Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh...I'm a mommy....

I'm not going to lie, being a stay at home mommy is getting to me a little. Please don't get me wrong, I love my child more than anything and it is not him that is the problem. It is the fact that we have been stuck in the apartment for over a month now. I have been really afraid to take him out because of how the weather has been and mainly because it seems like EVERYONE has been sick with the flu.... Let's just say that I am going a little cabin crazy

or at least I was...

It has actually been a lot better now that the weather has picked up. Last week, the little guy and I went somewhere everyday. It is really good to be able to take him places and get out of the house. And best of all, playing around and going places makes him tired so he sleeps and I have time to do things like keep a clean house, which make me feel a WHOLE lot better (if you don't know this about me, I get a really deep satisfaction when I get things done). Not to mention I have been making it a goal to get dressed cute (as opposed to sweats) and wear make up everyday.

He is such a good, happy kid. Spencer and I are so lucky to have him and he reminds us of it too. Whenever we get too comfortable or take him for granted even a little, he has a day when he is really NOT happy. We love him so much!!!

Here is a picture of him on his one month birthday. (Thank you Pinterest)

I have gotten so good at bathing him. Not only does he not cry anymore (not even during the lotion part) but he also really likes it. It turns out the secret was to leave his tub unplugged. He doesn't like the water to pool in there but wants it to constantly be running. He specially likes it when I pour water on his head.

Last week was my 6 week follow up with my doctor so I am OFFICIALLY done with the pregnancy!!!!! I can't even describe how happy I am. Looking back on it and thinking about him being inside of me and the little kicks and bumps when he moved, I realized something... I HATED being pregnant! That sounds pretty bad, but it's the truth. I don't miss it at all. Of course I'll do it again (the end result is totally worth it) but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Maybe I'm just really cynical and can only remember the bad things about my pregnancy but looking back on it now, I honestly can't remember anything good. All I care about it the fact that I got this

and I wouldn't trade him for anything.

I have literally become best friends with the internet. It seems that any question I have about him or anything I am worried about someone has already though about it and put it on the internet. It is the first place I go for anything regarding my child. Of course, it is a double edge sword sometimes because every kid is different and there are so many different opinions but it at least put my mind at ease that other moms have gone through the same things I am going through.

On such thing...

Around the three week mark, he developed a really sever case of baby acne. I got really worried. Everything I read said that it was normal but this is what it looked like

The good thins is that when I saw Dr. McBride last week for my appointment I was able to show him and he said that it was still normal. He is doing A LOT better now. It is a complete 180 from what it was. Oh how easy it is to freak out. And I do... I freak out about every little thing.