Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And then it was Mother's Day!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies (including me!) This year I actually got things for Mother's Day it was AMAZING! (As you remember last year, Spencer said that I wasn't a mother until the baby was born so I didn't get anything)

So what did I get.... A card (home made, that's right) and a new vacuum (extremely motherly huh?).  It is a Shark Navigator and I am so happy with it!!!! It makes me feel good to be able to vacuum and know that everything is getting picked up off our carpet. I'll pot all the Mother's Day pictures first and then give an update on what is going on with us

At Sizzlers (I had only been there once before and did not like it at all, however, this time is was so incredibly good!

Dinner at the Tita's

With Grandpa and Grandma Keele 
Trying out his high chair at my parents house (and when I say "trying out" I really mean "tasting it". He is still too little for it. I was scare he would get hurt so I took him out pretty quickly

Spencer stole the came to take a picture of Laura. Look how nice she looks

So we went to dinner at my parents house and then joined the Keeles for the Survivor finale. This was the first year that I really got into it (Julie has been trying to get me to watch for the past two seasons) and I so glad I did. It was such a good season. I think that my favorite thing about Survivor is watching people get blindsided (unless it is your favorite player ie Reynold(s) this year). Now I am all exited for next season. And I'm not going to lie, I am really looking forward to Big Brother. I watched most of it last season and I really like how it is a live game.

So in other (really big and life changing news) we are moving!!!! As much as we love our apartment and with that we could stay here, having a baby was really expensive (even with insurance) and we want to get all our medical bills paid off (not to mention the added bill from the ER a couple of weeks ago that we still haven't gotten. I am expecting the worst, hopefully I can be pleasantly surprised). Lucky for us though, Grandma and Grandpa Swenson have a basement apartment that they will rent to us for next to nothing as long as Spencer is still in school and keeps his grades up. So we are going to stay with my parents for the month of June (Uncle Joe and Aunt Jolene as currently living in the basement while their house is being built) and move to Orem in July. It is going to be a weird change being away from our families but we feel is the right thing for us. The plan is to stay there until Spencer graduates and just save all of our money for when we move out (maybe a down payment for a house). We will be living off 1600 south in Orem (although it is practically Lindon) It is an extremely beautiful area and we really couldn't be happier. I'm really not looking forward to having to move (just thinking about having to take the crib apart and putting it back together turns my stomach. It was so hard to build. And no, it won't pass through the door unless we take it apart, I already measured) but soon we will be all settled in at the new apartment with no plans to move for at least a couple of years (that is the thought that sustains me). We really could not be more thankful to Grandma and Grandpa Swenson, this is the most incredible blessing for us.

Meanwhile Grandma Julie hit it out of the park once more with this new bouncer for the Little Guy

When we first put him in I though he was still too little for it because his feet didn't touch the floor, but he quickly figured out how to weigh himself down and then stand up. He LOVES IT!!!! He is always trying to stand up and this toy allows him to do it all by himself. Not to mention it is such a good work out and strengthens his legs. I couldn't capture even half of his joy in this video

Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh how quickly it all changes

This past week has been insane to say the least.... and it is only Thursday... but I am feeling pretty good and I have some time now so I'll just catch everyone up on all our insanity.

SUNDAY (after the Little made me leave after Sunday School because he would not stop crying) we met my family for dinner at Salem Pond. It was pretty hard for me to decide what to have him wear. It is my biggest fear that he will be hot. At the same time, Dr. McBride has warned us that it is not a good idea to put sunscreen or bug repellent on him until he is at least 6 months so I needed close that would cover his skin. In the end, I settled for a long-sleeved onesie and jeans (and I took a jacket for him just in case).

With Grandpa waiting to go... he doesn't like waiting
He sure loves his Aunt Veronica

After dinner, everyone gather for games... here are Laura and Spencer killing my dad at Phase Ten

With the excuse that she never gets to hold him, Veronica ALWAYS holds him
MONDAY I set down to pay some bills and got a huge surprise in the mail.... A bill for the Little Guy in the hospital that we had not gotten until now. So up until this point we had though that everyone for both myself and baby Spencer was covered in the bill that we had already gotten but that was not the case. There was a lot of emotional stress to follow. We spent the afternoon at the Keele's house and the went over to the Tita's for FHE where the Little Guy charmed everyone by grabbing the hymn (with the help of Aunt Veronica, see she always has him) and singing along to the closing hymn. It was a very emotionally exhausting day. I think that what hurt the most was that I feel like Spencer and I can not get ahead. We though we had everything figured out and then I lost my job, we though we had everything figured out with Spencer starting a new job next week and now we got this bill. All we can do is trust in the Lord. Surprisingly enough it was Tim Tebow that made me feel better he got fired from the Jets on Monday and posted Proverbs 3: 5-6 on Facebook

TUESDAY I was feeling a lot better about the day before and Spencer and I had a pretty good talk on what we were going to do. Spencer got home early from his last day at Cafe Rio and we spent the day watching TV and playing with the Little Guy. My lower back on the right side starting hurting around one but it wasn't too bad; although it got progressively worse until I took some Tylenol. I cleaned the apartment, made dinner and we sat down to watch THE VOICE (it is Spencer's and mine new obsession). At nine Spencer left to go play basketball and the Little Guy and me went to the Keele's house to watch Hell's Kitchen with Grandma Julie... and that is when it truly all went to crap. Right before the show ended I stared to feel a little cold but I didn't make anything of it I just put a blanket around and hugged the Little Guy tighter (I was feeding him at the time). The show ended and I was really cold and my back was hurting A LOT. We went upstairs so that we could get ready to go and I told Julie I needed a minute. I was so cold I stared shivering and my teeth stared chattering. Nathan brought me a couple of blankets and I laid down on the floor because it felt better on my back. That is when Mark came in and took my temperature, it was 102. Nate called Spencer to come home and I took more Tylenol to try to bring the fever down but for the next two hours it just kept rising and we all kept debating if we needed to go to the emergency room. At 12:30 (two hours after it had all stared) Spencer said that they were going to take my temperature again and if it hadn't gone down it was time to go to the hospital. It hadn't. So I cried to whole car ride not only because of how sick I felt (seriously it was probably the most sick I have ever felt in my life) but also because I couldn't help thinking about how this would be another bill. They put and IV in, took blood, ran a bunch of test, even did a CT scan and found out that it was kidney infection. So they put in antibiotics through my IV and gave me something for the nausea. By this time it is 3:30, Spencer and I stopped by the apartment and picked up some pajamas and our toothbrushes and headed back to the Keele's (we figured the Little Guy had been through enough for one night and decided to spend the night there so we didn't wake him going home).

WEDNESDAY I woke up as Julie and Mark were getting ready to go work and I felt HORRIBLE. First thing I did was take some Tylenol but it wasn't enough. Spencer woke up and fed the Little Guy (thank goodness for breast pumps and freezer bags) and I went back to bed.

He wants to hold the bottle up himself and won't let us help him until his arms are too tired to continue
 I slept most of the morning only waking up to take my antibiotics and nausea medicine so Spencer had to take the Little Guy to his doctor's appointment by himself. It was his 4 month check up

So here is his 4 months info:

Height: 23 1/2' 2%
Weight: 11 lbs 2oz 0%
Head Size: 16'' 19%
He can: Bear weight, grasp, coo, squeal, laugh, hold a small toy, roll and reach and turn toward a sound
Immunizations: Pediarix, HIB, PCV, Rotavirus
Passport: PASSED

and here is his four month picture (he was not happy and I could not get him to smile for anything)

So when Spencer came home and showed me these number to say that I freaked out is a HUGE understatement. I thought that he was growing so well I don't know what happened. Dr. McBride says that he is not worried because the little has always fluxed up and down and that we will have to take action if he has not gone back up when he sees him again at six months. I'm trying really hard to not over react. They still considered it PASSED so we'll just have to wait and see.

I kept feeling progressively worse until I actually stared throwing up around six. My dad and Ariel came over and gave me a blessing along with Spencer. Around eleven we finally went home so that Little Guy could have a bath and sleep in his own bed. It was so weird walking through our apartment when everything was as we had left it the night before but it seemed like and ETERNITY since we had been there.

THURSDAY I woke up feeling a lot better but got really sick mid day. So my mom came over for a while and then we went over to her house. To top it off the Little Guy was not doing well this afternoon. I think he was a little down from his shots yesterday and although he did not have a fever he did feel pretty warm. A wet towel on his head made him feel better. Now he is asleep and happy and I am feeling incredibly better compared to sick I have been.

I really can't thank my in-laws and my parents enough for all their help this week; but I specially have to thank Spencer. Even if he wont read this (he doesn't read the blog... I know, right?!) I really love him so much and could be without him. He stepped up and took care of everything these past two days without me having to say a word. He spent all the entertaining the Little Guy on Wednesday and made it so that I could recover quickly. Hopefully all the symptoms will be gone by tomorrow. The ER doctor said it would take two or three days.

PS the Little Guy takes EVERYTHING to his mouth now. Poor Elmo