Monday, December 30, 2013

12 Months and Counting

The Little Guy went to the see Dr. McBride today for his 12th month appointment. He is doing great :)

Here are his 12th months stats

HEIGHT: 28' 2"   7%
WEIGHT: 18 lbs 9 oz   10%
HEAD SIZE: 18 1/2"  76%
HE CAN: Fill & empty containers, cruise along furniture, imitate or say 1-2 words, hold cup and drink, find hidden objects, stand/walk alone
IMMUNIZATIONS: MMR, Hepatitis A, Varicella

So he is at the third to bottom line on the growth chart, but he is following the curve and that is all that matters. Here are his 12 month (and last) pictures

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Spencer!!!!

I don't even know where this past year has gone! It seems that so many things have happen in such a short amount of time.

 Now we get to celebrate the birth of out little angel. It has been a pretty fun/weird day. Weird because all three of us our sick and all with something different. I'm pretty sure I ate something that made me really sick, Spencer has a small cold and we are really not sure what is wrong with the Little Guy but I don't think he is felling 100 percent. He has been really cuddly (which he never is) and really hasn't want to eat much this last couple of days. But enough about that, let's get to the fun part of our day.

I really think the Little Guy recognized that it was his birthday today (at least some extent) he laughed and clapped every time we sang "Happy Birthday" to him and he LOVED opening presents (I think that Christmas was a really good discovery of what presents are).

The first picture of my 1 year old!

Oh yeah,  he loves opening presents

He got books, play money (we'll wait a couple of month before we let him play with that) and a high chair. Funny story on the high chair we knew we wanted to get him one and we knew we didn't want to spend a ton of money on it. So we went to the Orem Walmart yesterday, they only had one and it was over $100 (obviously WAY out of our budget), so I stared looking on KSL. Later that night Julie texted me because she had found one on for only $30 so I went and looked and sure enough it was there. However it would not arrive until the 14th and we really wanted it before his party. I let it go, and decided to keep looking on KSL and if I couldn't find one, I would just order and we wouldn't have it for his party. WELL.... I had to go to Walmart last night at 11:30 for toilet paper and formula and lo-and-behold... the CHAIR! There it was for $30!!!! I was one happy Mommy! So it was assembled are ready for him today.

My mom has always been pretty insistent that we blow out a candle on our actual birthday and I decided to  keep that tradition. We will have a cake and have him blow out a candle week at his party, but we still have sang "Happy Birthday" and let him blow one out today

It was such a great day!!!! I love my Little Guy so MUCH!!!!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A First Year Photo Shoot!

The Little Guy got his year old pictures taken this morning. They were done by our friends from high school that now have their own photography business. They are really great and super nice to work with (you can check out their website by clicking HERE) All they need for pictures inside is a place with a big window so we turned the Keele's kitchen into a studio (thanks Julie for letting us make a mess of your kitchen). He actually did the best he has ever done on a photo shoot. The only hiccup that we encounter was the fact that he did NOT want to smash his cake. Isn't that crazy?! He spends all day making out-of-this-world messes for Mom to clean and the one time I WANT him to make a mess, he wont do it. Kids! We finally got him to make a mess when Spencer gave him a fork and spoon, so he stared to treat the cake like a drum set.

Here are some behind-the-scenes from the shoot.

Of course we had to put him straight into the tub

I really can't wait to see the pictures

It was a really good day for me, not only did everything go smoothly with the shoot but we also stopped by Walmart and picked up my Christmas present (Spencer insisted on wrapping and placing it under the tree)

It's a new camera!!!! I am really over the moon with it. I spent weeks researching which camera I wanted and I decided on the Cannon Powershot SX160. Not to mention we got an AWESOME deal on it today (and the photo lab lady was super nice in recommending things to us and telling us the things that we didn't need). As I have stated in previous posts, I was in desperate need of a new camera. I am still going to keep the old one but away in case I should ever need it, but this blog is going to start getting some pretty high quality pictures from now on (as soon as I fining reading the owner's manual so I know what all do buttons are for. Right now I just have it on AUTO)

Here is the last picture I am taking with the old camera

And (even though I have actually been taking pictures and playing with it all afternoon) here is the first "official" photo with the new

Big difference... isn't it?

As we get ready for the Little Guy's birthday tomorrow, I figured I would do a little reminiscing on what we were doing exactly one year ago... I stared December 28, 2012 by cleaning the house and doing laundry. Once everything was done, I went and got my eyebrows done and Spencer and I joined the Keele's for dinner at Chuck-a-Rama (it was pretty good, but I didn't really eat much. I was too full of baby to fit much in my stomach). Then we went grocery shopping to get food for the next two weeks. Because I had to get induced, we have the opportunity to get a blessing from the dads that night. It was really nice and it gave me the peace and comfort I needed to get ready for the next day. We went home, I took a shower and we were both in bed around ten. It was really the perfect day to get us really for the whirlwind that was coming. I love my Little Guy I really can't believe that we have had him for a whole year!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Silent Night, Holy Night

Words can not describe what an AMAZING Christmas we had this year. It was 500% better from last year (when I was so pregnant and so miserable I wanted to jump off a cliff). We stared our Christmas festivities with the annual Christmas Eve party with the Swensons only this year it took place at Uncle Joe and Aunt Jolene's house which is absolutely stunning. It was really a scene from a movie (the kind that you see around Christmas time and think that no one really lives that).

The food was delicious!

All three with new haircuts!

Super gorgeous Kate and her husband Taylor

The kids put on the traditional Nativity only this year they involved everyone by having all sing Christmas hymns in the appropriate times. It was so lovely, I was all I could do to keep from crying, just overcome with the Spirit of Christmas.  Thank you so much, Trisha, Sarah and Jennifer for putting it all together

Oh doesn't Tommy look just over joyed to be playing Joseph?

Julianna sang "Silent Night" She is getting to be such a good singer!

Aunt Jolene politely asked/forced Eric and Taylor to sing "I want to be like you" from the Jungle book. They really rocked it out

Julie came up with the inspired idea this year to start a Minute-to-Win-it tournament between the three families and have Grandma and Grandpa keep time and score. This first game involved pennies inside Christmas boxes that have to be put in order according to the amount of the pennies inside

"Face the Cookie" with Gingerbread Men

Extreme nut-bolt stacking

Pick up the candy canes with on single candy cane

Stack five empty soda cans on top of a plastic plate floating in a bowl of water

Separate the M&Ms according to color

The Keeles won!!!!! Nate is holding Jack the Donkey the Official Christmas Minute-To-Win-It trophy

Time for everyone favorite part of the Christmas Eve party... White Elephant! (Trish had a stroke of divine inspiration and set up a separate White Elephant game for the kids upstairs so that we could all play in peace)

Another new thing this year (and hopefully and new a tradition for following years) was that Uncle Joe wrapped at gift card with various tapes until it was the size of a grapefruit, then we all rolled dice and if you got doubles you could start unwrapping until someone else got doubles. It was CRAZY fun!!! He had done such a good job wrapping the card it took about 30 minutes to get it out. Everyone was going as fast as they could and in the end Ryan pulled out a gift card that was bent in several places and had bite marks all from people trying to get it unwrapped (I imagine it will work just the same. Not to mention that it also came with $40 cash). This is the only picture I was able to take of the game since I was playing as hard as I could as well.

Greatest Christmas Eve party EVER! On the way home we drove around the neighborhood looking at all the amazing light displays on the house (it is so nice to live in such a rich part of town. People really go all out)

On Christmas Day we actually slept through our alarm clock and had to rush out of the house only opening one present a piece. The Little Guy got a look at his new rocking horse,  (we didn't want him to get upset since he wouldn't be able to play on it for too long so we just let him look) Spencer opened a Patriots' hoodie with his name on the back; but I must have been really naughty this year because the only thing under the tree for me was a stocking containing chocolate coal and the N*Sync Christmas Time CD. But don't worry, Santa felt bad and actually left me a pile of presents in the kitchen (well played Santa).

With Grandma Julie while we waited for everyone to get upstairs

Then it was finally time to find out where we are going on our vacation in January (Julie told us about it months ago so that we could all make plans and take the time off work, but the destination was a surprise) Drum roll please....


Going to DISNEYLAND! (my second favorite place in the world (the Temple being the first))

Adam is opening an ornament from UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! (never been there, I can't wait)

The BEACH! Spencer is looking at a beach crossword puzzle book

The WORLD RECORD MUSEUM (a place that we recently discovered thanks to the Bachelor) and the the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME to see the BACKSTREET BOYS STAR (and other stars too)

The best part is that we are staying in a beautiful condo a block from Disneyland complete with everything we would need (including a stroller for the Little Guy so we don't even have to take ours)

After settling down from all the excitement of the trip (so basically everyone waited for me to stop hyperventilating) it was time to open all the present that we got from our name-drawing. Uncle Adam's presents to the Little Guy were a big hit to say the least.

And Spencer's present was a big hit for Adam too

After two years of very intense work my stocking was ready for this Christmas. I have an extremely talented Mother-in-law

Spencer said that he didn't know it was possible to actually "win" Christmas, but Adam WON this year when he got Julie a life-sized cut-out of Jeff Probes (Survivor host)

I'm not going to lie, it did creep me out a couple of times when I saw it staring at me from the corner of my eye. I guess I will just have to get used to it since it will apparently we with us for every Survivor episode from now on.

Then it was time to head over the Titas (still in our PJs). Santa had come over there too and the Little Guy was now a pro at knowing that he had presents coming. This Learning Lady Bug was an instant success and he cried and whined as we got it out the box (we are just not fast enough for him).

He played with it for over an hour non stop while we had breakfast and then Tia Stefani had a drum set waiting for him. My family got a camcorder for Christmas and everyone took turns taking lots of videos of the day. As soon as I figure out how to get them sent to me, I'll post them on here (maybe I'll just have to go post them from their computer)

Christmas' Naps! (if you are wondering about the face on Spencer's back, it is the new Duck Dynasty blanket that he won at the White Elephant yesterday. It goes right along with his Duck Dynasty shirt... yay...)

I have always had a hard time taking naps so I watched the "Radio City Music Hall: Christmas Spectacular" instead (how fun would it be to be a Rockette!)

I just realized that I didn't take any pictures of dinner... that's how delicious it was! I didn't even think about pictures, I was too busy eating

How cute is my baby?

With Grandpa Carlos listening to the Pentatonix Christmas Songs

David's present from Laura, a Santa Clause Snuggie!

Even though the Little Guy can go up and down the stairs with no problem, we still didn't want him to do so... hence, the barricade.

A couple of songs before it was time to go.

We got home around six thirty and still had all the presents that had been under our tree to open. Here is the Little Guy finally getting to ride his horse... oh yeah, he loved it!

A new piano!

not to mention Superman. He just absolutely fascinated by him.

Watching Superman fly

best buds.

Spencer's hoodie and new football

Our paper chain count-down to the trip!

I got the most beautiful set of Champagne flute glasses and a lot of movies I love (on top of the incredible amount of chocolate and candy!)

After finally getting the Little Guy to go to bed (it took over two hours because he just wanted to keep playing with his new toys), Spencer and I got to cuddle on the couch and watch "Four Christmases". Neither of us had seen it before, but we both really liked it. It was an unforgettable, magical, GREAT Christmas!