Friday, November 27, 2015

Katelyn at Five Months

Wow. Five months is so close to six months! I honestly can not believe it. After feeling like the first months took forever, now I just want time to stop. We love our little girl so much she is literally growing before our eyes. She has been surprising us with new things every single day.

Here are some Katelyn tidbits:

Have I mention how much she loves her big brother? Yeah... there are no words to describe it. He is just everything to her. No matter what he always makes her laugh.

She needs to be a part of everything. The only time she is ever fussy for what seems to be no reason is when she feels like she is not being included. If we are eating, she needs to be at table level with us. If we are playing she needs to be in the middle of things. If big brother is running around she needs to be in a position to be able to see him. Just like the Little Guy's independence issues, I'm sure this will be a source of discomfort for me in the future

She is seriously the happiest baby I have ever met. The times when she is smiling WAY outnumber the times when she is  not smiling

Doesn't sleep worth anything. Really. I don't sleep. At all.

Rolls both ways like a champ. She rolled from her back to her tummy on the 18th of this month.

Even though she can't crawl yet, she has no problem getting where she needs to go. She will just rolls and shimmy where she wants. She's fast too. Really fast. Her favorite thing right now is to play with the cords of the controllers as Spencer and I are playing our video game.

Loves music like her brother and tries to sing along specially to her musical chair.

Now that it's cold she has to have the car seat cover for her car seat. She's cool with us as long as I uncover her as soon we get car or the house.

Her hands are constantly in her mouth along with everything else. Everything. We did not have that problem with the Little Guy so it's new territory for us. We have to be on constant watch because she is so fast putting things in her mouth.

I should rephrase, everything is in her mouth except a binky. She hates them and actually gets mad if we offer her one

Also like her older brother, her nails grow like nobody's business. I have to be super on top and trim her nails at least once a week or she ends up hurting herself

I can't believe I'll be writing about her six months in little less than a month. She is growing up way too fast

Monday, November 16, 2015

Overworked October

So if September wasn't great, October was definitely not better. Man... having kids is hard. I feel like I went through a sort of "honeymoon" phase when Katelyn was first born. Everything seemed easier and I really felt like it was all under control. Guess I jinxed it because one day it all went to crap. So between sleepless nights, chores left undone and barely keeping it together, here is the month of October. It's all a jumble mess of pictures. 

I came out of the bathroom one morning to hear "Mom! I need help!" I have no idea how he had gotten in the swing but obviously could not get out (and it was a super quick trip to the bathroom as they have to be when you are a stay at home mom)
So nap time has become a terrible time... For everybody. The thing is that the Little Guy becomes a super unsafe monster when he doesn't take a nap. By "unsafe" I mean that he is literally not safe from himself. He gets super clumsy and just keeps getting hurt. Seriously ALL of his bruises come from no napping (and there are a LOT of bruises). So what are my options? Number one: Put him in his room for at least an hour (if not more) until he finally gives up and falls asleep. Most of the time he never falls asleep and I end up just letting him out of his room because I feel like I'm torturing him. Option two: forget about naps all together and put him to bed really early. Unfortunately option two means that I have to chain myself to a strict, really early bedtime. I really can't commit to that. Specially when Spencer is home and we get to go out as a family. The thought of having to be home every night at a certain time when my day is already so chaotic and I have no control of it literally makes me sick to my stomach. Don't get me wrong, the Little Guy does have a bedtime, it's 9, this about moving his bedtime up to 6:30-7.

Anyway... here are some "nap time" pictures from October
One really fun thing this month was I took the kids to a Spanish Fork High football game. It was really so much fun. I had been meaning to take the Little Guy to a game for a while because I thought that he might like it but things just kept coming up. 
We caught the last ten minutes of the game and the Little Guy LOVED it! He kept talking about things he had liked all the way home. "Mom... we saw the football" "Mom we saw the dancing girls" (cheerleaders) "Mom we saw the marching band" "Mom the marching band had drums, and flutes and xylophones and cymbals" "Mom the dancing girls were singing and then we clapped". It was really the cutest thing ever. Hopefully he will still like it next year and I'll take him again.

With the move we found the old XBox (as in not 360) and we've been playing our favorite game "Star Wars Battle Front II". It is really fun for Spencer and me to be able to play together. I have a hard time with a lot of XBox games because they make me super dizzy, but I can play this one for the most part as long as we take breaks or stop when I need to.

We certainly got a chuckle out of the old profiles that were saved. "Darth Nater" is just about the most ingenious name I have ever seen. We sure miss Tio Nate

The Little Guy got invited to his first "friend" birthday party for out friend Reagan. It was so cute! Funny enough Reagan and the Little Guy played together and ignored the other kids
BTW sorry about the caption is some of the pictures. I sometimes forget to save them before I add the caption on SnapChat and then I'm too lazy to erase it, save it and then have to retype it

Katelyn has finally reached her feet and now they are constantly in her mouth (like everything else)
Spencer had an idea for getting rid of all our sentimental stuff. We take pictures and then put them in a book along with the stories behind them. It's a great idea as we have never had storage space anywhere we have lived and we really have a lot of stuff. So we set up a mini studio at the Keele's and got to work.
I never thought it was going to be that hard! Getting rid of stuff sucks. We are not even close to being done yet which is a testament to how much stuff we have; but man, the actually during, was really hard. (BTW if you looked at the house of Keele Blog recently you might have seen the first round of pictures. We wanted to put them all online just in case something happened. These are all our memories after all)

This is Katelyn after her 4 month doctor's appointment. She looks really happy for someone who just had shots doesn't she?
Grandma Julie got out her Halloween books along with her decorations. The Little Guy was so exited to have a fresh set of book to read
So it's rare but sometimes my kids do sleep and when they do, they look so much like brother and sister that I just can't help but take pictures (yes these pics were taken within seconds of each other)
Of course most of the time there is no sleep. This is from one night in which Katelyn was so out of it and so tired the only thing I could think off to do was load her in the car and take her for a ride (which only worked because Spencer was home and could stay with the Little Guy)
Of course, this was her the following morning. She sleeps while I'm awake with the Little Guy... Classic
She sure is cute though
Even if she sometimes eats my leg
We got to Jaker's Pumpkin Patch in Springville and were NOT prepared for how cold it was that night. I didn't feel too bad because my mom had already taken the Little Guy a couple of weeks before so we did not stay very long. It was freezing
He liked showing me the animals in the petting zoo but he was most interested in the hay ride. He talked about it all the way there and didn't mind waiting in line because he was super scared to miss it
An another sleepless night picture. This one was taken at 4 AM and it is just about one of my favorite pictures ever (finding the good in the bad I guess)
and a random picture of the piles and piles of laundry that I have to do every couple of days
November is actually the start of the Holiday Season in my book (no I don't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving). I can't wait for the Holidays this year. The Little Guy is at such a fun age to explore everything and even though I don't get much sleep, I'm not throwing up... so life is good 

PS I would just like to point out that with this post I am officially caught up. That's right

Friday, November 13, 2015

It's Halloween. It's Halloween. It's Halloween

So I'm really not a big fan of Halloween. That's not totally true... I guess I just don't really like the scary stuff. I like the fun Halloween; especially now that I have kids. I have to admit that I'm not really sorry it's over. Having to constantly be checking to make sure decorations you expose your child to will not give him nightmares is exhausting. 

So quick back story... after totally dropping the ball last year with Halloween and having my child wear a costume from back in the day (literally that was the first costume Tia Vero wore in this country) I was NOT going to let that happen this year (newborn baby or not). There was only one way to redeem myself.... perfectly coordinated family costumes! Of course, I knew it would take some convincing for my better half, so I cornered him one night and we came up with a whole bunch of ideas until one stuck... Peter Pan (for the Little Guy) Tinkerbell (Baby Kate) Captain Hook (Spencer) and Mr. Smee (me, but with a girl version). And it was all set. I stared looking at tutorials and figuring out how everything was going to work. Well.... around the end of August, we were all in the car and the Little Guy asked us (again) what we were going to be and Spencer declares (as a joke? to be honest I'm not sure) that he's going to be a cowboy.... Of course the Little Guy immediately said he wanted to be a cowboy "like Daddy". There was no going back after that. 

We had so much fun getting our costumes together. The goal was to look "Spanish Fork Cowboy" and not "Halloween Cowboy". We weren't able to find something small enough for Katelyn so we decided she could be a cow (cute right?!). Well... her costume came in the wrong size and then the replacement didn't get here in time (yeah... we are getting out money back). So (after resigning to the fact that when she sees pictures of her first Halloween she'll make jokes with a little pain behind them about how she was excluded from the "family" costumes) Katelyn was a ballerina on Friday (when I thought the costume was still coming in on time) and a "Pumpkin Princess" on Saturday. 

Friday we went to the McEntires' for the annual chili, scones and donuts. I would just like to point out that the witch hat she is currently wearing is the closest to a costume that I have ever seen Grandma Julie. 

This was actually the first Halloween that Daddy didn't work/have school and we actually got to enjoy the day together. The Little Guy stared the day by going to the aquarium with Grandma Julie and Tia Nana (Julianna). Since I wasn't there, all I have are the pictures so get ready for overload.

Once we were all dressed up and had dinner we headed over to the Tita's to get our trick-or-treating stared (after a quick photo shoot that is).

The Little Guy was being pretty grumpy but as soon as we were out the door he was just fine (the promise of candy will do that to a two year old)

First house!

So we trick-or-treated around the Tita's neighborhood and then headed over to the Keele's. Katelyn was a little princess (a pumpkin princess...get it?) while we went around the Tita's neighborhood but when she fell asleep on the ride to the Keele's, Grandpa Mark stayed with her.

It was a super fun Halloween but the Little Guy did NOT get enough candy! Seriously all the good candy was gone by about two days (and yes, it was me)