Monday, March 31, 2014

As Sisters in Zion

Ever since I turned 18, my mom and I started the tradition of going to the Relief Society General Conference together and then going to eat afterwards. Laura joined us when she was 18 and then Julie when I got married. Well this weekend, my group a lot bigger... a LOT. With the change of the "Relief Society General Conference" changing to the "Women General Conference", by group now included: Veronica, Stefani, and Julianna (plus friends). I'm not going to lie, I was a little hesitant by the change (maybe even a little bit bitter) but man, was it a great conference! 

How great is Julie's face in this picture?

Since we did have Veronica, we had to pick a place for dinner that offered gluten free options. The perfect solution... HuHot. Boy I love that place! Veronica felt bad since they put so much effort in cleaning the grill for us, but that didn't stop us from going up to get food three times. It is so good!

So we freaking love Frozen at our house (and by "we" I mean the Little Guy and I. Spencer likes it but no where close to the caliber of our love). Here is how the Little Guy watches the movie. Notice all the toys are are being ignored.

Grandma Swenson told me on Thursday that the Keeles were coming over dinner on Sunday as a sort of pot luck and that Colin (Spencer's cousin) and his family were coming too. Well, little did everyone know she surprised us all and invited EVERYONE! It was such a fun family gathering. We hadn't all been together since Christmas. After dinner, Mikey put on a game of charades for everyone. Here is a picture of us acting out "bubblegum"

It was really fun because everyone got into to it

The Little Guy enjoyed the game standing on top of the table

After all the adults were done playing (out team won), it was the kid's turn. Mikey would take all the kids and show them card and then we all guessed. This part of the game was actually even funner than the first part. Sorry there is no good picture, they would not stay still enough to capture the moment

The Little Guy went to the doctor today for his 15 month check-up and he is doing great.

Here are his Stats

HEIGHT: 30' 1/2" 25%
WEIGHT: 20 lbs 12%
HEAD SIZE: 18 3/4" 73%
HE CAN: climb furniture, speak jargon, stand alone, throw balls, walk well, stack a two object tower, dance, ride toys, stoop and recover, use a cup, speak 4 words

He did very well at his appointment until the shots, the good news is that that he doesn't have to have any again until he is two. So at least we will have a little bit of a break. I felt he deserved a treat (and I really needed some lunch) so we stopped by McDonald's and he got his first Happy Meal! He was so happy. It was the gift the kept on giving. He would eat a fry then some burger and then he loved when he realized he also had a toy! I don't know if I can even describe the incredible joy that it to be able to give my son things.

If you haven't seen this video yet, here it is. This surprised me when I saw it, I had no idea he was learning choreography like this (the woes of being a working mom). I just love who he is making time to amuse his uncle while still drinking his juice.

Ps the reason he is not wearing pants is because I saved a ton of money buying the generic brand of diapers at Costco (seriously it was so much), never again. He is constantly peeing through his diaper and he wakes up every morning all pee-peed. I'm just using what I have left and then going back to good, trustworthy pampers.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Week at the Keeles'

My in-laws got to go on a cruise to Cabo this past week (yeah, don't we all wish we were so lucky) so Spencer, the Little Guy and I spent the week at their house so that Nathan, Julianna, and Dayzee didn't have to be alone. I really didn't get a lot of pictures because it was a pretty busy week. Work was a nightmare, we have been so busy lately, by the time I get home I just feel drain. Hopefully it will get better soon since they have hired more people.

The week started with Laura and I going to the Bridal Expo at Thanksgiving Point last Saturday. Unlike now when you have a bridal expo at least once a month; in the time when Spencer and I were engaged there was only one and we didn't get to go because it was my cousin's baptism. I always felt like I missed out, so I was super excited to take Laura. Unfortunately, it is a whole different experience when you are not the bride. While Laura played the role of the blushing-bride I got to play the role of the b-word that was asking all the vendors the hard questions. They didn't care for me very much. Because I don't know what Laura will end up doing for her wedding, I won't post any pictures, I wouldn't want to show any of her decor before the actual day. However, here is a picture my favorite cake that we saw that day... pretty isn't it.

The rest of the week went by pretty normal. Julie had left us a schedule of meals so that was all pretty easy to follow with the only hiccup that on Thursday we were supposed to have stir-fry but the meat had gone bad so we ended up getting Cafe Rio instead (hardly something to cry about) Nathan, the Little Guy and I were home alone one day when the doorbell rang. Jokingly I said that it was probably one of his many girlfriends and he said something along the lines of "Yeah right!" Well as it turns out I was right, and it was a ding-dong-ditch asking him to Sadie Hawkins!

I hadn't realized just how big the Little Guy has gotten. He is taller than Nathan's knee already

The Little Guy was quick to make Grandma's house his own

Yesterday we went to HuHot in Spanish fork for lunch. It was the first time Spencer and I had been there and we just loved it! So yummy. Since I am allergic to peanuts, they would bring me a yellow bowl to use and then really clean and section off a spot on the grill so that there would be no cross contamination. They were really thorough

In order news, Grandma and Grandpa Swenson are home for the Summer! We are so happy to have them back. The Little Guy just loves them like crazy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Three Souls One Perfect Harmony

Life has been pretty good lately. We are really happy and just taking it all one day at a time. The Little Guy now has 4 teeth (pictures to come, hopefully) with two more pretty close and he is loving all the new things he can eat. That being said, he will NOT eat! He likes chicken nuggets, french fries, gold fish, and cookies. It is really a struggle to get him to eat specially at a set hour. He would be the the happiest child ever if Mom would just always have a bottle full of milk hot and ready for him when ever he wanted. But he can't just go through life drinking milk, he needs solid food too! We'll see what his pedi says when we see him at the end of the month. Meanwhile, he is having some serious tantrum-throwing problems. He is EXACTLY like every toddler you have ever seen. I mean he literally throws himself on the floor to cry! I can't help wishing that he will grow out of it soon, but at the same time, I have a felling that this will be going on for a while (good thing he is so freaking cute. That helps to ease the torture... a little)

It is always an adventure for me to walk in the house after working on Saturday, I never know what I'm going to find. The nice thing is that Spencer always takes lots of pictures and video so I really don't miss anything. This was the scene two Saturdays ago when I worked (I only work one Saturday a month). 

He loves hanging out in this diaper so much, and Mom usually doesn't let him do it. Oh my little streaker baby. After he went down for a nap I got stared in cleaning the house (just the usual Saturday things, I have been pretty good about keeping the house organized for the most part lately) and this is what I found when I came out of cleaning the bathroom. Of course I let him sleep and when he woke up he had the gall to say that he had never actually slept. All I had to do was pull out this picture and his argument was crushed :)

As part of my Saturday I did this...

Cute huh? I got the idea off Pinterest (of course). It was super easy to put together and required no nails, just some Command Hooks and Strips. I remember to hang the keys there just because of how cute it looks.

Two Sundays ago we went to Grandma and Grandpa Keele's house for dinner. It really had been months since we had seen then (which is just awful of us since they literally live 6 minutes away). It was so nice to visit with them for a while.

And I finally got to take this picture. It is 4 generations! I don't want to brag, but I think this is the coolest thing ever.

They are the cutest couple :)

If we are friend of Facebook, then you know about my super gigantic mistake involving a pair of scissors and my child's head. Well here is the actually story (and no it doesn't get any better). The Little Guy really needed a haircut, BAD, now as you know I have actually taken him to get his hair cut before and it was great (click HERE) I really don't know what possessed me to try to do it myself, but I gave him a bath and got to work. I obviously was not out to make my soon look like he has alopecia (no offence to those who suffer from alopecia), I though I was doing a good job (for the most part). Learned a valuable lesson though.

Since the weather has been getting nicer, we have been taking trips to the park. The Little Guy really likes to walk by himself but hates walking on grass. We went again yesterday and he walked completely around the park on the side-walk rather than cut through the grass.

The swing is his favorite

He really likes the slide but it scares him. We always have to force him to go down the first time. Before our park time is over, he is usually a master of the slide

See the scared look

(Sorry about this video being horizontal. I can't figure out how to change it)

We finally got door latches on the cabinets under the sink!!!! I am so happy he no longer can get in there since that is where I keep all the cleaning supplies. He is just a smart kid. He cried the entire time we were putting them on.

Pretending to sleep with Daddy... they forgot to close their eyes

We have Kendall over for dinner on Saturday and I snuck this picture when the guys weren't looking. This is how Call of Duty is played at our house

here is a close-up of the Little Guy, yeah, he's got it down

Julie got this basketball hoop for him right when he was born. It is nice that he is finally able to use it