Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Not his party but he'll cry if he wants to...

We have been staying at the Keele's this past week taking care of Nathan, Julianna, and Dayzee while my in-laws are on a cruise celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They are in Belize in 87 degree weather... i know, I'm really jealous too! It has been a pretty mellow week. I hadn't notice how much Nate and Julianna are NEVER home; and with Spencer busy with homework and studying for finals next week and with Stefani really sick over at my parents' house... the Little Guy and I have been completely alone all week. It all came to a head yesterday when the Little Guy spent the entire afternoon crying for no reason at all. It was not fun! It makes it really hard to remember how much you love your child when he just cries and cries and cries and cries and hurts my feelings and makes me feel like a horrible mom!

But moving on to happy things.... last Friday on the 12th was Veronica's Sweet Sixteen. It was a wonderful (mock)  cocktail party. There were a lot of people there and delicious food. The Little Guy and I spent a really fun time dancing together.

There was a lot going on the party (with lights, music, and everyone fawning over him) so it got to the point when he just didn't care for the whole thing anymore. I felt bad because he wouldn't let anyone hold him except me (not even daddy). That when on for about forty minutes and at 10:00 he was done and it was time for me to go home. He cried and cried until I put him down in his car seat and strapped him in.

Spencer and Nathan had driven their own car so after Julianna, the Little Guy and I left, they spent their time photo-bombing Veronica

But still got a good picture with her

It has been a couple of days since I stared writing this post and the Little Guy has been much happier. Probably due to the fact that he has been spending time with both sets of grandparents. Meanwhile, Spencer is completely done with school until August which make me a super happy wife. He actually came to bed early last night instead staying up forever doing homework. I am so proud of him he works so hard, gets really good grades, and is even on the Dean's List.

Friday, April 12, 2013

This is my baby...

It is hard to post more often when there is really not that much to post about. Things are still going pretty much the same. For St. Patrick's Day we went to Grandma and Grandpa Swenson's house for dinner and of course the Little Guy was nothing short of a charmer.


Easter was so much fun! (Although I wish I would take more pictures, I'll try to do better). Spencer and I taught the combined Young Men-Young Women lesson in a Jeopardy inspired Resurrection game. It was a lot of fun. Then we stopped by my parents house for a hello and then went to the Keele's where (like always) the first thing on the list was to feed the Little Guy. Then he passed out for a quick nap

I took his tie and vest off so that he would be more comfortable
While he was sleeping, we got to dye eggs and get dinner ready (homemade pizza) but his nap didn't last too long. I think he got really hot so I stripped him down to his onesie. I felt bad for him because I am pretty sure he was the first time that he was actually hot and uncomfortable.

I think he felt better when we went outside for the Easter Egg hunt

And of course Julie and I had to pose him for pictures with all the eggs we had dyed

Thanks for my mom for the bunny ears
The Little Guy even got an Easter Basket full of goodies that I enjoyed very much :)

In other news we got our newborn pictures in the mail. Thanks so much to Nickell for making them AH-MAZING even though the Little Guy was being a stinker pants... She is incredible!

See is the Little Guy's "I really can't believe you are making me do this" face...

...and this is the perfect family picture :D I really like how all three of us have different color eyes and they show up so good. (you are starting at our eyes now, aren't you?)

In other...other... super incredible news, Spencer got an old new job!!! Old because he worked there two summers ago right before we got married. We are so happy! I can't believe how blessed we are. So I am going to get to stay home. I'll most likely go back to work when school starts again (this is only a summer job as it is overnight), but for now the Little Guy and I will just leave the house every day so that Daddy can sleep. We are one blessed little family :)