Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One day at a time...

So it has been forever and a day since I post... but... to make up for it, I updated the template, your welcome. As per norm I am going to post in chronological order from the last time I posted, all starting with...


Spencer had been kind of a grouch about Valentine's Day in general the whole week before, so it really surprised me when he brought flowers, chocolates and sparkling cider home from work. It is crazy because just when I start to think that my husband doesn't have a romantic bone in his body, he shakes me out of it in a big way. I really love him!!!! We though it would be a good idea to go to the park (it SEEMED like it was a great day outside), so we grabbed food from Cafe Rio and went to the library park. Unfortunately we were fooled, it was in fact NOT a nice day. It was freezing! and the little Guy was not having it. So we came back home and ate here instead (but not before we took pictures and got the Little Guy on the swing for the first time)

And of course he had to be dressed the part... with TWO outfits...  (and he wanted to make a face for both of them)

But really the cherry on top of a perfect day was when Daddy was playing "got your nose" with him and he was able to catch his smile on a picture for the first time (he had been full on smiling for about a week before).

It was a perfect Holiday.

Then, it was time for the Little Guy to see Doctor McBride again for his two-month check up. He behaved pretty well up until his shots... although, if I'm being honest he was really good for that too. He did not cry until the shot actually went in, and he screamed a lot but really not as much as I though he would. Not to mention, I was able to calm him down quickly... all in all... a good visit.

Here is his two-month info

Height: 23'' 68%
Weight: 9lbs 11oz 7%
Head Size: 39.5 cm 76%
He can: coo, fix and follow objects passed his midline, grasp, lift head 45 degrees, vocalize, smile responsively
Immunizations: Pediarix, HIB, PVC, Rotavirus
Passport: PASSED (although they forgot to put the stamp on his passport)
Picture: this was actually my favorite picture but I didn't post it on Facebook because of the little drool that he has coming down the side of his mouth :)

Quick update: since his two month appointment he can now  follow objects completely, holds his head up, and sings. That's right SINGS. Spencer and I have been trying so hard to catch it on camera but he gets distracted when he sees it. He sings along to "The wise man build his house upon the rock" and "Nephi's courage"

It is crazy how our ways are not the Lord's way. Here we were ready for me to go back to work and I lost my job instead. We decided that (obviously) I need to be home with the Little Guy, but unfortunately  that has put us in a bit of a pickle financially as my job was the main part of out income. So Spencer is looking for a job that pays more and where he can work more hours. For now we are okay because I have such a wonderfully frugal husband so we have savings and really we really don't have to change the way we live (since we don't ever buy anything or go anywhere). There is a chance that we may have to move in with the Keele's for a little while but even if that happens it won't be for a couple of months. Really I can't thank both families enough, they have been being such an incredible help to us. So... I am OFFICIALLY a stay at home mom!

He then went to church for the first time! We had previously decided to wait to take him to church so that he wouldn't get sick. (It was a good thing too, I was talking to a sister from my ward in the Mother's Room and she said that they had brought her daughter to church right away and she had gotten bronchitis). He fell asleep in the middle of Sacrament Meeting but was not a happy guy when he woke up so we went home (Update: he stayed for all three hours of church for the first time last week).

Here he is at church

It was then time to finally get his new born pictures done! He was all happy and smiles while I was getting him ready and then nothing but cries and fussiness when it was time for the camera. I think that the problem was the lights, he just wasn't having it. But I'm not worried, Nickell is a genius  I can't wait to see them. She did post a preview on Facebook

The Little Guy sure is a charmer isn't he? Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures. He did a lot better when I walked away and he couldn't see or here me anymore

On March 3rd, we got to bless him! It was absolutely wonderful. Spencer's blessing was beautiful to say the least, and it was amazing to see how many people came. I can't believe how much our son is loved. It is so incredible for me as his mom. We had a reception at the Keele's house after full of delicious food and good friends. It was a perfect day. The only thing I regret is not taking pictures, specially not taking one with my two Spencers and I.

I did take one with him in the mother's room after I fed him

and here is with his Grandma and Grandpa Tita and with his Grandma Keele

Thank you Grandma Julie for his blessing outfit and thank you Grandma Ines for the blanket

So now we are just living one day at a time. He little guy and I goof around and play everyday

yeah we are natural models ;) and Spencer and I got to go to see The Fuzzzz. It is a Police tribute band in which Mark is the lead singer. They are awesome

Spencer and I were both sick during this past week which was the first time that we were both sick EVER. It was not good and I mostly felt bad for the Little Guy. We tried to give him as much attention as we could but it was definitely not as much attention as he usually gets. Thankfully I was only really sick for one day so it wasn't too bad.

Now Spencer and I have been praying a lot and are trying really hard to follow the voice of the Spirit in everything we do. Spencer has a couple of job possibilities and we are trying to see which one will be the best one. That's all anyone can do I guess.

ps. I'll post a picture of the Little Guy's St. Patrick's Day outfit in my next post which hopefully will be soon