Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oh September.....

So this is the time of the year when I would be blogging about about our two traditional trips of the year... Lagoon and the reunion. This year, unfortunately we weren't able to make either or them. What can I say, with a growing child, expenses and school, we just couldn't afford it. It was a super let down though (specially not being able to go to the reunion). I missed everything about it... next year, I guess. I don't want to dwell on the negative, but missing these two trips sure made for a mellow, picture less September (except for the Little Guy's stint with hand-foot-and-mouth of course). These are the only pictures I have for the month.

The Little Guy and I were visiting grandma Julie when we found that Julinanna and her friends had made this....

It was too dark underneath to take a picture of the inside (even with the flash) but the Little Guy loved it. They played in there for about an other until Julie and I made them take it down so we could watch Big Brother. SIDE NOTE: greatest season of BB EVER!. I am so happy that Derek was he was my favorite from the beginning. If you have never seen Big Brother, you need to start next summer. It is the most addicting show ever.

As always, the Little Guy and Spencer find ways to entertain themselves when I am at work

This is how my son likes to watch TV in the morning... he is definitely my son

Grandma Julie got him a slide to keep at her house. Oh man was it a big hit. I really could not believe how quickly he figured out how to actually sit to go down since he is still going down slides at the park on his stomach. Of course it wasn't long before the figured out that he could climb up the slide as well. Fortunately for us we have the perfect solution.... when he is playing on the slide we take his shoes off. It makes it so that he can slide down faster and so that he can not climb up since his socks are so slippery. Perfect :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Raining... It's Pouring

Did you see the rain today? Talk about a torrential downpour.The Little Guy and I were upstairs when it stared and had the perfect viewing spot. Let's just say that sometimes rain can be better TV. Way better!

 ^ This might just be my favorite picture ever^

^ the Little Guy helped me take this picture. I think it turned out pretty darn good^

Once the rain stopped we spend another hour talking and watching the Little Guy run around. It is such a blessing to live where we live. Not only is it a beautiful place, but we love living with Grandma and Grandpa so much. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa so much for being a part of our lives, specially the Little Guy's

Friday, August 29, 2014

Such a fun weekend :)

What a roller coaster weekend we had. I say roller coaster "weekend" but it was really a roller coaster child. The Little Guy was nothing short of all over the place (it turns out he was getting sick). When he was happy it was great, but when he was mad it was nothing short of nightmare-ish. We stared the weekend with the annual pool party at the Keele's ward. This year I had to miss dinner, unfortunately, because I was still at work put I met up with everyone right as they were getting in the water. As usual, Julie did not want to get; so as usual, I put her in charge of pictures. Remember how the Little Guy loved the water last year (you can look at the post from the same party HERE) we even did a Mommy and Me swim class last year and it was so fun! He was just super scared this time around.

Spencer took him down the slide (which, again, he loved last year) but it was a huge bust this year. 

Everything was cool in this picture and he was actually smiling as he went down but as soon as they hit the water he stared screaming. It all got even worse when Spencer slipped and they both went under.

The Carlsons were there too. Baby Everett is getting so big!

I don't like to brag, but I was a pretty cool mom. I didn't give up and we continued to stay in the water just him and I. In the end, he was having so much fun and was even trying to swim by himself. Oh yeah

In fact, he didn't want to get out even though he was shaking cold. Here he is just shaking but still wanting to play in the splash pad

He finally got cold enough to let us wrap him tightly in a towel and have him sit with Grandma for a couple of minutes.

That brings us to Friday. He is usually with me when I am getting ready for work but he ran away and in a matter of seconds had gotten a pencil and done this.
Side note: this has now happened again. We have so many pencils in our house because Spencer likes them for scriptures! We have been having to be super careful.

Later that night we went to Tuccanos for my birthday (yeah for birthday cards that allow us to go eat there twice a year. For my birthday and then for Spencer's)

It was probably one of the best time we have had at Tuccanos. Not only was the food delicious but we also had the best waiter and meant servers. It was such a great time.

The Little Guy's favorite thing was the cheese bread that Spencer likes. Between the two of them they probably ate 15-20 of them.

Here is a cute video of him playing with his water

Saturday (after a much needed super cleaning of the house) I got to watch "The Hundred Foot Journey" with Julie, Kristi and Alenia. It was so GOOD! It was just a beautiful movie. We all came out of theater thinking "Wow, that was just great". Here's the trailer (as I think everyone should see it)

Sunday: The Little behaved so good in Church! It was amazing. On top of it all, as soon as he got home we went to take a nap. The trouble stared when we had to wake him up to go to the Keele's house for dinner. He was super grumpy the entire time we were. To make matters worse, on the way home, it stared raining so hard we had to pull over

He didn't like that. In fact, he didn't like it so much that once we stared going again he started freaking out and stopped breathing. Spencer pulled over to the side of the freeway and I jumped into the backseat (slamming my shoulder against the car seat) to get him breathing again. It was nightmarish. Oh our child... why does he do these things to us. He is such a joy one second and such a menace the next.

Unfortunately this year we are not going to be able to go Lagoon :( but I'll keep posting our fun times as they happen

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I turned 25....what?

Before I get to all my birthday festivities, I'll talk about things chronologically.

The Little Guy has discovered a pure love for Spaghetti (or any noodle really) and it is pure magic

It is once again time for Fantasy Football. We had a big draft party at the Keele's for our league. Not everyone was able to make it but everyone (except for Adam) drafted live at the same time. I'm pretty happy with how my team ended up and I have the most awesome name...wait for it

Victorious Secret! (I know... I'm super cool)

and here is my team logo  (sorry it is so small) 

The first part was a home-made-just-the-way-I-like-it dirty Dr. Pepper. Seriously, if you have never had a dirty (insert your favorite soft drink) WOW it is incredible! Take my advice as begging if you want and get to your nearest Swig or Sodalicious as soon as possible. (Quick shout-out to my MIL Julie for opening my eyes to true deliciousness)

We are finally at my birthday! This year, I was not expecting anything. We have been very tight financially and to be honest I didn't really want to make a big deal out of my birthday at all. Well... Spencer took that to heart... and then surprised me! I'll elaborate. I woke up early that day...took a shower...the Little Guy woke up... I gave him a bath... then we spent the whole morning by ourselves (Spencer was exhausted and slept)...Spencer woke up...took a shower...wished me Happy Birthday... and then we went to SF. We were running late so he dropped me off at work. Work was normal... nobody knew, and I didn't tell (seriously how do you bring that up naturally?) Sorry about the way that was explained but I was trying to get across the monotony of the day.  I'm not going to lie, I was a little bummed. It is hard to not feel special on your birthday.

So Spencer and the Little Guy picked my up and we were due at my parent's house for dinner but Spencer said that we were going to the park to have a little family time first. As soon as we pulled up to Canyon View Park I say my sister walking. It turns out he had planned a whole surprised party for me! I know I'm married to the most amazing guy ever.

These two are finally starting to play with each other. Their 3 month age difference is starting to get more blurred and not important. They are more on the same page with things

This guys have been putting up with my for the past 25 years! They are true champs

My mom brought a lighter but forgot a I blew out a lighter (I didn't know if that counted to be able to have my wish come true so I cover my basis by having Spencer sing to me and blowing out a candle when we got home)

Thank you so much to everyone that help make birthday so special. I loved it so much!

To celebrate Julianna's and mine birthday we all went out for linner (a big lunch on Saturday and makes you to full to have an actual dinner later) to Brick Oven. I love me some Brick Oven and the Little loved my birthday pie.

Here's a video to prove it

Monday, August 4, 2014

A very big favorite of mine!

For those of you who have not know me for very long, the 24th of July is my second favorite holiday (as I consider Christmas and Thanksgiving to be tied together so close that they are essential one holiday). I realize that I may have some readers outside of Utah so let me explain. The 24th of July is the day we celebrate when the Pioneers came into the valley. In a lot of places, it is nothing but a day off from work; but in Spanish Fork, it is a full on party called "Fiesta Days" (Yes I realize the irony of using a Spanish word). There are so many things going on it can literally make one's head spin, but the main event is the Rodeo. We were not able to get tickets this year but still had an awesome time. 

Unfortunately, since this is a holiday only in Utah, I still had to work, but it worked out perfectly and we were able to do all of our fun things around it. We started with the parade. I love the parade so much, floats come from miles and miles around. My favorite part is seeing the different schools. Spanish Fork High is always first and (let's face it) by far the best. It was the most perfect parade weather ever! I'm not going to talk to much about our spot because we get it every year and it is perfect (I want to try to keep it as secret as much as I can). Although if you live in Spanish Fork and don't know where we are... shame on you.

After the parade we met up with Spencer's old band friends for our yearly scones at One Man Band. It is a tradition that we stared 4 years ago and are still going strong. Although last year I came to the realization that I didn't have to actually get a scone and I stared ordering fries instead (ironically enough, the fries are not as greasy as the scones). SIDE NOTE: I can not speak for all the One Man Bands across Utah, but the one in SF has sure gone downhill. If we were to move our tradition, I would definitely not shed a single tear over it.

This is where things take a turn for the worse as a blogger. I went to work so I had to miss Spencer play at the park (concerts at the park is one the many Fiesta Days traditions) and I can NOT get Blogger to load the videos! It is making me super mad, but I guess there is nothing I can do about it. If I can miraculously load them later, I'll make a separate post about it. We went to dinner at my parent's house and that is when all *** broke loose. The plan was to go to the carnival and the fair. My mom had gotten tickets for the carnival already and was super exited to take the Little Guy on the merry-go-round. However, the Little Guy decided this was not to be. As soon as we all walked out to get in the car, he saw the neighbors sprinklers on and decided that if he didn't get to go play int he water.... well there was not order way in his mind. It was the biggest tantrum he has ever thrown to the this point of this life. I couldn't even get him in the car seat, Spencer had to come and do it. There was no way that we were going to go the carnival after that and decided to just go home and put him to bed. I was super bummed. I have been trying to get Spencer to take me to the carnival for the past 3 years and once again, it was not to be. My mom was super bummed too and had to settle for taking a friend's baby on the merry-go-round. We all lost. (Of course there are no pictures)

On a brighter note, this was the 4th year that my MIL throws her annual Side Walk of Fire (a lot of traditions started once Spencer and I stared dating). It is usually takes place for the 4th but do to some scheduling conflicts (namely she won tickets to the actual Stadium of Fire, the namesake for the party) it was pushed to celebrate the 24th (although it actually took place on the 26th.... a little funny huh?)

This year it was the biggest blow out yet. Instead of the usual get together to do fireworks, we started earlier and with food. My in-laws made hot dogs and everyone bought side dishes and deserts. The food was so good and it was packed. 

Eric's Plumbing set up their trucks on either side of the street to block it see (see it in the background?). Yeah, this woman can through a party

Another added bonus this year was Keelabasa rocked out. It was so much fun, they did all of my favorite songs and I even joined them for Johnny B. Goode (I can't say how well I did because I couldn't hear myself. People congratulated me afterwards but I think they were just being nice). Julianna even rocked out to Carrie Underwood. Remember how Blogger is not letting up upload videos right now? Yeah, that applies to the ones from Sidewalk.

The fireworks were out of this world this year. Really. It was AH-MAZING!!!!!! Everyone outdid themselves. The Little Guy got bored within the first five minutes (it was about a half an hour all together) but he sucked it up and stayed still (the same thing Spencer does. Yeah my boys love me and my obsession with fireworks). He also really liked having my mom and dad there. They came after they went to dinner for their anniversary (twenty-six years) and surprised the him. It always baffles the Little Guy to have both grandparents in the same place. He almost doesn't know how to handle it. 

Is it any wonder as to why this is my second favorite holiday?

Oh and here are some random pictures of the Little Guy. Spencer downloaded a Muppets game for him on the IPod and he loves it (Spencer that is, the Little Guy is okay with it every once in a while)

My parents bought the Little Guy a new suit for church with shoes (pictures to come) and then took him out for ice cream. Yeah he is super spoiled. The Kiddie Cones at McDonald's are the perfect size for him.

More updates to come (and I will load those videos as soon as I can).