Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm Glad they called Nate on a Mission!!!!

When Spencer and I first stared dating, Nate was nothing but a punk kid that was lots of fun to be around (here's proof)

and now, four years later... he is a punk teenager and we gathered to watch him open his Mission Call.

I am fighting my urge to do a gushy, nostalgic post all about Nate and settling for a post just about him opening his call (the gushy/nostalgic post will come later as we get closer to his reporting date)

Julie set up maps so that everyone could guess where they thought he was going. The map right below is of the United States

And this one was the entire world. Everyone got two guesses, one in the States and one out

Nate is Mr. Popularity so the Keele house was swamped with teenagers (to the point that the Little Guy stared bawling at one time when he was trying to get through and everyone was so much taller than him) this meant that the actually opening was done outside.

Yes, I did cry

Going to Hermosillo, Mexico!!! He is reporting to the Mexico MTC on August 5th which means that we get to take him to the air port and he will fly our directly.

Julie and I sat down and read the packet right away to see what he needed and to see more about his mission (we are two peas in a pod when it comes to certain things). His mission includes the inside up to the Arizona border, basically the state of Sonora including the East side of the Gulf of California. We keep hearing the same thing, it is mighty hot there. On his missionary checklist it says that he can have his family send him winter clothes later to make room in his suit case but it sounds like be may not actually need them for a really long time, if at all.

Congratulations people of Hermosillo, you are getting a good one.

Love you Nate! We will sure miss you!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

50 Shades of Awkward

I was thinking about our awesome St. George trip for Valentine's Day (and looking over pictures of the previous blog post) and I remembered the worst part of the trip... when I had to explain to Grandma was 50 Shades of Grey was about (is there any wonder as to why I forgot about it) Let me just say that no one should have to explain to their grandparents what this movie is about... that being said, it is a pretty funny story so I thought I would share.

As you all know, the big talk to of Valentine's Day weekend was the opening of 50 Shades of Grey and it was ALL OVER the news. ALL OVER (and Grandma and Grandpa like to watch a LOT of news). Well Grandma kept talking about it and talking about it and saying how it was all about beating up your wife... etc and (not because I was defending the movie by any means but,) it was time to set her straight. Thank goodness Grandma is an extremely intelligent and perceptive woman and it did not take much explaining. It went something along the lines off...

Grandma: (Reacting to what was just said on the news) This is horrible... I bet that is how ISIS treats its women
Me: That's not what it's about Grandma
Grandma: What  do you mean?
Me: The movie is not about beating up your wife. It's supposed to be a... mutual thing
Grandma: What?
Me: It's a mutual the bedroom
Grandma: (let's that sink in for a second) Eww
Me: Yeah
Grandma: And people read that?
Me: It's pretty popular
Grandma: Who wrote that?... It must be a man
Me: Actually, I think it was a woman
Spencer (who was also in the room): yeah I am pretty sure it was it was a woman
Grandma: Mmmm.... (mulls it over for a minute) ....must be a prostitute

and Spencer and I had to hide our laughter.

I love you Grandma Swenson

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Did You know I was I pregnant?

I did.

I actually knew right away. The funny thing is that with the Little Guy I knew right away but not even close as right away as I knew with this one. The two pregnancies have been night and day. Holy cow you do not even know! Everyone is convinced it is a girl just because of all of the differences even Dr. McBride. 

Well as it turns out, they were right!!!! It is a GIRL!

(no we do not have a name yet... we keep going back and forth on a couple but we haven't quite found the right match yet)

I keep having mixed feelings about it. On the day that we found out I was lying awake in bed at night and couldn't help thinking... "Oh I hope she is pretty and that boys will like her... What the heck?! I don't want that... But I also wanted her to get asked on dates and dances... but I don't want her going out all the time... and I don't want her to be all about her looks... but I also don't want her to sick and cry at home when she doesn't get asked to Homecoming (true story)... I can't believe I just said I hope my daughter is pretty... of course she'll be pretty... and I can't buy her cool clothes and make up... Oh my gosh it is all about her looks again... she needs to just be herself... but what if she doesn't have friends..." and that's when I woke Spencer up in a panic.

It is just a hard situation. I don't what to want for my daughter. I tell Spencer that he was pretty popular in high school so he doesn't get it (and even if he hadn't been he probably wouldn't have cared), but high school (all school really was different for me. It really feels like the end of the world when the boy you like in 5th grade comes up and tells you that you are pretty...pretty ugly. Or when you sit alone on the Saturday of a big dance. Or when your first kiss is not until you are 21 and not because you were purposely saving it but because there was never an opportunity. And it is not only the dating thing I have to worry about; am I going to be able to instill the important of modesty in her enough that it will not be constant battle at our house? Is she going to hate me when she has a curfew on Saturday night that she has to be home before it turns into Sunday?

There is so much stuff!

I guess all I can do is try. With the Little Guy I had no idea what to except (and I still don't) and that was really scary. As it turns out, knowing what to except is a lot more scary. A LOT MORE!

Moving on to a little (not much) less stressful things... I am on my third good day in a row which is more than I have been able to say for my entire pregnancy so far. I can't stand to have any hope for days to come I just take one day at a time. As I said in my previous blog, this pregnancy has been a lot worse than the Little Guy's. A lot different as well... such as (but not limited to)

Throwing up- I though that I had thrown up a lot with the Little Guy, it turns out I really had no idea how bad it could get. The worst thing in the world seem to have to drive with a garbage can whenever I went but as it turns out not leaving the bathroom at all it is a lot worse. I have lost a lot of weight (obviously).

Zofran- With the Little Guy I tried Zofran but it just made me really sleepy so I never used it; with this baby I can't not function without it. I still throw up a lot even with it but not to the point that I do without it; and it doesn't even make me sleepy. Imagine my anxiety account when all the crap going around Zofran causing birth defects has come out. I immediately emailed my doctor.

Acne- they say that it is a myth that you break-out a lot more when it is a girl but I sure believe it. It has actually settled down some now but the first couple of month was really bad for me. I really don't think that I have ever had that many constant zits before.

Bread- if you know me at all, you know I have some sort of a bad obsession with bread (well had) and when the I was pregnant with the Little Guy it went into super overdrive. Not only am I not obsessed with bread anymore but I don't even like it that much. I'll still eat it but it is more like... meh. It is such a weird feeling for me (yes I really love bread that much)

Shrimp- the weird thing happened to me at Christmas.... seriously it has been the weirdest thing this whole pregnancy. Let me start by saying that I don't like seafood, any kind of sea food. Ever. That being said, Spencer loves seafood and for some reason thinks it major for me to try it every time. Christmas Eve was no different. However.... when I tried the shrimp, not only did it not taste like shrimp... but it delicious! How weird is that?! I ended up eating quite a bit. How weird is that?! And it wasn't an isolated incident, the same thing happened at the Little Guy's birthday party. I guess that is what Bella felt like when she was drinking blood. The baby needs what she needs I guess (sorry for the Twilight reference by the way)

Bump- With the Little Guy I didn't have to even think about maternity clothing until I was about 8 1/2 months. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't fit into my pants anymore at 4 months.(See)

Showering- I never in a million years thought that I would actually HATE taking a shower. Actually "hate" is not the correct word for it. Taking a shower is nothing short of torture. I really can't pin point what it is that makes it so horrible... it just is. One would think that because it is bad I would only take super quick showers but quick showers are even worse.

Acid Re-flux/Heartburn: I thought I had really bad heartburn with the Little Guy but, boy, I had no idea. I carry Tums wherever I have been up in the middle of the night drinking tea trying to settle my stomach. (Ideas are welcomed by the way)

The Little Guy Himself- What a difference it makes having the Little Guy already. When I was pregnant with him, Spencer would work until about 1 in the morning every night so I would get home from work, eat something, get in bed and watched TV until I fell asleep. I definitely can not do that with the Little Guy. Just because I spent most of the night throwing up doesn't mean that the Little Guy will not need to be fed and given attention the next day.

I'm sure that there are a lot more differences but I can't think of them right now. I do feel bad because with the Little Guy I made such a big deal about blogging and bump pictures and that jazz but I haven't been able to do anything like that. That being said, (with my apologies) I will use a pregnancy blog questionnaire I found online.

How far along: 26 weeks and 3 day
Baby Girl is as big as:  a turnip (kind of a weird thing to compare the baby to but that's what it says on the app on my phone (hey that's another difference in this pregnancy... I actually have a phone that can have a pregnancy app)
Weight Gain: between loosing 4 pounds in Dec, gaining 1 pound back in Jan and keeping it in Feb... as of right now, I have a net weight gain of -3 (not good)
Maternity Clothes: yes.. I look silly in anything else like a poorly tied sausage
Movement: Around 9 every night Baby Girl decides that she has had enough with being inside me and tries to make a break for it
Labor Signs: yes... that has been a scary and touchy subject but as far as we and the Doctor can tell everything seems to be okay
Food Cravings: Fruit. Anything slushy or juicy really. Oh and popcorn... I can't get enough of the stuff
Bellybutton: pretty shallow, it is hard to keep my finger out of it when my bare tummy is showing. It is just weird to have just a shallow bellybutton
Swelling: just my fingers and only at night. I have been having to take my ring off at night or I'll wake up in the middle of the night because it will be hurting
What I miss: being able to make plans. I can't really plan on anything because I never know how I am going to be feeling. Every time someone invites us to something I can only say "I'll try my best but I can't make any promises"
Sleep: yeah right
Looking forward to: the sickness to finally be over. Hopefully that will actually be BEFORE the baby is born
What I'm loving: seeing all of the cute girl clothes possibilities. I have yet to buy something because for some reason I have it in my head that the first thing I buy has to be special and I haven't quite found it yet

I really will try to be better about pregnancy updates.... for real... I promise

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Little Guy and Mommy Date

On Saturday, the Little Guy and I went on a date to the mall. It was so fun to spend some times just the two of us. We stared with some dinner at Chick-fil-A siting on the small kids tables at the food court. We then walked all over the mall looking at things (and stopping at Bath and Body Works for a free travel size lotion I had). He was just a little prince going through all of the stores and he held my hand the entire time. It is nice that I am so pregnant and slow, we keep pace perfectly with each other. It took as a while to make it all the way to the deserted part of the mall to the dinosaur-themed playground, but it was well worth it. The Little Guy knew exactly what he was doing and stared playing right away (making sure that Mommy was watching of course). Side Note: I have been working so hard on teaching the Little Guy to take turns and he does really well with it. That being said, it is so frustrating when he is patiently waiting his turn on the slide and an other kid will just come and cut in front of him. Gosh! Teach your kids to wait their turns!!!! 

The only thing that dragged the Little Guy away from that playground was the prospect of chocolate ice cream (he was very insistent that it in fact had to be chocolate). We went to a frozen yogurt place right across the mall called Farr's Fresh. Spencer and I were first introduced to it years ago and it is perfect for us because it is not only frozen yogurt (which neither one of us likes) but custard as well. Best thing of all it is really inexpensive (way cheaper than Cold Stone) and because they charge by the ounce the Little Guy gets his own cup at no extra charge than sharing mine (with all his own toppings). Chocolate faces at no extra charge at all :)

The last part of our date, was a much needed shopping trip to Walmart, and man, were we tired at the end. As we were getting close to our house the Little Guy randomly said "Mom, we go home please?"

I love my Little Guy

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A perfect Valentine's Weekend

We had been hoping to go to St. George the weekend before Valentine's Day with the Keeles but I was just too sick to even consider the drive. It was a super bummer because I had been looking forward to the trip for a while, not to mention Grandma and Grandpa Swenson were exited to be able to see the Little Guy. Lucky for us, I was feeling a lot better by the following weekend and it all just came together. It was an even better time because with President's Day the following Monday we actually came back on Monday and got an extra day in St. George. So we convinced Julie and Julianna to come along (Mark had gigs on both Friday and Saturday night) and drove down. We were so happy to see Grandma and Grandpa specially the Little Guy, he spent as much time as possible with them.

We got our Superbowl shirts right before we went down so we just had to take a picture. The Little Guy's shirt is way too big but still SO CUTE!

Saturday Morning we went shopping at the outlet malls. We got some really cute clothes for the Little Guy including a new swimsuit.

Then it was Swig and The Habbit time. So good!!!! I forget just how good!

Everyone played the marble game while the Little Guy took a nap (but I didn't fall asleep before taking a picture). It was Grandma, Grandpa and Julie versus Spencer, Julianna and Aubrey (had I mentioned that Aubrey came along). It was told it was super intense and the battle continued with two more games (for the life of me I can't remember who the ultimate champions were)

Once the Little Guy woke up, we made a trip to the Children's Museum. It was our first time there and man I wish we would have gone with more time. There are so many cool things. We just let the Little Guy explore what he wanted on his own and followed him around. He had a blast

We got to have some fun too

After the museum closed, we walked around Main St. It was pretty fun to see all of the old buildings  and the weather could not have been more perfect

As soon as he got on this horse he sang "Rapido caballo, rapido!" (it is a Dora and Friends reference)

It was a pretty perfect Valentine's Day

Sunday we took it easy and played games until Julie and the girls had to go home (Julie had to work on Monday so they didn't get an extra day). After they were gone, we took the Little Guy to the park. Sorry there are no pictures but we were really just having too much fun. I didn't even think about it. On Monday, Grandma and Grandpa took us out to eat at Chuck A Rama before we left. So tasty.

All in all a perfect weekend. I was literally in tears when we had to go home. Imagine throwing up for months with no relief and out of no where you feel so great and have a terrific weekend. I was 100% serious in us just packing up and moving down there for good.

To make matters worse, I threw up a lot on the drive home. The drive!

I was super sick by the time we got to the Keele's in Spanish Fork so we decided that the Little Guy and should just stay at the Tita's. I spent the rest of the week so sick. There was more than once that I grabbed our suitcase and made the decision to move to St. George for good. To make matters worse, the Little Guy got a bout of stomach flu from the kids that Laura babysits.

It was the first time that the Little Guy was sick and could actually talk about it. Saddest thing EVER! He stared with "Mommy my tummy hurts" and it went down from there. The saddest thing was when he was throwing up and said "Excuse" I about started crying. Thankfully it only lasted about 7 hours. By the time he woke up the next morning he still didn't want to eat but at least he wasn't throwing up anymore.

My poor Little Guy