Sunday, September 29, 2013

And it's time for Lagoon!/The Reunion!/and Everything else

I was really (scared? anxious? hesitant?) about how the Little Guy would react to our Lagoon trip this year. An unhappy baby would have meant a really miserable trip. However, he showed off the true little gentleman that he is and had a blast! We really had so much fun this year. AND we got to start the fun early on Thursday with a trip to Tucanos for my birthday (yeah we really left it to the last minute). It was so delicious! I really overdid it and ate myself sick. It took me about 45 minutes to really feel good again. The Little Guy had so much fun. It is so great that he can eat things now. He ate Daddy's rice and Mommy's mashed potatoes, not to mention he loved it every time they went by playing the drums for someone's birthday.

We played in the splash pad and listened to a jazz band that was playing for about 30 minutes before we went in

Eating rice!

We stopped by the Chocolate Factory, everything looked delicious but we were WAY too full to even buy something to eat later. How cute is this picture!

So let's start our Lagoon weekend!

We drove up Friday night and got to the hotel around 9:30 and (after a stop to feed the Little Guy) it was pool time! Like a stupid however, I forgot my swimsuit bottoms so I didn't get to go swimming :( which sucked way bad because I was really looking forward to getting in the hot tub since I haven't' been in one in FOREVER (Oh side note: there was a lady there was was in her underwear, literal bra and panties. I don't know why that was so awkward for me but it was). But that didn't stop me from enjoying watching the Little Guy and his Daddy play in the pool.

Yes, this is how hot my husband is... it's okay to be jealous

Uncle Adam and Uncle Nathan came and joined as soon as they got to the hotel. And yes, they do have matching swimsuits... how cute is that?!

After what must have been at least an hour, it was time to put the Little to bed as he was getting cold (but mostly he was getting frustrated with the fact that he couldn't get in the hot tub. I guess that made two of us).

Tell me they don't look like each other. Adam didn't even make this face on purpose to copy him, it was just naturally

So after a good night's rest (and sleeping in longer than we should have) it was time for Lagoon!

The first time looking at the park! I kind of had an idea of how Lagoon was going to go. I figured he would get really exited and over stimulated and played until he would just pass out. Then, wake up and keep playing. And I was right :)

Spencer wanted to get a head start on the getting-wet-thing. Too bad for him the big waters came up like this with him in the perfect middle, the only things that got wet were his shoes

As per tradition, we started with Rattle-Snake Rapids. The boys went on it 10 times but I jumped out after the 5th. I think that once your shoes are soaked to the point of having to ring out your socks, it kind of losses the fun a little. Here is the before picture,

This is our "Let's do this" walk

We are about an hour and half into Lagoon right now... see zonked out already (But we did wake up pretty early)

This is me taking the pictures from the outside as I waited for my socks to dry (I don't know what it was but once my shoes were THAT wet the last thing I wanted was to go again)

The after picture. Keep in mind that I had only been through half the wetness and had time to dry. So why is Spencer with his shirt off? On their last time through (their 10th) Mark suggested they all take their shirts off as they were coming up that hill before you get off. It was apparently really funny to see the look on the workers' faces because they didn't know what to make of it. I wish I would have been there.

Yeah this is how hot my husband is!

So Spencer and I left the Little Guy with Grandma and went off by ourselves. We had so much fun! Every ride was a blast for me since it had been a couple of years since I had been to the park. What surprised me most is it used to be that I would get really nervous waiting for a roller coaster and start freaking out but that didn't happen this time, I was just really exited and couldn't wait to get on. I guess once you have a baby tribal things like roller coasters that are perfectly safe can't scare you anymore. The only thing I regret is not taking more pictures. It's the price I pay I guess... if I get to go on the rides, I don't get as many pictures. Sorry for those that read this blog, but I would rather go on the rides. Then it was lunch time! I had to wait to eat lunch because the little guy wanted to breastfeed (I can't escape from being a mommy for too long). Spencer was really tired so he went back to the hotel to take a nap and the Little Guy and I stayed behind and hung out with Uncle Adam. Adam and I just took turns riding some rides by ourselves with the other one stayed with the baby. But before that, I got to enjoy lunch while Adam played a fun game of drop and pick up with the Little Guy and a water bottle.

We met up with Mark and Julie about an hour later and headed to watch the first show (Julie's favorite part). Unfortunately for me, that is when the Little Guy passed out for the second time on the way to the theater so they didn't let me in (they wont let you in with a stroller for fire safety reasons)

He woke up right at the last song of the show so we thought we would give the carousel a try. This is us waiting in line. He was so happy when he realized that he would get to go on it.

We chose the giraffe because it was nice and tall and it had a place for Grandma and Grandpa to sit right next to us. Uncle Adam served as our photographer. I have a lot of pictures of it but this is my favorite. He is just enjoying it so much!

Spencer came back right in time for dinner. We went back to the camp site and I gave the Little Guy the "clothes break" he much needed (don't we all wish we took take clothes breaks).

After dinner it was Spencer and Ana time again :) We were supposed to meet Kendall and his friend Jill but we couldn't fine them so we just played by ourselves until it was time to meet Nathan for my favorite part of the day (maybe my favorite part of the trip)... the SKY-COASTER! It is so much fun for me.

Nathan was freaking out and I was actually a little nervous because of how un-nervous I was. I was worried a little for my sanity.

So what do babies do when their mommies are falling to what could possibly be their deaths.... they sleep

As it is obvious these two as equally worried for our safety

and it's flying time!

Like son... father.

We finally found Kendall! Right when it was time to leave... but still

Doesn't this look like the face of someone who is ready to go to bed?

So this is when the telling of the story takes a downturn. I put the battery for my camera to charge in the hotel room and left it there like a stupid. So (even though we got it back eventually) I have no pictures of Sunday.

We went to Music and the Spoken Word but we knew they would not let the Little Guy in so Spencer and I decided to both go sit in the Conference Center Theater so that we could be together. The Little Guy missed behaved through half of it and then (along with his dad) slept through the other half (and it's only a thirty minute performance). Once we met up with everyone, we had my (actual) favorite part of the trip. The Tabernacle Choir was practicing for an upcoming performance and Spencer and I stayed and listened to them for a while. It was really a fresh take to see that the members of the choir are actually human. It was nice to see the men with their jackets off and playing around. Not to mention that Mack Wilberg (the director) is not the super composed angelic figure we see during conference. He was jumping around, making jokes, and directing the music by waving his arms frantically and bouncing up and down. We loved it.

After sacrament meeting (which I spent outside because the Little Guy just wasn't having it), we had our annual tail gate behind the Church History Museum and then went in the museum. They were having an exhibit on 100 years of the Boys Scouts of America (yes... it was just as fun as it sounds). So we actually spent the majority of the time up in the children's section when when they Little Guy wore a Mexican vest and danced along with Mommy (I wish I had pictures), enjoyed playing with the fake vegetables and chickens (I wish I had pictures), and loved climbing over the foams blocks used to build Book of Mormon buildings (I WISH I HAD PICTURES!).

We really had so much fun on this trip, I can't wait until next year!

So when I originally stared writing this post my plan was to finish it up before the reunion so that I wouldn't be really long, but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to (I'm sorry, I really did try)... Conclusion, you are getting a super long post.


In the three years that I have been going to the Pope reunion, this year was my favorite! We planned on leaving Friday afternoon and staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house in St. George like we usually do but one thing led to another and by the time we were ready to go it was already 10 which meant that we would not be getting to St. George until really late so we decided to get up and make the trip really early morning instead. It was the best thing we could have done! The Little Guy slept through most of the drive. We only had to stop once at a rest stop so that I could change his diaper and make him a bottle at about eight thirty (we left at five thirty).

The first activity they had at the reunion this year was a kickball game. I really hope this becomes a tradition because everyone loved it. I played the roll of baby sitter because I was wearing a dress and flip flops but it was still really fun (I need to remember to wear pants next year so that I can play too).

I think that Spencer's team won. It's really hard to tell because they weren't really keeping score and called the game as soon as it was time for....

The Horseshoe Tournament!

The tournament was INSANE this year. They follow what they started last year and drew names to pick the teams (the same two people (Nate and Lyfe) were winning every year. It is also a great way to meet people that you have not met before at the reunion. Spencer was paired with a guy named Ryan and they did AMAZING! They won every match except the championship match (against Lyfe... see he wins every year). But in all reality, I don't even know what happened. The game was Spencer's to win. But in the last second, Lyfe had two ringers and there was nothing that could have been done. He won the game before Spencer even had a shot to come back. Spencer was pretty bummed because beating Lyfe is everyone's dream but we still celebrate his second place with delicious sandwiches from subway and chocolate milk.

Because Spencer did so well in the tournament we didn't get to go to the Temple like we were planning too or go swimming, but it was definitely worth it. The Little Guy was behaved extremely well throughout the whole thing. Slept for a little and then was just happy watching Daddy play.

After our late lunch it was time for the raffell! Now I don't want to brag or anything, but I had the most wanted thing at the raffell. I wrapped salt water taffy in a box and put "Mistery Box" all over it. Everyone ate it up because they wanted to know what it was. I got a bracelet and a magnet wood for notes. Spencer got two princess jump ropes that he wanted for his class, and even the Little Guy got something when Grandma Julie won this really cute football beanie.

Right after I took this picture, Grandpa Mark won the an exact replica of the beanie

Dinner time went by without a hitch

mostly because the Little Guy decided to help me out and sleep so that I could get something to eat (oh yeah, he sleeps on the stomach now. Won't sleep any other way)

Right as everyone was finishing up their meal, the weather decided it was no longer going to be nice to us and it stared pouring. Literally, like flash-flood-you-better-get-inside pouring. Spencer says that he never remembers a time when it had rained at the reunion. Fortunately, we had come straight through and all of our luggage was in the car so I was able to get some warmer clothes for us to change into. Unfortunately, it made for  a really packed house (good thing it is so big).

It also meant that for the first time ever (as far as I know) the program was held inside. Julianna and her (cousins? friends? I'm not sure how they are related) sang a song together and then Julianna sang a song by herself with Mark on the piano

My favorite part of the program was the jam session with everyone... and yes they did sing Ghost Rider (by my request)

I didn't take pictures of the ride back because it was a nightmare. The Little Guy cried the entire time that Taylor Swift was not on. He LOVES her! It's not just the same songs that he likes but all Taylor music. Of course, we only had RED in the car with us and let me tell you, I am a big Taylor fan too but her songs DO get old after a five hour (yeah right I wish it had been five hours, we made had to make four stops) car ride. By the time we got to Spanish Fork, not even Taylor was working anymore and we just heard him cry from the freeway off ramp to my parent's house where we had lunch. So now we know... big road trip? we need to leave at 5am so that the Little Guy will slepp most of the way.

Another fun thing we have done in this past month was getting together with all the family on my mom's side for a barbeque. It was really nice to see everyone because it had really mean months since we had (seriously I think the last time was at the Little Guy's blessing). It was really cute because my young cousins LOVE Spencer and they will follow him around everywhere. He is really good with kids, especially little girls.

Here he is with Eliza, she pretty much thinks that he is the best thing that ever walked on the planet. It is funny because we really don't see them that often, but she always remembers and runs straight for him

Of course, like always, it really turned into the Little Guy's party and everyone was watching his every move

See? look at those adoring eyes from my Tia Diana

The food was delicious! Everyone brought things to share and then my mom and two uncles cooked the meat.

Then, Spencer and his band (they are still not sure on the name... Mark really likes Keele-basa but Spencer is not sold on it) played at Booth Brother's again. I love going to hear them so much and this month I also took the Little Guy. He LOVED it. That child just loved everything musical. It was pretty loud but he would not let me cover his ears. He just stared up at the stage the whole time and clapped with everyone else at the end of the songs. Here are the videos from the two songs that they did. The mics we were really turned down on the singers so it is really hard to hear them... but, in all honesty, I was too hipnotised by the drummer to notice.

The Little Guy and I also got to go to Traffalga again with my family. It was so much fun. I think that my favorite is the go-carts. My dad played laser tag for the first time and he loved it so much. He couldn't wait to do it again and he would have gone a third time had it not been time to go home already.

Here's my dad climbing the rock wall (I keep forgetting to wear shoes that are not flip flops when I go so that I can try the wall too)

but you can wear flip flops while driving really fast :)

Ariel and Laura did the wall too

No matter what this face says, he really had a lot of fun

It has been a pretty weird month in the sense that one second everything will be fine and the next it is utter CHAOS. For example: last week (when I actually started writing this blog post) we had Kendall over for dinner and everything was going great. The Little Guy had just barely been fed after waking up from a nap and was playing with his toys. We sat down to dinner and I was afraid because I couldn't see the baby where he was playing so I picked him up so that I could bring him closer and when I tried to put him inside his play-pen he started crying so I got him right out and put him on the floor and he just stoped breathing. If you read my blog you know that this is not the first time he does this but this was by far the worst. We tried everything to get him to snap out of it and even ran him to the bathroom and threw water on his face and nothing worked it was so scary. Spencer dialed 911 and passed the phone to me so that I could talk to them until the ambulance came. Kendall grabbed the Little Guy and was about to try to give him CPR when he stared breathing (slowly but breathing nontheless). By the time the EMTs came downstairs (no more than 4 minutes after we called) he was breathing again normal but not very alert, he kept trying to fall asleep. They took all of his vitals and checked his blood sugar and everything was coming up normal. I told them that we had already talked to his Pedi about this and that he thought it was BHS (breath holding syndrom) and they agreed. We decided not to have him go to the hospital since we knew what was going on and I left a message for Dr. McBride instead. Everything is fine and the Little Guy is perfectly fine but it was still horrifying. I talked to Dr. McBride and he says that there is really nothing we can do. If he does it again before he sees him for his nine month appointment (this coming week) we'll have to bring him in early and check everything again.

We were not the only ones scared by this incident, however. Julie, Mark and Julianna were coming over to visit Grandma and Grandpa and pulled up to the ambulance, fire truck and police cruisers outside (because if you dial 911 they send the whole cavalry). Needless to say, that was a pretty big scare for them. All of our neighbors were scared too and immediately called the Bishop who immediately came over. Today at church, everyone knew who we were and asked about the baby. It was definitely a conversation starter. Speaking of church, Spencer and I got called to be nursery leaders today. Oh yeah... nursery. I have to believe that the Lord has a special plan for calling us into the nursery. I am sure everything will work out (or at least I hope it will be).

I still can't believe the Little Guy is 9 months today. It is crazy how fast he is growing. Soon he will be a year old. Spencer and I have spent the last week in "discussion" over throwing him a birthday party. Here are some September miscellaneous pictures

This is what I walk into everyday when I get home for work. Yeah, Laura is a master nanny

I just had to take this picture because he looks like a drunk asleep with the bottle

Gets into EVERYTHING! I really don't care about the pots and pans, but he also tries to get into the cleaning supplies under the sink. I have to be on constant alert

His greatest happiness come from hitting things with sticks. I keep telling him that if he is good, Santa might bring him a drum set (on an unrelated note, I'm on the hunt for a child's drum set. If you see one anywhere, please let me know)

I tried to get him before he got into the pot but my mom was all "you have to let him experience different textures. It's good for him to play with the dirt" She is singing a different tune now that he makes a huge mess every time  he is in her kitchen. Not to mention, Liana (the little girl Laura nannies as well) follows his bad example

My mom thought it would be cute to stick the "like it" stickers from a "Lucky" magazine. It was super cute, but let's just say he was less than amused

He loves killing flies with Grandpa Tita! I still haven't decided how I feel about that... at least he is having fun

I went through on Friday and put all his summer clothes away and got all new clothes out for him. He got so much winter clothes that was 3-6 months that I thought he was never going to get to use, but he is so little, everything fits him now (somethings are even big still). So he has a whole new wardrobe. It's so weird that we now have clothes put away that don't fit our child anymore and are saving for the next kid. We are such grown ups.

He wants to walk so bad. He will stand up everywhere he has somewhere to hold onto to. He even stood up by himself for a second (if that) on Friday.

Sorry this was such a long post but it was a month's worth after all. We are going in for his 9 month check up this week and I can't wait to see how he was grown. Also I can't wait for all the fun fall things to do with him and with Halloween less than a month away, I have been checking Pinterest everyday for ideas for matching family costumes.