Monday, April 27, 2015

Nice to meet you Mr. Dentist

I had been putting off taking the Little Guy to the dentist for the simple fact that I just didn't feel like he had enough teeth yet; but it was time. We went in on April 10th with as little expectations as possible (I know how this appointments can go either way). Well it was GREAT! The Little Guy was super polite and did awesome. Obviously as I was needed to help keep him calm I didn't get as many pictures as I would like. 

 ^^Side note: these toys are the Little Guy's favorite thing right now^^

The hygienist was super patient and didn't push him to do anything he didn't want to do. When we first walked into the op, she showed him how the chair moved and asked him if he wanted to try it our. He quickly answered "No thank you" and we all just laughed. Eventually we got him on the chair and he loved sucking water out of a cup with the suction

TV on the ceiling... greatest dental invention EVER!

The dentist himself was super calm and patient but he didn't even need to be. The Little Guy opened his mouth and let him look at all of his teeth. He is doing great. I guess my wrestling him to the floor and brushing his teeth is paying off (I hardly have to do that anymore, he is pretty good about letting me brush). One thing that the dentist did say was to let him do it more himself so that he gets into that good habit. So now, our routine includes both us brushing our teeth at the same time and then Mommy getting a turn brushing the Little Guy's teeth. Everyone is happy :)

Friday, April 24, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I came across this movie on Netflix

I had only seen this movie once before that what was back in July of 2001 at my best friend Annie's 12th sleepover/birthday party. This was when we lived in Murray. That was the funnest night ever! We LITERALLY stayed up all night making up dances after watching the movie (no... literally, I don't thing anyone so much as laid down until 7:30 AM). We got in trouble with the moms the next day because we were all so tired, but it was way worth it. I can't remember exactly who was at the party but there must have been 7-10 of us. So fun.

As it turns out, this movie is really not that great when you are not watching with your best friends. In fact, I thought it was kind of stupid. However, it got me thinking about things. My family moved to Spanish Fork about 8 months after that party and my life took a completely different course. Annie lived a completely different life than me. I may seem like that I am exaggerating but if you have ever lived in both places you know that Salt Lake and Utah county might as well be separate states, they are so different. I was also they only one that moved so all of the girls continued to be friends and still are to this day. How different things would have been if my family's move had happened now when we have so much technology available it would have been easy to keep in touch with everyone. Back then, though, you really didn't have anything but the telephone (and not your cell phone but the home phone).

Of course, had we not moved I never would have met Spencer (how weird is that?), and don't get me wrong, I have really loved my life in Spanish Fork. It is just a fun thing to think about in how different it would all have been. We were all really really good friends.

Here is the most recent picture I have of me and Annie together. We actually found each other thanks to Facebook back in 2011 and have been better at keeping up ever since. She is married with two super adorable little girls and just moved back Murray herself. I'm pretty sure this picture is from January 2012 when she was pregnant with her first and I wasn't even pregnant with the Little Guy

Some fun facts about 2000-2002 when we lived in Murray. It was 5th grade (when all of us were in Mr. Poloskey's 5th grade class) and almost all of 6th grade.

Cameron Petersen and Damon Fischio were the cutest guys in class and much talked to about through the day.

This was the coolest CD of all time! and "The Call" was the coolest song. I remember being out in recess just singing that song. Not to mention the Backstreet Boys themselves were the coolest ever (and let's face it, they still are)

Annie's mom and mine actually got along pretty well and they just happened to have the same rule about piercing our ears. We were both not allowed to get our ears pierced until we turned 12. Annie's birthday is about 3 weeks before mine but we actually ended up getting mine done just a couple of days before her (my aunt took me on the same day of my birthday).  We both got gold balls as piercing studs and then it just became a waiting game for the next three months before we could change them. I still remember Annie's disappointed face when she ran up to me the day after my three months were up and noticed that I had not changed mine.

The movie that we all just wanted to watch but the Mom's kept saying no

Annie and I did "Kid's on Broadway" in 5th grade and then the entire six grade did "Twelfth Night".

9/11 happened in 6th grade. That shook everyone

The first installment of the Harry Potter series came out and we ALL had a crush on Daniel Radcliffe... I can only speak for myself of course, but MAN what was I thinking?!!!!

That's is all I can think about right now; but boy, did we always have some fun times. I love you girls!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Living with my Sports-Nut

This may came as a shock to some people but my husband is a big fan of sports (heavy sarcasm). I really don't know who to even describe his love of sports. This is one of those things that unless you have a sports-nut yourself, you can never quite comprehend what it is like. I would say, on average, 75-80% of our conversations are sports related. Please don't think I am complaining, I have actually been preparing for this my whole life with my dad being a sports-nut as well. The thing about Spencer and I is that it works. I mean sure, every once in a while I want to go jump off a building or just yell "Enough" and go lock myself in the bathroom, but for the most part it works. I think that the thing that makes it work is that my wonderful husband really cares what I have to say. It is definitely not a one sided monologue in which I just have to listen, he tells me things because he actually wants to know what I think about it. That makes me feel pretty good about myself.


That was a really long introduction for the real focus of this post and this is to brag about my husband's current achievements. He has had THIS BLOG for years now and (yes I am a little biased) it is extremely well written as well as a Twitter @SpencerKeele. Well now, you can also follow his FACEBOOK PAGE or look for his videos on YouTube. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of him. The next step is for him to get a podcast but I don't know when that/if that will happen. I think for the time being, he is pretty content just making a video instead.

Below are the three videos he has done so far. What to impress your hubby? Take a couple of minutes and watch or follow any of the links above. It is all current stuff so a perfect way for you surprise your sports-nut... Goodness knows, I love mine.

The first 3 videos are about the the NBA MVP award. It should be announced within the next couple of weeks. The last two are the Playoff predictions.  (PS I shoot the things that is why the camera is so shaky. I told Spencer that it might be in everyone's best interest if we invest on a tripod. Also we do not have any sort of editing program so we shoot the videos from start to finish and if there are any mess ups we have to start over)

In this first video he is interviewing Lebron James (not really) about comments that were made by his team mate Kevin Love. This first one is supposed to be funny, and it really is.

We have some difference of opinions regarding this next one, but he does make some excellent points.

This last one will be a surprise. His logic is solid but again, I think a little bit differently. Again, we'll just have to wait to see what happens and who actually will win the NBA MVP (Oh how I wish I was voting) 

Playoff predictions with special guest Scott Savage. PS even though this are the longer videos these are the ones I would watch if you want to blow your husband/significant other way with your knowledge ;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week 30

"Life is to be enjoyed... not just endured in the bathroom throwing up" - Gordon B. Hinckley

Okay, so I may have paraphrased the quote a little but can I just say how much more enjoyable it has this past 3 weeks when I have been throwing up a whole heck of a lot less. Of course I still have really bad days every so often but for the most part the days are "good" (as good as they can get considering the fact that I still pregnant). It is amazing to actually feel like a human being again (for the most part). What has brought on my nicer time... don't know, don't care... I'm too busy enjoying it. Of course I do still have all of the bad things like I'm huge, I don't sleep and pictures of myself make me cry but after wanting to die for the past 6 months from the fact that I was so sick I really can't complain... it just wouldn't be fair. Here is the latest update (yes, I am a sticking with the pre-made blog questions, it is just easier that way) 

How far along: 30 weeks and 4 days

Baby Girl is as big as:  a butternut squash (ironically enough I have been craving some good butternut squash soup since last Thursday)

Weight Gain: I've actually put on about 4 pounds since last month (yay progress)

Maternity Clothes: like anything else would fit. I literally got to the point when I had one pair of pants and nothing else (not even a skirt) to wear as bottoms. I almost had to go out in buy clothes in pajamas

Movement: Holy cow this girl is active! I guess she will be a crazy energizer bunny like her brother

Labor Signs: I had actually been doing okay and not having any cramps or contractions in the last weeks until this passed Wednesday. It was a little scary because they felt different and were a lot harder than before but I just saw the doctor and everything is okay as far as we could see.

Food Cravings: Easter candy of course. Primarily, Cadburry mini eggs. I have probably eaten WAY more than I should have

Bellybutton: The best way I can describe my belly bottom right now is when you are driving and see a pot hole on the road that is shallow enough that the city does not make it a priority but you just know someone is going to end up popping and tire on the thing and you are just happy that it was not you today.

Swelling: Still only my fingers at night

What I miss: Not being so hot all the time. I seriously feel like I am on fire ALL OF THE TIME!

Sleep: nothing but a five letter word that is not longer part of my life... and unfortunately, Spencer has been suffering too since I move around and get up so much.

Looking forward to: finding the right name. Just nothing sounds quite right

What I'm loving: Being a mom to the Little Guy again (for the most part). It feels so good to be able to pay attention to him whenever he wants it, and read with him, and take him places, etc.

Here is my latest "bump" picture it is from Easter Sunday. The dress that I am wearing (by the way) is in fact a maternity dress as well. I also did not have a single item of church clothing that fit and had to buy some. I now own only this dress, so look forward to seeing it in all pictures in which I am "dressed up" for the next 3 months.

Meanwhile, in my preggy state, I have recently discovered a YouTube channel called What's Up Moms? They are hilarious and full of fun tips. Here is 5 things that you shouldn't say to pregnant woman and let me just say that I agree with them 100%, specially the sleep one. Telling a preggy girl that she should enjoy her sleep now is just mean!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Bunny of a good time!

It was a lovely Easter weekend this year, made all the better by the fact that General Conference was was the same weekend (which I have been watching one talk a time as I get ready in the morning or get ready at night.. what can I say? I have a two year old, who doesn't understand that he can't just watch Dora the Explorer all the time). 

We stared our weekend on Saturday by going grocery shopping with Grandma Julie and then headed over to the Tita's where the Easter Bunny had made an early delivery with this super cool "bike" (The Little Guy is sitting on it as I write this post, he loves it)

On Sunday, the Keeles came up for the last session on conference and we went upstairs with Grandma and Grandpa to dye eggs while we watched.  I found the most effective thing was to just dye the eggs and then let the Little Guy put stickers all over them.

^It was 32 real eggs in all^

Here is the Little Guy's Easter basket. Although last year the Easter Bunny decided to not put candy in the basket (you can read about it HERE), this year he remembered that there was a pregnant Mommy in the house and she would want a LOT of candy. The solution... this was everyone's Easter basket but the toys were for the Little Guy. Thanks Easter Bunny. 

The guitar was by far the most popular item in the basket. Everyone tried repeatedly to try to get a video of how he was strumming and head banding but it was useless. If he saw the camera, he would just stop what he was doing and say "Cheese". I'll keep trying, I guess. 
The backpack is actually my favorite gift that he got because I have now been making him carry his own diapers around, which means that I get to just carry a purse like a normal girl (until Little Sister arrives at least)

After dinner is was time for the egg hunt. Mark and Spencer went out and hid all of the eggs for the Little Guy, Julianna and Nate (thanks for Julianna and Nate for not being to old or too cool for the egg hunt, they made the Little Guy have a great time since he was not looking for eggs by himself)

^Struggling under the weight of the massive amount of eggs he had in his basket^

I'll post a pregnancy update soon and talk about Spencer's new "radio show" KeeleSports Radio

By the way, how cool is it that our Instragram photos automatically link to the blog now. I'm pretty proud of it since it took FOREVER for me to figure it out. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Bunny Pictures!

I found an awesome deal at Cheapshots Photography in Spanish Fork for Easter mini shoots with bunnies. The Little Guy did pretty well with the bunny, he wasn't scare per say, just very aware of it.

^^In this picture he is saying "Hi Bunny, I'm 'Pinton (Spencer)" ^^

Fortunately/unfortunately for us the Little Guy has now learned to say "Cheese" and "smile" when asked. It is unfortunate because his version is to completely scrunch up his face and ruin (in a cute way) what would have other wise been a perfect picture. As evident below

Okay so they are still really cute!!!!

Thankfully, we did manage to get some good ones

 ^^By far my favorite^^

This will definitely become a Keele family tradition. I can't wait until Little Sister is in the picture next year as well