Monday, July 15, 2013

Remember when I used to Blog....

There is a long list of excuses as to why it has taken me two months to blog again but I'll just get on with the blogging. (Please feel free to contact me if you wish to receive the list)

We moved in with my parents officially on May 24th. It was a pretty hard move. The hardest part was that Spencer and his bothers were working so much so I really had to get everything ready by myself so that they could come move the big stuff on that day. Then, I had to get all the stuff that were left and super clean the apartment. It all turned out okay though, we got our full deposit back and even and extra day of rent since were out on the exact day we saw we were going to be out. We really couldn't be more grateful to my family for taking us in until we move to Orem. It definitely has been an adjustment (as we got used to having an entire three bedroom apartment to ourselves and now have a room) but really everyone has been so accommodating and nice. I'm not going to lie, the nicest part is having someone to talk to all day. I hadn't realized just how crazy I was getting with just me and the baby all day. Specially since we were having to be quiet so that Spencer could sleep. Which brings me to the worst part of living here.... Spencer really can't sleep in our room during the day. There is so much light and the Little Guy is always there to wake him up. So he goes to sleep in the band room at the Keele's house and the Little Guy and I go wake him up at 5:30 everyday, bring him clothes for the next day and spend some time with him; on Saturday he comes home and spends the whole weekend with us. We are really seeing him as much as we normally would with the added bonus of not accidentally waking him up. It really worked out for the best because between my dad sleeping upstairs and Spencer sleeping in our room downstairs there was really no place of the rest of us to be.

The first thing that happened after we moved was the Little Guy turning 5 months old!

It was a different experience for him to do his photo shoot with his aunts and uncle all around him trying to get him to smile. (Not to mention they were all shocked when they saw me actually make the onesie. They all though I had just bought a set or something like that)

That brings us to Father's Day! the Little Guy and I surprised Spencer by totally decking out his XBox. We got him a wireless adapter and a year subscription to XBox Live and shorts and a couple of shirts. It was a pretty fun day full of really yummy food.

So the month went on full of fun times for the Little Guy and I. Unfortunately, Spencer spent the month working and sleeping, but he did get to join in some of the fun.

It actually took a couple of takes to get this picture because he though it was so funny and kept laughing. As he did so, he would move out of position.

Watching Pinocchio at Sears... We were sitting there for 5 full minutes and he was not happy when we moved away. We need to buy him this movie; although I have never really cared of it but he loved it. They were playing Wall-E on another big screen and he liked that for a little bit but nothing compared to this

With his daddy in a fancy car

This is what my son looks like when he watches soccer with Grandpa Roberto. It is the same thing when there is basketball playing. What can I say... he is definitely Spencer's son... he LOVES sports

and this is what he looks like watching Tia Laura dance. This is his "I'm-not-sure-if-I-like-this-or-not" face
Shopping with Grandma and Tia Laura. I recently bought the Mei Tai carrier after reading an article on car seats and how dangerous it is to put them in grocery carts, even if it locks on. He is just fine being worn as long as it is not too tight so he feels like he has freedom 
At Trafalga Lehi where I got to be a little kid and play lazer tag and ride go-carts with my siblings

Chuck E Chesses's where I was the Mommy again :)

Oh yeah, he is a big boy riding the car!

Since he was already 5 month old, Spencer and I though it would be a good idea to give him some cereal. Our Pediatrician said that we could go full out with solid when he was six months but we could start with a couple of things if we wanted to... it didn't go well

And here is a video to prove it

So we gave up for the time being...

Then... one day out of no where... he sat up completely by himself! It was crazy quick. One day I would sit behind him a prop him up a little and literally the next day he wanted to show off and didn't want me around. He just sits and plays all day now.

It took Spencer and I about a week to stop being so scare that he would fall.

Up until this point we had been dealing with an extremely healthy baby, so you can imagine our surprise when he had a 102 degree fever the Sunday of Father's Day and was just not happy at all. I took him to the doctor the next day and it turns out he had a ear infection on his left ear. He got on antibiotics and Motrin for the fever and pain. He was just fine (aside from the fact that he really hated taking his antibiotic) up until the next Monday when he got really fussy and frustrating again. That night he started pulling at his ears and the fever was back so I called to doctor the next morning and he told me he wanted to see him again. The infection on his left ear was still there and he now had an infection on his right ear as well. So he gave him a stronger antibiotic (which he actually liked and had no problem taking) and he has been fine ever since. It really says something about my child  that he is such a great kid and happy all the time that when he wasn't, we knew something had to be wrong.

So we got to see the doctor three weeks in a row. Two for his infection and then his SIX MONTH APPOINTMENT!!!! (Yeah I couldn't believe it either)

6 Month Info time

Height: 26 in 21%
Weight: 13lbs 14oz 1%
Head Size: 17 1/4 in 64%
He can: Bear weight, transfer objects, babble and laugh, roll both ways, pull to sit and sit alone and respond to his name
Immunizations: Pediarix, HIB, PVC, Rotavirus
Passport: PASSED

He is obviously still a little guy but the doctor is not worried. Even though his percentages are pretty low, he is still following the curve perfectly (just a really low line on the curve). His weight had been down a little at his four month appointment but it is now back up. I'm sure that it will even be better now that we have been given the okay for all foods.Doctor McBride wants him to have three solid meals a day and then breastfeed in between.  He told me to take it slowly so I have stared doing one meal a day. He really likes the cereal and squash. I'm going to try sweet potato this week.

He LOVED the 4th of July! I knew that fireworks could go either way for him, he would either love them or just hate them and cry the whole time. He was amazed! Surprisingly enough, he liked the loudest, most obnoxious, ones the best. But his favorite things were glowsticks

yeah, he is really that cute
I had to be careful because he kept wanting to chew on them (as with everything) although I thought that with no teeth he really couldn't do much.

In other news... the Little Guy loves the water!

My parents got him this tub to play with as he is still too little to be just in the tub, but too big to play in the blue tub we have for him. The problem with this on is that it doesn't have a drain like the other one and I feel weird letting him play in dirty water so I'll bathe him in the blue one and them move him to the green on to play in. He is so happy there. It is always a big deal when it's time to get out. Tears are usually involved.

We took him swimming at Aunt Diana's house on the 6th for Grandpa Swenson's birthday. He wasn't sure what to make of it at first, specially with the kids splashing around, but in the end we was mad when I got him out (it had gotten pretty cold).

We are currently doing a mommy-and-me swim class and he is doing so well. After the first day I though it would only be a way to introduce him to the water and letting him know that it is okay but after for classes I am absolutely amazed by his progress. he can kick, splash, and move his arms and legs as I hold him to swim towards a toy. I'll try to get a video of it this week. I am so happy we are doing this class. Not to mention we are doing the class with Annie and her little girl Hali and it has been really fun to visit with her after class everyday.

With Spencer gone all the time it has been pretty hard for us to spend any time together, so yesterday we got to go on a date. We went to Zupas and then to see a concert in Cedar Hills. It wasn't a big thing at all, in fact, most of the people there had gone to see one of the opening acts (a local girl named Kenzie Petersen) but it was so much fun. It was that girl Kenzie, a band from Idaho called Waking Jordan and (the reason we went) Amy Whitcomb. Spencer loves her. I always though she was good but not as good as Spencer made her out to be; however, she proved me wrong last night. She was amazing! We really had so much fun! And as much as we both love the Little Guy, it was really nice to be away from him for a couple of hours.

She is so cool. I wish I could be cool like her
Spencer took videos until the camera ran out of battery. But we still got to take a picture with her at the end and even get personalized posters for us, Nathan and Adam. Here is a clip of her singing although the sound quality is not that great

So that has been our passed two months. Spencer is going out of town again this week, but his last day of work is Friday. So I get to go pick him on Saturday and he is home for good. Ready to start training at the new school the following Monday (did I mention that already? Spencer got a job teaching math at the charter school where Kendall works! How awesome is that?!). Then, it's one of my favorite holidays Pioneer Day and then we move up to Orem on the 27th. It is going to be a roller coaster couple of weeks.

Last thing... remember the video of the Little Guy jumping? Well this is what it looks like now