Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Toothy Rock and Roll Situation

Well it has finally happened... the Little Guy is teething. His teeth decided to come in a lot later than normal kids but they made up for it but coming in all at once. His first one start cutting through right when we got home from vacation two weeks ago and since then he has one more, one right at the gum line but out, and three more that are just under the gums. Poor Little Guy has been miserable. He will not take a teething toy and prefers to just chew on his fist so his hands are constantly gross. I have been giving him Children's Motrin and putting the Oragel on his gum when it get too bad, but I don't know if there is anything else I can do (suggestions will be greatly appreciated).

Sorry to say this is the best picture we were able to get and it only shows the bottom one (after trying for over half an hour). Maybe we'll get a better one in the future

It is so cute, he looks like a little hillbilly.

I don't know if I have ever talked about it before on here, but the Little Guy is deadly scared of the vacuum. He runs for cover whenever it is on. Well on Friday of last week, Spencer was home while I vacuumed so we were finally able to capture it.

I feel bad posting the pictures since he is really is so scared, but they are just too funny!

This week was the seventh consecutive month of Classic Rock Night at Boothe Brothers. Unfortunately for everyone (especially me) Fundamentals was the host band. I HATE them. It is literally torture to hear them. To make matter worse they just do NOT understand what CLASSIC ROCK NIGHT means. They think that it is just a time for them to show off with whatever song they want. I know it is super uptight of me, but the fact that they don't stick to classic rock songs buggs me to no end. It all worked out though, because after they were done a band of little kids (seriously the oldest one was probable 12) took the stage and they were amazing! It really rinsed out the bad taste left behind by Fundamentals.

I may be a little biased but I thought the best thing to happen to the night was Keelebasa.

They had a little bit of rough start with a mic problem at the beginning but they recovered well. Not to mention their second song was so GOOD! So for whatever reason Blogger is not letting me upload the videos (not even from YouTube) You can go watch them by liking their Facebook page HERE or watch the video on YouTube HERE. I have a HUGE crush on the drummer

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life as we live it

With all the excitement of writing about our vacation, I have completely put off writing about our everyday lives. First things first,

Do you remember the juicer I won at work? Well I decided to return and get a car-seat instead (not pictured but I'll take one as soon as I know what is going on with all this recall business). The Little Guy loves it. It is a lot more comfortable and he specially loves the cup holder where he can put his bottle when he is done with it and access it when he wants. To no mention he had a great playing in the box with Daddy

He has been making laundry really hard lately. He will take the clothes out and sit in the basket (pictured below) and then he puts the clean clothes into the dryer as I try to put the wet clothes in. It is SO CUTE! I'll take wet, clean clothes any day for his help

We had a Superbowl "party" for the big game. We definitely had enough food

It was the Keeles, us and Kendall

The Little Guy made sure all the attention was on him :)

We are doing heart-attacks at work and when I got to the office yesterday, my cubicle was all decked out in hearts. I love my job :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time for sleeping

As I have come to the conclusion of the post for amazing trip, I figured I would take some time to reflex on my favorite Little Guy-sleeping-moments. 

Passed out at Grandma and Grandpa's house in St. George. Yes, he is in fact sleeping on the floor. Not only did we not have to bring the pack-n-play since we knew we had a crib waiting for us in California, but we also did not have any room for it. Unfortunately, that meant that we had to make a bed on the floor for the Little Guy. I felt pretty bad but I didn't want him to accidentally roll off a bed. As is, he rolled underneath the bed and screamed when I got him out

Asleep in the car; man, there was definitely not enough of this

All the excitement and fun at Disneyland knocked him out

He didn't even wake up when I got him out of the stroller and sat him on my lap

passed out in California Adventure. He just fainted for about 30 minutes and went back to being alert as if he was never tired at all

Grandma shoulder is apparently really comfortable.

I have to admit, I have been dreading writing this last post. The trip was so amazing and it feels like this is the final close of it. I really couldn't be more thankful to my wonderful in-laws for an amazing week. It was everything we could have hoped for and more. I hope we can do it again soon ;) (hint hint)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Universal Walk of Fame

This was my first time ever going to Universal Sudios, and it was amazing! The weather was perfect yet again (even warmer than the day before, but colder once the sun set). We had a pretty nice walk from the car to the actual park full of shops to see (we didn't go in any of them, we were too exited)

This picture was taken for the sole purpose of showing the gorrilla in the background... do you see it?

As it turns out, they film the show EXTRA Monday through Friday right outside of Universal Studios so we got to be on TV for a little while (no you wont see us, we were on the the begging part the "Coming up on Extra". They don't have clips of that on their website

They wouldn't let us go around the front to take pictures around the front, so this is best I could do. SIDE NOTE: turns out Mario Lopez is super coincided and refers to himself as "chiseled". As in, "Chiseled is ready to do this, let's go". Yeah I know...

So this is where things take a turn for the sad.... (just a little bit). I guess I should set the story up by saying that Julie accidentally forgot to print off the tickets before we left. So we had to wait to get into the park while they got that all taken care off. Well as it turns out... Sean and Catherine (The Bachelor) were there during an interview from Extra! The saddest thing is that we didn't find out until we had been home for about a week and were looking through clips to see if we could try to find ourselves on the show. Check out the video below, do you see Megatron in the background? They were filming a commercial for Universal Studios and that is what we were watching at that moment. Don't worry though, both Julie and I have gone through a very healthy grieving process and we are over it now (or maybe we just realized that life can sometimes be really cruel and got over it)

SpongeBob was just leaving but Nathan asked if he could take a picture with him, when he saw us, he pulled us all in. He just a nice guy

I took this picture solely for my mom. Bettlejuice is one of her favorite movies

One of the coolest things about Universal Studios is the Hollywood Back lot Tour. It is so cool to actually see the places where everything is filmed. It is kind of hard to see in this picture but do you see the water tower in the background? That's the WB water tower... yeah, it actually exits. Julie was super happy when I pointed out to her that is where they film all her favorite CW shows. I think her exact words were "I'm so close to Vampires"

I love him

Grandma Julie always had a sucker ready for him. He loves them almost as much as I hate him to have them. He just gets so messy! But once he has one, you might as well set off a nuclear warhead before taking it away.

They call this there "New York" set. They can turn it into any city street they want

They are actually filming an episode of NCSI right there

Going into "Skull Island" from King Kong. They have a super cool feature of the tour that they call 360 3D. It is super cool (but I wont spoil it)

Biff's car from Back to the Future!

The actual boat from Jurassic Park III. It definitely looks a lot bigger in the movie. By the way... Jurassic Park 4 is coming soon

As soon as I saw this, I recognized it from Big Fat Liar. It is there "flash-flood" set

and it actually flooded for us

This is their "western set"

This is the ship from King Kong. It was really cool because first they showed us a clip of the movie with the finished product and then what it actually looked like as they were filming it

The actual "ocean" and actual shark from Jaws

This is Whoville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Bates Motel from Psycho. If you look closely at the car, you can actually see Norman Bates stuffing his latest victim in the trunk

The guide told us that if you look closely you can actual see the "Mother" on the house window, but I couldn't find her (or him I guess)

This is the plane wreck from War of the Wolds. Julie was pretty happy when I pointed out that Tom Cruise had walked through here (I love making my mother-in-law happy with random facts)

So the Simpson's Ride was the last ride of the day (this picture was taken ealier that day). It was just a let down for everybody. It was the longest line of the entire park (made possible by the fact that it actually had a line. We walked into everything else). Julie and I stayed with the Little Guy to do rider switch and it took FOREVER and it was freezing! We seriously waited for over 45 minutes. By the time the rest came out, the park was already closed. So we didn't get to ride it, but everyone said it was not worth it anyways (espicially after how awesome the other rides were).

We had lunch at a cafe next to the Jurassic Park ride (which was actually my favorite at Universal Studios). It was pricey, but no where near as expensive as Disneyland

Meeting Megraton. It was really cool because they actually talked and interacted with us. This is him telling me that he doesn't like me because I look like I would be good. He came around after I told him I thought he was super cool and even ended up saying that I would be a better servant than Starscream... that's right... I have an in with the Decepticons

Adam doesn't though, Megatron just did not like him

But really who cares about Megatron... Optimus Prime was there too! The Little Guy didn't know what to make of him. Specially when he was calling him by name

They told us on the Studio Tour that a Despicable Me III is coming soon

Maybe if I stand very still... he wont notice me

I lied in the Disney post... THIS is my favorite picture of the trip

Universal Studios was a blast. I think what made it even more exiting was the fact that no one really knew much about it (Julie and Mark remembered some of the shows but that was it) and so everything was a surprise (specially since all the rides are indoors so you don't even know what is going on from the outside (Jussaric Park is outside, but you still can't see it)). As I said before, my favorite ride was Jurassic Park, Spencer's was the new Transformers ride. In fact, he said that was his favorite of all the parks. I won't spoil the surprise of any of the rides by going into detail, but just those two rides and the Mummy ride alone make Universal Studios worth it... everything else is a bonus. Oh and SIDE NOTE: A Wizarding Wold of Harry Potter is coming 2015! We'll definitely have to go back for that!

When the trip was originally planned, we had set Friday aside as the day we were going to go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and also the World Record Museum; (which we actually decided not to go to before the trip after discovering it was actually really lame) but because Julinnana, Mark and Julie went to Disneyland on Friday, we ended up doing the Walk of Fame after Universal Studios (it worked out pretty perfectly since Universal Studios closed at five).

Spencer's favorite actor

Mark teased Spencer and I about sitting on the casting couch together

We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Delicious. How crazy is it that we traveled over 600 miles to eat at a restaurant that is about 6 minutes away from my house? One thing's for sure, we will definetly be taking advantage of our close one from now on

After dinner we set out to look at stars. With Julie having down research on it already, we knew we would have to be alert and make sure we all stayed together (let's just say Hollywood Blvd is less than glamorous) We stared heading down to try to see the Neil Patrick Harris star (Adam's favorite) but we the further we went, the yuckier it it all got. We knew we still a couple of blocks away so we decided to turn back (it turns out, we were more actually more than a mile away still, I'm sure glad we didn't walk to it)

Thankfully, my reason for wanting to go to see the Walk of Fame was right next to our car!

And of course we had to take a picture with Stan Lee's star

We were more than a little tired when we got home. It was been a super fun day.