Saturday, July 19, 2014

Very Late first Birthday pictures...

Being a Mommy has it's amazing times and it's not-so-amazing times. But sometimes... you get to combine both times at once. A prime example is tonight. I can't sleep (not-so-amazing) but I just remembered that I still had not upload the picture's from the Little Guy's 1st birthday photoshoot (amazing time). Ps you can look at the behind-the-scenes HERE

And here are some not-so-amazing bloopers

It's nice to be a Mommy. Even if it means staying up really late :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A very busy summer

We have been having a pretty busy summer. Spencer has been playing with multiple bands, the Little Guy has been spending a lot of time playing with sprinklers and I have been really busy with work and everything else. One of my favorite bloggers is doing something this summer she calls "Photo Dump" in which she just posts all the pictures she has taken so far and then just has a quick caption. I think I will do something similar (hopefully I can keep my captions brief)

The Little Guy and Teddy are best friends. When I put him down every night we hear him talk to Teddy for about half an hour before he finally falls asleep

Daddy's suit jacket (it seriously took us 15 tries to get this picture

He found the party hats from his 1st birthday party and decided that the drinks needed a little improving

Classic Rock Night last month. Spencer wanted to take a picture in front of the Bob Marley picture wearing his Bob Marley shirt

The Little Guy's first (I want to eat it by myself) ice cream cone. I couldn't get a picture of just how messy he got but it was bad. Lucky for us (and the Littles since we were at their house) we were outside. Not to mention Jack made sure to clean everything up himself

For the 4th of July, we went and saw Mark and his band "Midnight Hawk" play at the Freedom Festival in Provo. It was so much fun. It was packed, super hot and I was afraid the Little Guy might be too hot but nothing a delicious Tiger's Blood snow cone couldn't cure. 

After the concert, we went home so the Little Guy took take a nap for a couple of hours. We met the Titas for dinner at around 7 ( I just love Summer, it is probable close to 8 in this picture and look how light it is outside)

Playing in the sprinklers with his tias 

My mom doesn't believe in fireworks. She thinks that they are too dangerous so all we ever got were sparklers and glow sticks. Thankfully, the neighbors DO believe in fireworks and we never missed out on anything.

I came home from work one day and Spencer told the Little Guy "Go show Mommy your new pet" A bird was stuck on our windowsill and they had been watching it all day. Grandpa had to go get it out. Twice. Dumb bird.

Spencer played a musical number in church last Sunday, so we borrowed the Keele's keyboard so that he could practice. The Little Guy is obsessed. 

The Little Guy has taken to hiding the remote on a regular basis. Last Thursday, we spent about 45 minutes looking only to find it inside the waffle iron. Yeah... he doesn't do things half-@#$

On Friday, my aunt and uncle threw a party for my cousin who is leaving on a mission in two weeks. The food was delicious! Dancing is not really Spencer's and mine thing, but the Little Guy loves it. He was mad when we had to leave early since I worked the next day.

The alfajores de maicena that my tia makes are out of this world. I think the Little Guy agrees

On Sunday, it was the actual farewell talk. My Dad was able to make use of his Father's Day present and wear a matching tie with the Little Guy

After the talk, everyone went back to my aunt's house for lunch and to watch the world cup game. It was insane. If you have never watched an Argentine football game with Argentinians you do not know.....

I hope my dad is okay with me posting this. I couldn't get a really good freak out, because I never knew when they were going to happen. But everyone was freaking out not just him. If you know my dad, this is not like him at all. He is a different person when he watches football.

The pool looked awesome. I wish I would have know so the Little Guy and I would have brought our swimming suits. 

The Little Guy had this 18 months check up on Monday, and he is doing pretty good.

Here are his stats:

HEIGHT: 31" 7%
WEIGHT: 21 lbs 5 oz 11%
HE CAN: Feed himself, know 2 body parts, speak 8 or more words, walk up/down stairs or backward, follow simple instructions, imitate housework, run, name pictures and use a spoon or fork.

They no longer measure his head. The nice thing was that he didn't have to have any shots. The nicer thing was that he is ready to be forward facing on his car seat. I didn't capture the first reaction, he was so exited. But here is the second.

Remember the sit-and-spin he got for Christmas? yeah he knows how to use it now.

I think I am trying to go with the approach of doing smaller versions of photo dumps every time we take pictures... we'll see