shoot a little bit harder because I actually have to place the chalkboard too; but I'm happy with how the pictures turned out. It will also be fun to see her grow in comparison the the chalkboard. 

And here are the behind the scenes pictures to what was really going on during the shoot

^^I know she is crying, but I kind of love this picture. Her proportions are so perfect she just looks like a toy doll^^

Fun tidits about Katelyn:

Will actually take a binky (which is product of me refusing to be a binky for the second child in a row)

Needs to be held all day. Seriously, she can only be put down if she is sleeping or for about 5 minutes when she is content on her bunny per day. It is to the point that she will most of the time cry when I put her down to change the Little Guy's diaper. But what I am supposed to do just let her cry? I think we would all go crazy at that point. I have been doing research for a baby carrier so that I can get things done and still carry her around.

She loves the car as long as it is going and going fast. She gets upset when we are stop lights.

Enjoys listening to the Little Guy play the drums as long as they are not too loud

Eats every two hours except for the afternoon in which she deems appropriate to eat every hour and a half

She is a super chill baby

We are seriously over the moon with her

Loves taking baths and actually cries when I get her out

Only sleeps in her bassinet at night. During the day, she will only nap in her swing or bunny

Is constantly moving and stretching

Has the hip cups ALL THE TIME! Seriously, I don't know that to do about it. She can be warn, with a clean diaper, having just eaten and still have the hip cups. I just have to hold her until they go away

Loves to be played with and talked to

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Our life in 100 posts!!!!

This is the 100th post on our blog!!!!

When I saw that the last post was the 99th, I immediately knew I wanted to make this one a recap of our life/posts. So many things have happened since I stared writing in 2011 when Spencer and I got engaged. I remember when I originally stared the blog I was afraid that I was wasting my time since I thought that no one would ready it but I figured that if I just had it for myself that would be enough. Today after over 10,000 pages views and 100 posts I could not be happier that I stared. Writing on this blog has been not only fun for me but also a way for me to document our lives in my point of view. Not just a family blog, but it has really become more like a journal for me. 

Now to look back on 4 years and 100th posts worth of stories! I went through all of the posts and put the biggest posts/biggest moments for us. I tried to keep it as condensed as possible. 


Spencer and I got engaged on July 4, 2011/July 5, 2011. It was technically July 5th at that time as it was about 1 AM but still part of the July 4th festivities. The first post was on August 31st and it included the engagement story. Something that I don't think that I have mentioned before was that I originally started blogging because we kept getting bombarded with people asking us how the wedding planning was coming, what we had been up to and what they could do to help with things. I figured that this was a way to let everyone keep up with us at the same time.

My first Labor Day Lagoon trip and Pope Reunion

Married November 4, 2011!!!! (Obviously the biggest post of that year)


Moving in to our first apartment and starting our lives together

First Christmas


Meeting Pentatonix on Memorial Day

Lagoon and Pope Reunion

1st anniversary

First Thanksgiving by ourselves/first turkey I ever made

Spencer Mark Keele II born December 29th!


Newborn pictures

Raising a child

Moving to Orem

Lagoon and Pope Reunion

5 year High School reunion

Raising a child

The Little Guy turned one


Raising a child

California Vacation

Sidewalk of Fire (elevated to new/permanent heights)

The Little Guy turned two


Tia Laura and Tio David got married

Tio Nate got his mission called to Mexico

Katelyn Rose Keele born June 16

I would really like to thank all of you that read this blog... here is a 100 more posts!!! (and hopefully a lot more than that)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's okay... I'm with the Band...

Remember Keelebasa? It is Spencer's band. They did a lot of things during the summer but had to go on hiatus when Adam (the then lead singer) moved to Ephraim for Snow College. Well, Spencer thought it was time they played again. Classic Rock night at Boothe Brother's only happens once a month on the third Thursday and Spencer's scheduled matched up for the first time in forever on May 21st. The band went back in with major changes though. The biggest one... my super hot drum player became the even hotter (if possible) lead singer. I know I can be biased so I'll let you judge for yourself. SIDE NOTE: sorry about the camera. If you watch the past videos of Keelebasa (which you can do on YouTube by clicking HERE) you'll see a lot better camera work, but I heard something about the camera operator being 8 months pregnant or something like that.

Yeah... I'm pretty head over heels for this guy. Unfortunately it is going to be a while before his schedule matches up with the third Thursday off again.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Everything else in June

I realize that I had a LOT of posts in the month of June, but they were all very specific to what I was writing about at that point. Obviously, Baby Kate's birth was the big one but I figured I needed to do an update for everything else that happened in June. 

The first thing was Jazmin's wedding on the 6th. It was so surreal for me to see this pretty girl get married (for some reason even more so than when Laura got married). I am so happy for her and I can't wait to get to know her new husband.

 ^^She is a pretty short girl... but of course, still taller than me^^

The next day we joined the Keele's for hot dogs over the fire (by far the best way to cook hot dogs). We actually already had plans with our friends the Harris so we invited them to come along

^^Grandma Julie got the Little Guy his own camp chair about a month ago and this was the first time he got to use it... yeah, he loved it^^

^^I Love him so much^^

Laura came over on Tuesday June 9th and we had a craft day. Because we had Baby Kate's newborn pictures scheduled for the 27th, I knew that I would not have time to get things ready for them after and there were a lot of things I wanted to make. After an intense Pinterest session, followed by a reality check on what was actually possible, I had a list of exactly what I wanted to make and Laura was the best help I could have asked for. 

The results... big tissue paper pom poms to go by her crib and a special tutu with accessories for her pictures

^^We used the bear for measurements and to model^^

^^Pretty proud of how it turned out^^

Of course, when she was actually born and we saw how little she was, we knew that the tutu was not going to fit her anytime soon (deceitful bear). It all worked out in the end though because since I was doing so great, I just ended up staying up one night and made a new tutu, a flower crown, a dainty headband, a banner with her name and a tulle letter to go above her crib. I had wanted to make the last two when Laura was there to help me but since we didn't have a name yet, it was impossible. Everything turned out better than I thought it was going to. I really can't wait to see her pictures (more on that a little later)

Here's a random picture of our little girl. When she was just born I kept thinking she looked exactly like the Little Guy, but she has been drifting from that. I'm not sure who she looks like now

^^The Little Guy would have never been cool with this... he hated to be swaddled^^

^^We are all pretty enthralled with her. Did you notice the Little Guy's hair? It is because he had just woken up from a nap. I promise I am not neglecting his grooming^^

We took it pretty easy for Father's Day. We let Daddy sleep in and then he and the Little Guy went to church. I was doing so great that we actually considered all of us going to just Sacrament Meeting but decided against it (Baby Kate was only 4 days old after all). The Swensons and Keeles came and had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa so we went upstairs to be with everyone and then I would come downstairs to feed Katelyn when she needed it.

My parents came around 8 and the Keeles were still here so I made the guys pose for a picture. It turned out so much better than I even though, I only wish Grandpa Keele could have been there.

At church they gave all of the dads a "Mr. GoodDad Bar"... how clever is that?!

^^Katelyn decided that she wanted to be awake at 5 AM on day and the Little Guy followed suit. This is him at 11 AM when he realized just how early he had woken up^^

As I mentioned earlier, we did newborn pictures on the 27th. It worked perfectly because Nickell was in town. She did our wedding pictures and the Little Guy's newborns but then moved to Texas. She is seriously so talented! She travels to Utah about twice a year and just fills her schedule with photo shoots. We got super lucky that her last trip for the year fell on this weekend and that we actually got a slot. The pictures were down upstairs in Grandma and Grandpa's living room so we didn't have to take her out. Because Spencer had to work, Nickell took the ones of him and Baby Kate first. She quickly showed me a couple and they were incredible. I am just over the moon waiting to see the other ones. Of course, because this was the one time we needed Katelyn to sleep during the day, she wouldn't. We tried everything and in the end just had to take the pictures with her awake. Funny thing is that Julie had actually spend an hour holding her the day before trying to get her to wake up and she slept the entire time.... what a stinker. Here are some behind the scenes of our photo shoot.

^^Since I couldn't get a picture of the Little Guy's "Big Brother" shirt at the hospital, I made sure it made an appearance at the shoot. Along with Baby Kate's "Little Sister" onsie^^

^^Nate taught the Little Guy to take pictures on his Ipod so he had his own photo shoot as well^^

^^Yes, she is going to be topless in some of the pictures. I would like to apologize for my hypocrisy as I have severely looked down on that in the past^^

^^Pretty sure this is the first picture of Baby Kate and Tio Nathan. He was away at scout camp when she was born so he actually didn't even meet her until Father's Day^^