Monday, January 20, 2014

Three Chairs and some Blankets

Sunday night the Little Guy and I were bored out of our minds! We had already read the books and taken a turn with all of the toys so it was time for dome drastic measures.... enter a classic: the FORT.

He was curious, at the begging. He though it was pretty fun to be in there with Mom, but the real fun stared when I pulled out a flashlight.

Of course, the whole thing was doomed from the begging. Our chairs are metal and (as many of you know) the Little Guy loves to make noise; so when he found out that he could bang the flash light on the chair, it was all over. My the third bang, the flashlight when out. He sobbed for 10 minutes as Mom and Dad tried to fix (we went as far as changing out the bulb) with no result.

With the flashlight gone, the fort was nothing more of a painful reminder of what once was, so it had to come down, ending out Sunday fun.

On a much happier note, Julie pulled out Spencer's favorite toy when he was a baby (yeah she kept it, she's cool like that)  for the Little Guy to try. Well it turns out that the phrase "like Father like Son" could not be more true. The Little Guy LOVED IT! Here is a video to prove it

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Big Winner

So in my awesome job every month they do a big prize drawing for those who qualify and I WON for the month of December!!!!!

The prize? A Breville Juice Fountain Juicer!!!!!!

It came along with a DVD called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" it is a documentary of a guy who changed his life by drinking juices (he uses the exact same juicer that I won so that is why they go together). You can check out a trailer for the movie by clicking HERE or you can actually go watch the movie on Netflix.

So here is the dilemma... I don't mean to be all bragy, but the juicer has a Bed, Bath and Beyond prize tag of $199.99. I think that it is amazing, I just don't know that it will get enough use. It is too big to fit on our counter which means that we would have to get it out and put it away every time. Not to mention, fruit and vegetables are really expensive. Spencer really wants to keep it and he says that he will use it. What do you guys think? What would you do in our situation. I know that without a receipt we can't get cash, but we could buy all sorts of things with store credit. At the same time, a juicer is not something that Spencer and I would have ever bough ourselves, so this might be our only chance to ever own one. Please leave your comments below :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

To Throw a Party

Now I might be a little bit biased, but I think that the Little Guy's birthday party tonight was AMAZING! We ended up doing it a week later since the Holidays were just crazy this year, and it was definitely worth the wait. (As I side note, I would really like to apologize to those that were not invited. We really had limited space and resources. I do hope you understand).

I decided to send invitations in the mail because I was going to want one for his book anyways and thanks to Walmart, I printed them all out quickly and (best of all) cheap.

I accidentally mixed up the address on the card but since this is the internet after all, I wont post one with the right address.

We let YouTube babysit while we got things ready (we are just good parents)

Spencer had to take over with putting up the ribbons because I could NOT get them to stay

It took FOREVER but I am so happy with how it all turned out

I set up games for everyone to play and they loved it (I get to be a little smug because Spencer made fun of me for the games saying that I was throwing a bridal shower for the Little Guy... ha ha)

I set up 12 month worth of pictures so that everyone can try to put them in order. No one got it right (it was a pretty hard game) Ariel and Michelle were the closest. Here are the pictures in the correct order

The second game involved a questionnaire I called "How well do you know me"

These are the answers: C, B, A, B, D, C, A. It was a four way time for the winners: Julie, Laura, Veronica and I really can't remember (someone please comment if you know)

Angie made the cake, and not only was it delicious but it looked amazing! She is so talented

Everyone trying to guess the order of the pictures

Laura and David

Julie sat next to these two... I bet she wished she hadn't. They can be a little overwhelming when they get together

Michelle and cute little Miss Reagan. The Little Guy and her get along pretty well (they are passed the "play-around-each other" stage and have moved into the "I tolerate you, but let's not get crazy" stage

Lachoneus and Macaela... they are such a cute couple

He was too exited to wait to open his presents (Reagan more than happy to help out :))

Lachoneus and Mecaela got him these pairs of sippy cups and he cried until I opened them for him. He loved them so much

Cake time! He clapped along as everyone sang "Happy Birthday"

I have noticed that my Little Guy is not really a big fan of sweets (I guess he takes after his Mom in that). He ate a lot of it but then pushed it away and didn't even want to look at it anymore. That is the way he handles all sweet things

The Olsens were the last ones to stay so we figured we would open the ball pit my parents got him. I didn't want to set there and blow it up, so we just let the kids play with the balls. They loved it

Someone though it was be hilarious to put a hat on Superman... and they were right, it was hilarious!

I am so happy with how the party turned out. I think the Little Guy had a great time which is who the party was for :)

On Monday I walked into my parent's house to pick the Little Guy up and found this

BACK STORY: when I was eight years old in Argentina the Stake Primary put on a Mock MTC (it was pretty cool, they even sent letters calling us to missions). Well part of the day was a talk by the local Mission President and he spoke on the importance of saving for the mission every cent you have. So ever since that time my Dad (he was there and heard the talk) has been saving all his change. For whatever reason, he decided to count in on Monday ( I saw for whatever reason because he put everything back after). I helped out as much as I could.

We stared out separating all the coins by individual worth into bags

YouTube babysat again as we worked

I don't remember the exact amount but my Dad said somewhere along the lines of $1,270. Which YES, that is a LOT of money in change! He is saving it for the first person in the family to go on a Mission.

Monday also was the start of Bachelor Season! If you don't know I LOVE watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I get together with Julie, Julianna and Angie every Monday to enjoy the fun and drama (I love drama). As a SIDE NOTE: I have picked Nicki as the girl that will cause drama this season. I don't why but I just get a Tiera vibe from her. SIDE NOTE #2: I really don't care for Juan Pablo.

Yesterday I blew up the Little Guy ball pit. It took a lot and I almost passed out, but he loves it. It is a pirate ship

His favorite game is to see how fast he can throw the balls out as Mom tries to throw them back in.