Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mother's Day and St. George

Sorry this post is a little delayed. I have been super busy with my new job. By the time I get home I just feel like my brain is fried. That being said, I love my new job! it is so nice to be able to fix people's problems and be able to help them. One of my biggest worries going over to customer service was that I would have a ton of people mad all the time and so far that has not happened. While I have had the two rudest people I have ever dealt with the whole time I have been at Nature's Sunshine (and on the same day no less), for the most part, people have been really nice.

Moving on...

Happy Mother's Day all you pretty Mommies!

I had a super fun Mother's Day. It all started with waking up to this

How sweet is my husband? Now I am not going to go through the list of all the presents and make my everyone all jealous, but I will share my two favorites.

The First is that book that you can just make out behind the kit kats. It is a picture book about our vacation in January. Spencer did such an amazing job! It is incredibly well put together. It really blew me away.

My second favorite were these super kick-A awesome Transformer glasses.

I have been using them every single day. Depends on what I am eating I'll deem the food either and Autobot or a Decepticon (don't worry, I know I'm crazy so that makes it okay)

Grandma and Grandpa Swenson gave me the present of staying home with the Little Guy during Sacrament Metting so that I could enjoy it. As if it couldn't get any better, the Young Women in the ward took over all the primary callings (including nursery) so that all the Relief Society could enjoy a WONDERFUL (seriously spectacular) lesson.

After a quick nap with Shark Tale playing (one of my presents). We drove up to Tia Diana's house for a really fun dinner with my family. It had been a long time since the two boys and me could make it up to see everyone at once (I think since September) and I had sure missed it. Not to mention the food was really good ;)

We made it back to Orem right on time to be able to visit Julie who was visiting Grandma so we got to see everyone on Mother's Day (with not that much effort on our part)

Sorry there are next to no pictures, I was taking the day off after all

It was then once again time for Classic Rock Night! Keelebasa rocked it! (seriously, it was my favorite they have ever played) of course blogger is being a poopy pants and not letting me update the videos. YouTube, however, came through, but with only one of the videos.

Here is Good Loving by The Rascals

The Little Guy tagged along to the last Classic Rock Night. Usually I don't like to bring him because it is so loud in there, but he loves it so much! I compromised with him and he had to stay outside in the lobby until Keelebasa actually played. I wish I could have recorded him while he watched them play. He was just mesmerized and everyone could here him over the crowed clapping and cheering at the end. Spencer gave him a pair of drumsticks to keep him entertained  while we waited for their turn. It really amazes me how musically talented he is. He is definitely a future drummer. (try not to pay attention to all the bad playing going on in the background. They are the only band that I can actually say I HATE when they play!)

And here is a random picture... like father like son right? (notice Spencer shoes? Those are his cutting the grass shoes. Yeah, he is totally that Dad that has shoes specifically for mowing)

We spend Memorial Day weekend in St. George for some much needed R&R. It was so much fun! We just did what we wanted, when we wanted. The Little Guy got spoiled by everyone  and I even got a nap in... a really good time! I actually did not take as many pictures as I should have, vacation laziness hit me pretty hard.

Spencer and I got to go to the Temple on Saturday morning, it was packed, but we were super lucky and barely got into the session. After the Temple we went home and changed and then hit up my favorite burger place ever (seriously EVER!!!!) it's called The Habit and it a a franchise from Santa Barbara (you can read my love for it on our trip to California HERE) It is seriously so good! I can't even look at this picture without having my month water.

When the Little Guy slept... we all slept

The splash pad on Town Square is so much fun! the Little had such had such a blast. Sometimes I can't even believe he is my child, he is so daring and just goes to the water like they are old friends.

As by the evidence in the video below, we finally had to take him away because she was shaking from the cold. Although, we 

That night we went and got Sub Zero Ice cream. It was the first time any of us had tried it and we all really liked it. The Little Guy was fascinated with the smoke coming off from the liquid nitrogen. 

Sunday was another day to take nice and easy (if you haven't notice, this was the theme of the whole trip). Spencer and I took the sacrament at a nearby ward and then came back for sandwiches and a roller coaster game of Phase 10. Spencer had a come-from-last-place win.

The original plan was to go up to Snowbird Canyon and the reservoir up there, but after the huge success the splash pad have been with the Little Guy the day before, we decided to go back instead of having to drive the 40 minutes,

I made sure that  the Little Guy had one thing planted into his brain: if he took his hat off, he couldn't play anymore and it worked. He even dropped his hat while he was walking but was really quick to pick it up and try to put it back on his head. Yes, I am that kind of mom, but have you seen my son's translucent white skin?

One of the greatest things is that there is so much shade around so parents can be close to their kids but not fry in the process.

Of course the Little Guy crashed as soon as we got home. Spencer and Mark took the opportunity to teach me how to play poker. Spencer first taught me five card but then Mark came and taught us both Texas hold them. It was so much fun. I liked Texas Hold Them the best. We had to make a rule that you could only bet five chips at a time because every time someone went all in a lost we had to stop and separate all the chips again.

The it was time for a delicious dinner or roast beef and mashed potatoes. Yum

The Little guy was pretty grumpy when he woke up but all that once forgotten once we took him to the park to play

I have a video of him going down the slide all by himself but Blogger will just not let me upload it.

All in all, it was such a fun weekend. Spencer's words "let's not wait until the next Memorial Day to do it again"

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The New Blog Revealed

The new blog is live and ready to view!

You can find it at

Go check out all the cool features like

the Pin it button were you can pin posts to Pinterest (yeah, I'm pretty proud of that one)

the Subscribe by email feature in which you can receive blog post straight into your email (a future that is on this blog as well, but definetly worth mentioning again)

or the "Follow me on Pinterest" button in which you can start following me directly on Pinterest

Don't worry, I will still be doing all family updates on this blog

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Everyday A New Adventure

What a fun week this has been. It seems like everyday day has been a new adventure. First of all, the new blog? It's happening. I am currently in the process of nailing down all the details and design. I can't wait for you all to see it. Second: I got a new job! I still work at the same place but I now will working in Customer Service. I am so excited, it is a very nice pay raise (if you don't mind bragging). I keep having anxiety attacks a little bit though. In order sales whenever I didn't know something I would transfer to Customer Service; I don't have that anymore. It'll be about three weeks of training before I officially start.

Other than that it was a pretty random week. Spencer is all done with school for the summer and did really well on his finals :) He is still working at Mountainville until school gets out at the end of May but if you know of a job he could do this summer we'll greatly appreciate it. 

Here is my husband after finals were over ( I don't know what Nate's excuse is) what can I say? like brother, like brother 

The weather has been so crazy, it will look like it's really nice outside but it is actually really cold. Unfortunately, the Little Guy does not understand that and he just wants to go play outside

Thankfully, Saturday was nice enough to garden :) I helped Grandpa plant (look for that post in the new blog) and even got my own spot in the garden. I decided to go with herbs for some delicious cooking

Top left: spearmint / top right: cilantro / bottom left: flat-leaf parsley / bottom right: basil

I even got to plant some flowers by our windowsill here is the before picture

and after :)

Saturday evening we invited the Olsens over for a picnic at the park. Of course, with all my fun planting, we were running super behind and Spencer was not home when they got there as he had to go out to get croissants for the chicken sandwiches. Luckily, we had Frozen to keep the kids entertained.

Dinner was: chicken sandwiches, chips, tomato-cheese-olive-basil salad (fresh basil from my garden thank you very much), and chocolate chip cookies. So tasty!

The Little Guy loves Doritos! He actually has a little bit of an obsession with them. I never have them at home but whenever he sees the bag he goes crazy. I have to cut them up in small pieces since I am afraid that he will hurt his gums, but he usually eats the equivalent to 5 or 6 chips. CRAZY!

Reagan and the Little Guy like each other up to a certain point. And that point is sharing. I think it is great that they hang out! Sharing is something that I worry about with the Little Guy since he doesn't have kids that he plays with. Michelle is of the mind set of letting them figure it out for themselves and interviewing if we have to. This is a healthy thing for both only-children :)

Spencer ran home and got his tennis rackets so that he and Kyle could play for a while. They played until it had gotten too dark and the kids were ready to go home

Sunday, we had TWO baby blessings at the same time! And they were both people that were important to us. We went back and forth on what to do all week and in the end decided to split up. Spencer went to baby Everett's blessing (Spencer and Allie Carlson's son) in Springville and the Little Guy and I went to baby Olivia's blessing (my cousin Melisa's daughter) in Eagle Mountain. Although I missed Spencer terribly, it was so nice to sit with my family during Sacrament meeting, specially since Ariel took the Little Guy and played with him the entire time while I was able to actually listen to the testimonies! Meanwhile, it had been a really long time since I went to a Spanish Ward; it was almost a surprise every time someone started talking and they were not speaking english.

This lady with my mom is named Marie Comba. She was my mom's young women's leader growing up and they are still really good friends. I love talking to her, she is always nice and sweet but straight to the point.

Unfortunately I do have any pictures of the Carlson's baby blessing, but Spencer had a great time