Saturday, May 30, 2015


I honestly did not think that I would actually make it to 37 weeks. I though that eventually my body would just shut down and not be able to handle it but...hey... here we are. Full term baby! Oh yeah... feeling pretty good about myself. Obviously things are not great and there is still a lot of pregnancy crap going on but as I  told Dr. McBride yesterday, I really have no room to complain. Comparing to how things have been, I am doing better than great (besides I wouldn't want to accidentally bring back the major bad things by complaining about the little bad things happening right now). Not to mention it is almost all over and we will actually get to start enjoying our Little Sister! That being said...

There is a reason as to why it has been so long since the last preggy update and why I was MIA from blogging altogether for a while (besides our super fun trip to the ER that is). When I went in for my appointment on the 1st (at 33 weeks) things were not looking great. The doctor was worried that Little Sister was not growing enough and ordered an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay. I tried my best to take it as a "Yay, I we get to see her again" situation, but I was actually freaking out. Selfishly freaking out that is. This whole pregnancy I have been super sick but to this day have still avoided my biggest fear... Bed Rest. I honestly could not think of anything more horrible at the time (selfish, I know).  To have that even be a possibility was enough to have my hyperventilating with worry. Lucky for us (and especially me) although she is in fact small (only measuring as if I was at 34 weeks instead of 37) she is still growing and everything looks really good. Oh and she is still a girl. Crisis averted.

Everything is looking great now, I am already dilated to about a 2 and 50% effaced (yeah, we were shocked when we heard that as with the Little Guy I don't think I had reached a 2 at 40 weeks). I see the doctor again next week and if everything is still looking good he will set up to have me induced the week after. We even get to pick up day that would work for us best (if she doesn't come before that, of course). As of right now, I can't speak for Spencer, but I'm pretty pumped and not even freaking out yet. I did have a bit of a panic attack when I woke up on the morning marking week 35 and realized that we had nothing ready;  but after going into super nesting overdrive mode and spending the past two weeks getting "ready" I am feeling much better. I put ready in quotations because we are no where near "Ready" however if Little Sister decided to come right now, we would at least survive it. Here are some pictures of my super crazy nesting.

^^The Little Guy helped me put together the bassinet (how nice is it that I already have a child and he had a lot of gender neutral things. I really didn't have to buy anything big. ^^

The Little Guy has been doing this new thing in which he tells me things in a really patronizing way like I'm an idiot for not seeing it myself (I promise I do NOT treat him like that ever. I don't know where he has gotten it from). So we put the bassinet together and just left it to side since all of the fabric part hadn't come out of the wash yet and he just looked at me and said (in his super patronizing voice) "Mom, Little Sister is going to fall out!"I tried to explain to him that it wasn't ready yet but until he said it ready for himself, he didn't believe me. I guess it is a good thing that he is looking out for his little sister right?

 ^^Kitty was the perfect test pilot make sure everything was put back together correctly after it was washed. Since we really have no room in our apartment (and because I didn't want the Little Guy messing with anything) we decided to just put everything in Grandma and Grandpa's spare room until Little Sister is born and then we will bring everything out. ^^

The next thing on the list was packing the hospital bags (yes plural). I woke up that morning and about had a panic attack when I realized that since the Little Guy would be staying with the grandparents/abuelos while we were at the hospital I, he would also need a bag

^^Yes, this is how OCD I am. Everything is separated and labeled into its own bags. I even labeled the outfit for him to wear to the hospital when he comes to visit^^

Then it was my turn. I am doing things a little differently this time around. I only have a one small bag that I was able to fit everything into for both labor and delivery. I'm also packing my own pjs to wear at the hospital. I really didn't mind wearing the hospital gowns that much but I felt like I was always adjusting them. Comfy, really inexpensive ones from Walmart are packed away this time. Of course there are somethings that I couldn't pack away just yet, i.e. the lap top, my wallet, make up etc, so I just made a list of those things and put it on top of the bag. Side note: Every time someone asks me what I recommend packing to the hospital, I always say "your make up hair stuff". I can not even being to describe the incredible feeling that it was to be able to do my hair and make up every day and just feel like a human being

^^I used Spencer's basketball bag since it was the perfect size. My poor husband will have to make due with plastic bags until Little Sister is born^^

And here is what I look like at 37 weeks... well 36 and 6 days since we actually took the picture last night.

^^ It is so weird for me to hear that I'm measuring small, I feel like I'm twice as big as I was with the Little Guy. Not to mention twice as uncomfortable. I didn't mention this earlier but at the ultrasound, we found that Little Sister is really far down and in perfect position to be born at anytime. Which is the reason that I have been having so much pelvic pain^^

Onto some fun preggy facts.

How far along: 37 weeks today

Weight Gain: I have gained a total of 12 pounds so far this pregnancy. Not great... but at least I have gained something right?

Maternity Clothes: so I am going crazy with maternity pants! I loved them last pregnancy but now I hate anything touching my belly so I have to wear them with the panel down which, of course, doesn't work and they fall. The result, (as I refuse to spend more money on clothes when we are so close to the date) I spend all day pulling them up at home and then just bare through it when we are out (and when I say "at home" that includes the car and both family houses.If your family, I really don't mind you seeing me pulling my pants up constantly. Not to mention, drying is just plain impossible with that panel up. I feel like I'm suffocating)

Movement: I honestly can not think of a time when she is not moving, She is crazy. It is literally the scene from "Alien" and she is trying to break out. So creepy to watch. So painful to experience.

Food Cravings: since my last post I have gone through several. Right now I would say that it is strawberries and vanilla ice cream with hot fudge. Although both of these have even died down in the last couple of days.

Bellybutton: 100% outie. I know for a fact it is not stick out like this with the Little Guy and for someone whose bellybutton is super inie, the change is hard to adjust too.

Swelling: I had to stop wearing my wedding ring, it is a sensitive subject and I don't want to talk about it. Also my feet have been swelling a little. I am no where near having cankels but my ankles are a little less pronounced.

What I miss: sleep... which bring me to...

Sleep: another sensitive subject. All I'm going to say about it is that I have cried myself to sleep more than once, and I cry because I can't fall asleep. I'm like a baby like that.

Looking forward to: seeing what Little Sister is going to look like! With the Little Guy we had no idea what he was going to look like but now we actually have him as a reference. I wonder if she is just looking to look like the girl version of him (which really wouldn't be a bad thing since he is so "pretty" he could totally pass as a girl) or if it is going to be just completely the opposite to the point where you can't even tell they are siblings (like me and my siblings for example)

What I'm loving: having some independence back (as much as you can have being 8 months pregnant with a toddler that is). I can once again drive places, go to the store, get chores done around the house... see I really can't complain.

I guess I should take some time and talk about a name for Little Sister as we are still calling her "Little Sister". We are having a really hard time. It is just that nothing seems quite right. Since my "she could come at any time and we are nowhere near ready" scare, I have made us crack down a pick a "just in case" name. So we have something that we both really like ready (and no we are not telling anyone since it is still subject to change) but we can not bring ourselves to say "Yes, that is the name". We are just not quite convinced yet. I guess we'll just have to wait to see her.

There are so many things I want to blog about before Little Sister comes, but I'll try to squeeze in another pregnancy update before that day.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Celebrating Mommies....

Spencer surprised me with Mother's Day presents early. This was the scene the Little Guy and I walked into on Friday night when we got home

Yeah, my husband is really awesome.

SIDE NOTE: you see Megamind there? It is one of our favorite movies and of course we own it..or we did. We have not been able to find it for over a year now. It had become a very painful experience for us because we would quote it all the time and say "Where's Megamind?!" Well Spencer decided that it had been enough time and we loved the movie enough that he would be okay just buying the movie again and maybe finding it some day. Yes, we have watched it already, just as good as we remember, and totally worth buying it again.

Well... the best way I can describe Mother's Day is that the Little Guy spent the day reminding me that I was a mom.... not in a good way. Spencer had worked the night before so we had our usual morning of just the Little Guy and I playing and being quite for Daddy; but he decided to not make it the fun, happy time that it usual is. It was a morning spent with screaming, crying, tantrums, and the Little Guy was pretty upset too. We then suffered through Sacrament Meeting (don't ask what they talked about, I have no idea). Thankfully the day was not all fighting with my toddler. We went down to Spanish Fork right after church and the Little Guy fell asleep on the ride down and actually stayed asleep when Spencer put him down as soon as we got to my parent's house. So I actually got to enjoy dinner with everyone and celebrate Ariel's birthday.

We then left the Little Guy sleeping and went and visited everyone that was at the Keele's house.

All in all... it was a pretty good Mother's Day.

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Bad Habit!

It has been a roller coaster couple of weeks. Hopefully, I will be able a to update everything with in the next couple of days in different posts. There is so much to talk about from Mother's Day to a pregnancy update. Today, however, let's start with the "Funnest" (heavy on the sarcasm) thing that happened these last couple of weeks. The ER.

Our yearly trip to the emergency room is becoming a very bad habit. I'm pretty sure that when this has happened three years in a row, it is officially a tradition and not one that I think ANYONE should have. Need a refresher?

ER Trip 2013 (me with a severe kidney infection)

ER Trip 2014 (The Little Guy with a Breath Holding Spell)

Well... it was time to go again on Friday the 15th. We had been staying at my parent's house while they were on a trip to Nauvoo and having a normal day. The Little Guy and I dropped Ariel off at work at 2 and came back to the house because I really needed a snack before my doctor's appointment at three. It was raining and the Little Guy decided that he wanted to play in a puddle outside of the house so I had to drag him in... and he just froze up (yep a breath holding spell again). I tried everything to get him to respond but he wouldn't. Spencer (who was still asleep as it wasn't time for him to go to work yet) heard me struggling and ran in. We had to call 911. It was the worst it has ever been, even worse than last year, I even had to give the Little Guy a couple of breaths while we waited for the EMTs to arrive. The cops got there first and they were scared. There was a shortage of ambulances and the EMTs were next to arrive but just two by themselves. I should point out that when this happened last year, they gave the Little Guy oxygen, watched him for a while and then decided that he better go to the emergency room; that was not the case this time. As soon as the EMTs looked him at, one of them stared getting the oxygen out while the other one just picked him up and carried him outside to wait for the ambulance that arrived within the next minute. I later heard tell the ER doctor that the Little Guy had passed out twice in his arms just while he was carrying outside (what every Mom wants to hear right?)

I had only been in ambulance once before (last year) but it was not like this. Sirens blazing, running stop lights the whole deal.  They had me sit in the passenger seat next to the driver and everyone else (6 people) were in the back tending to the Little Guy. I couldn't really much back there and I really don't want to try to describe what I could see. I just concentrated on the cars in front of us (Side note: I was shocked to see how long it actually takes some people to move out of an ambulance's way. I couldn't believe how unaware some people can be when they are driving)

Imagine my surprise when we got to the hospital and the Little Guy had his pants off and blood splotches everywhere from failed attempts to get an IV in him (apparently he kept yanking them out), One of the EMTs actually came and help my hand as they were getting him on the hospital bed, probably seeing the horrified look on my face.

I just want to say that if you go the ER and have to fill out a bunch of paperwork and there is a lot with admittance, you should consider yourself lucky. That means that you do not go enough. All I had to do was give them the Little Guy's name and date of birth and then sign the consent to treat form. They already had all of our information (and that's not a good thing). We were at the hospital for about 3 hours. They just watched the Little Guy and even let him take a nap. The doctor talked to me about breath holding spells and assured me that we had done the right thing calling 911 and that it is always better to be safe than sorry. When we left the hospital, it was as if nothing had happened. The Little Guy was super happy and Spencer even went to work. I didn't have a freak out moment which I think may have actually been worse for my psyche. The next day, I just felt defeated, like I could not handle anything else. In fact, I am crying now as I realize that I was still not over it (thanks to those that read my blog and let me get my emotions out). The Little Guy had pretty yucky looking bruises that are almost gone now, but it was a good reminder for him and he would show them to everyone. This may sound awful but I can only hope and pray that this has now officially scared him enough that it will not happen again.

I do have to share small Tender Mercies that happened while were at the hospital to remind us that the Lord is always with us. It may really not seem like much but it was a really big deal

1) I wore the hospital bracelet. When the lady from admittance came into the room just asked me if I wanted to wear instead of putting it on the Little Guy. Little did she know, we had been having the worst time as he wouldn't even let the nurses put the heart rate monitor on his toe. She saved us from a bunch of unnecessary torture and she didn't even know it.

2) Food. If you recall, the reason we were going home in the first place was because I was hungry. One of the nurses recognized that and brought me water and a whole mess of crackers and cookies.

3) The EMT that held my hand, I was just about to loose my shiz at that point.

4) The ER doctor. He was very understanding and not once made us fell like we were idiots for making such a big fuss when our child was fine.

I am pretty sure I have mentioned on here before but I'll do it again... This is not something that I would wish on the worst person in the world. Seeing your child basically lifeless in your arms is more horrible that I can even describe.

Look for more upbeat posts in the near future