Friday, January 23, 2015

Four months of catching up? Oh BABY!

In case we are not friends on Facebook....

That's right, we are expecting another baby. We have actually known for quite a while but I have just been too sick to write about it (more on that a little later). So here is the story.... We were watching General Conference on Sunday October 5th (told you we had known for quite a while) and I just didn't feel right. I just felt off, and I just knew. So I went and did a test that I just happen to have from forever under the sink in the bathroom and this is what I got

If your pregnant there is supposed to be a cross on the big circle. Well... try to get a different angel as you are looking at it the line is there. Super faint, but there. The only thing that we knew for sure at this point was that we had to retest. Spencer didn't see the second line at all and I couldn't be sure that I wasn't seeing what I wanted. Not to mention it was around 3:30 PM and definitely not first thing in the morning like the tests suggest. Unfortunately with it being Sunday, I couldn't get a test until Monday, which means that I couldn't retest until Tuesday morning. Sure enough... pregnant. This is how we told the families (although the Little Guy was less than helpful when I tried to get a picture of it

It says "I'm getting promoted to big brother!" It actually did not go quite as smoothly as I had imagined in my head. As it turns out, the families don't usually read/notice the Little Guy's shirts so a lot of "Did you read Spencer's shirt?" were said that day. 

Which bring me to this pregnancy. It has been substantially worse than the Little Guy's pregnancy. I am so sick! That is the reason I haven't blogged in forever and (considering the fact that there are 4 months worth in this blog) next to no pictures. I guess I'll just do my usual chronological order


It actually was a couple of weeks before I could get into the doctor's office because the policy is to wait until you are at least 5 weeks before coming in for your blood work and such (we had no way of knowing were I was at that point but I knew I wasn't that far along). So we waited until the middle of the month. When I finally got to go in, I was supposedly 13 weeks according to my period but no one believed that, so Dr. McBride ordered an ultrasound to know where I was. Unfortunately for me, because of my work schedule I could not get in until the 31st. So we went the entire month of October knowing that I was pregnant and that the blood work was fine but not much else. 

The Little Guy insists in doing everything by himself

Spencer's birthday on the 18th happened to coincide perfectly with fall break so we decided to go down to St. George for the weekend just the two of us. It was the first time that we left the Little Guy for more than one night and he had a blast with both sets of grandparents. Our trip, however, was not as fun. Spencer got super sick and we spend his actually birthday waiting at the InstaCare. His voice was completely gone and he actually had to spend the following week sick at home. It was the sickest that he has ever been the whole time we have been married. He probably hadn't been that sick at all since right before we got engaged and he had thing that gave him cold sores all over this mouth and throat.

This is Friday, he had spent most of the day sleeping and was barely well enough for some dinner

We only went out on Saturday which was his actually birthday to go to the InstaCare (poor guy). He spent the rest of the day sleeping and only got up for some dinner. He wanted french toast instead of cake. He is such a trooper and always smiles for pictures though

The preggy sickness stared for me the week after we got back from St. George (much sooner than with the Little Guy). That means that I dropped the ball on every holiday starting with Halloween. Usually we love going out as a family to all of the Halloween stores and finding a costumer but, with me sick and Spencer not quite recovered himself, that obviously didn't not happen this year. So the Little Guy ended up wearing Veronica's old pumpkin costume from (literally) 15 years ago and I pulled out my old cat costume from the last time I was pregnant. 

Ariel dressed up as someone from Adventure Time (I am happy to say I have no idea who he was supposed to be)

It was last minute costumes but we got candy just the same

Don't forget that the 31st was also the day of my ultrasound. Everything looked really good, there is only one baby, and I was only 6 weeks and 6 days at that point (and definitely not the 15 weeks I supposedly was according to my period). That puts the due date JUNE 20, 2015! I am super exited for a summer baby. It sucked so bad being stuck in the house because of the cold for the first three four months of the Little Guy's life and I so happy that will not be case with the new baby.


It was a pretty miserable month, I was super sick the entire time and we had to keep talking back and forth and to whether I needed to stop working or not. Furthermore, we had a scare about two weeks before Thanksgiving in which I stared having contraction like pains. I talked to the Dr and because there was no blood, we just watched it that day. As usual, we prepared to have Thanksgiving my ourselves this year and right when I was about to start cooking, I got the pain again and it was super bad. I have really no way to describe it except it felt like contractions. It was a really hard day for us, my in-laws (who had come early for to help set up for dinner upstairs) came in right as Spencer has helping me sit on the couch. I was pretty upset but they were able to give me a blessing right away. I spent the rest of the day, on the couch going back and forth with pain (I really didn't want to go the ER unless we absolutely felt like I had to). I guess it was a good thing that everyone was upstairs for Thanksgiving dinner so at least my boys got to have food.

We went to the see the doctor the next day and as far as we could see everything was okay. I have the pains again every once in a while when I have been doing too much. As far as Dr. McBride can tell, it is stress related. Sort of a way for my body saying "enough". We just have to watch it. Whenever I'm in pain, I just have to stop and lay down.


Holy cow we were busy in December. Super busy. It all stared with the Ward Christmas party. We were in charge of planning it along with two other couples. It was really hard. There were a lot of issues (let's get together sometime I would love to tell you about it). In the end it turned out really great.

We set up a craft sections for the kids and they loved it. It was a great way to keep the kids entertained while the adults talked.

We set up a really nice place for Santa to come sit including nice props for pictures

We may really good progress with Santa this year. He actually sat on his lap, didn't talk but sat on his lap... process.

Hopefully we achieved the perfect combination with the Christmas party of actually turning our really good but not good enough that they will ask us to do it again.

Random picture of the Little Guy and my parents listening to carolers.

The Saturday after the Christmas Party, it was time for Laura's Bridal Shower! The theme was "Happily Ever After" we thought it appropriate because she use to say that she was Snow White when she was little.

We had everyone leave advice for Laura and made it double as the guestbook

We had a chocolate bar with all of the fixings...

and a crepe bar with all the fixings.

Because we had a lot of guests that were lactose intolerant or allergic to gluten, we labeled everything. Lucky for us, we found this super cute labels that we just printed

I had Laura and David and answer questions for a really fun "Who said it" game. Everyone had a super fun time hearing the answers

Christmas came up with no warning. If you know me at all you know how much I love Christmas and I did love it this year too, it was just not our usual Christmas. With everything going on we didn't even get the Christmas tree up. Side story, it was December 22nd and the tree was still not up so we decided that we might as well not put it up all because we were going to have to take it down by the Little Guy's party on the 29th. I was pretty bummed but I knew it was the right decision, Christmas is not about the tree anyway. Well I came on the 23rd and Spencer surprised me by having it up. I cried. The Christmas Eve party went great and it was upstairs so all the betters for us because we didn't have to drive. The Little Guy played a shepherd as part of the Nativity. Yeah, he really looks that cute.

As always, he was the ring leader and baby Rowan was hanging on his every move.

And of course White Elephant was as awesome as always

The Little Guy wrote a letter for Santa and we left cookies for him by the tree

Christmas was great (and I didn't even throw up as much as usual). We stared the day opening presents at our house.

Then went over to the Keele's. Santa knocked it out of the park everywhere this year. With big trucks and a coat at our house, a car at the Keele's and giant foam blocks and a train at the Tita's.

To this day, the Little Guy has still not figured out how to get it to go. It is one of those things that may seem really easy to us adults but once I stop to think about it, realize that it is actually super hard. 

Yeah, Santa hit it out of the park

We spent the rest of the day at the Tita's except for a couple of hours back at the Keele's because Grandpa Keele came over to visit.

Dinner was super delicious. Per usual, my mom mad milanesas... so good.

Around 7 we got out the cards for a game of Canasta. I won :)

The original plan was to have the Little Guy's birthday party on his actually birthday on the 29th but unfortunately that didn't happen. Spencer was super sick with that flu had been going around and it was snowing way bad and there was no way I could pull it off myself. So the party got rescheduled for 1/17 and I spent the morning crying about the horrible mom that I am. Not only had my son been getting ignored because of how sick I had been but now I was even moving his birthday party. He didn't even have a cake. I just had him blow out a candle. Poor Little Guy

The Little Guy and I got sick too although we were not as bad as Spencer. I actually think that we didn't have the flu it was more of a cold, but we spent the rest of the week sick as well. Even spent the night at my parent's house on the 31st because we were really that sick.

On my way to work on the 30th, however, I knew that my work time was over. I guess I should review, at my doctor's appointment in December I was really not doing well. I was actually not doing well to the point that Dr. McBride recommended that I might be a good idea for me to stop working all together. If you can remember how sick I was with the Little Guy, let me give you a comparison. I was in a way more stressful job, where I drove 90 minutes every day and was on my feet a lot and Dr. McBride never said that it was time for me to stop working. We talked everything over during the 1st that I had off anyway and decided that it was time to quit. So now I am staying at home. Not in a cute, stay at home mommy way but in a sad, pathetic, sick way. I don't even know how to explain it. It is the worse feeling in the world to see something that needs done, have all the will power to do it but just not be able to. Not to mention throwing up all day is really starting to take a toll on my emotional stability.


First thing in January was Laura's and David's wedding on the 3rd. It was lovely. It is so weird to have my sister be married. It was actually weirder for me for her to be married than it was when I myself got married. Sorry I don't have more pictures but I was really not doing well that day. I'm sure she will post some though

Here is a random picture of the Little Guy showing that this is still his favorite spot

Finally we were able to do this birthday party. It was Bubble Guppies themed (his favorite show). I am really happy with how it turned out. We really could not have done it without my family coming up on Saturday morning and helping clean the apartment

This was the best picture I could get of the Little Guy and Baby Everett "playing together". It was more Everett was just watching as the Little Guy build a tower.

Yeah, I like these two

It was such a good party. Once everyone had left and we were cleaning up the Little Guy randomly and with no prompting whatsoever said "Mom, I so happy" What could possibly beat that?!

This week we had two birthday to celebrate my Dad's and Julie's. I have been super super sick this week (even more than usual). So my parents came up and had dinner with us to celebrate my Dad's birthday (we took a second to celebrate Veronica's birthday first since with the wedding her birthday was pushed to the back at the begging of the month)

I am actually feeling a little better today so my parents took the Little Guy out and I am going to try to get some rest. I am hoping that I can reach the point where I am stable and can start to enjoy the pregnancy. Hopefully I can get stared on things like bump pictures soon. So many things have been different from the Little Guy's pregnancy. I'll write about it as soon as I can.