Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oh September.....

So this is the time of the year when I would be blogging about about our two traditional trips of the year... Lagoon and the reunion. This year, unfortunately we weren't able to make either or them. What can I say, with a growing child, expenses and school, we just couldn't afford it. It was a super let down though (specially not being able to go to the reunion). I missed everything about it... next year, I guess. I don't want to dwell on the negative, but missing these two trips sure made for a mellow, picture less September (except for the Little Guy's stint with hand-foot-and-mouth of course). These are the only pictures I have for the month.

The Little Guy and I were visiting grandma Julie when we found that Julinanna and her friends had made this....

It was too dark underneath to take a picture of the inside (even with the flash) but the Little Guy loved it. They played in there for about an other until Julie and I made them take it down so we could watch Big Brother. SIDE NOTE: greatest season of BB EVER!. I am so happy that Derek was he was my favorite from the beginning. If you have never seen Big Brother, you need to start next summer. It is the most addicting show ever.

As always, the Little Guy and Spencer find ways to entertain themselves when I am at work

This is how my son likes to watch TV in the morning... he is definitely my son

Grandma Julie got him a slide to keep at her house. Oh man was it a big hit. I really could not believe how quickly he figured out how to actually sit to go down since he is still going down slides at the park on his stomach. Of course it wasn't long before the figured out that he could climb up the slide as well. Fortunately for us we have the perfect solution.... when he is playing on the slide we take his shoes off. It makes it so that he can slide down faster and so that he can not climb up since his socks are so slippery. Perfect :)