Saturday, November 24, 2012


Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday followed only by Christmas which really Thanksgiving is part of Christmas so they are really just one holiday anyway. This year Spencer and I had dinner by ourselves. I know it seems silly since Thanksgiving is such a big family Holiday but it was really great.  In fact... Spencer said this was his favorite Thanksgiving ever! That makes me feel really good (insert emoticon that is so happy the colon and close parenthesis doesn't cover).  So the day stared out with Spencer getting up early to play football with his friends (it always freaks me out even though they say it is two-hand-touch).  By the time Spencer got home (just in time to shower quickly and start watching the first football game) I was showered and ready to start cooking. Mark, Adam, and Nate came over to watch the game and I got to play the good wife and bring them a cheeseball

Don't they look comfy and good :) So while they watched the game I cooked while listening to "The Work and the Glory". I had a pen a paper with me so that I could write down things as I cooked so here it is... 

  1. I forgot to take the lid of the roasting pan and had to call Spencer for help since I was sitting there holding the raw turkey over the sink
  2. I kept bumping my belly into the sink while peeling the potatoes
  3. I forgot to get green beans and cranberry sauce so I had to run out and buy it (I'd like to take this time to formally apologize to the good people at Fresh Market that had to work on Thanksgiving all because of looser like me that forget things)
  4. I reached the point where there was nothing more I could do but wait... I didn't know what to do with myself at that point so I went in with the guys and watched football.
Drum roll please....

THE TURKEY!!!! I didn't think that making the big 19 pound turkey I have in the freezer (compliments of Dr. Fischer)  would be appropriate for just the two of us, so I made a much-less-intimidating 5 pound turkey breast. I was really scared it would be really dry but it wasn't, it was perfect (if I say so myself)

This is what it looked like after I carved it and put it in a different serving dish

My Thanksgiving spread....

.... and my happy husband eating it (insert that emoticon from above once more). So Spencer and I ate until we could no longer breathe (which was a lot sooner for me than it was for him) and then I cuddled up in his arms and got ready to take a nap. We slept for about 2 1/2 hours

I woke up first and couldn't help taking a picture. Then we woke up and continued to eat. A perfect Thanksgiving.

Then it was Black Friday of course we didn't brave things (maybe next year) but we did go to Home Depot when we woke and bought a washer and dryer!!!!!!! (man, this whole post should just be my special emoticon) I AM SO BEYOND HAPPY!!! It gets installed next week I can't wait. We got an AMAZING deal! It was then time for Christmas decorating... prepare for bragging pictures....

Putting the first ornament on the tree

Spencer's job is to put the star up

The finished tree :)
 What the finished living room looks like (it's okay to be jealous)

I love sitting in there it is so cozy. Today we are going to set up the baby's room... pictures to come.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Just how quickly time flies

I can not believe that Spencer and I have already been married for a year! It all happened so quickly it was literally a blink of an eye (granted a very sick throw-upy blink). We had such a great time celebrating our anniversary. We stayed at the Little America Hotel and I highly recommend it. It was just lovely.

Look at how beautiful this room is. You can't see it in the picture but there is also a small table on the far left.  I completely forgot to take a picture of the changing area and bathroom. By far, the best hotel I have ever stayed at. Thanks for recommending it Mark and Julie.
 So we checked in and quickly changed to go to the Temple. It was great to be able to do sealing and listen to the promises and covenants we made a year ago. The Temple is truly an incredible place. I can't imagine a better place to be with my love. It gave me a chance to think about things and renew spiritually.

My sweetheart and I outside the place that allows me to keep him forever
After the Temple we walked across the street to City Creek and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory

Neither of us had been there before and we were not disappointing. It was delicious. Luckily we had planned ahead and looked at their insane (anything you could possibly want) menu the day before so we both already knew what we wanted (Factory Combinations). We ended up not trying their cheesecake, however, we were stuffed from out meal and had bough cheesecake at home and taken it up with us. Dinner was fun because it gave us a chance to think back on the past year. We talked about our favorite things, our least favorite things, things we can improve on, etc.

Yeah, he is really that hot!

As part of out hotel package we had their AMAZING breakfast the next day. They had everything you could think of and it was absolutely delicious!

I really could not have asked for a better anniversary. Everything was perfect and I got to be reminded of how incredibly lucky I am that out of all the girls in the world, I ended up with Spencer Keele (sorry rest of the world). I called Laura on Friday and had her take our wedding cake out of the freezer so that it would defrost for Sunday.

It still tasted great, although Spencer only had one bite of it and then shoved it in my face just like he did a year ago. Although he was a lot nicer at our wedding and it wasn't quite as much cake. See for yourself...

and this is the picture from this year

It was all up in my nose and it felt awful. I am just thankful that he did it this bad this year when i was able to just jump in the shower. I wouldn't have able to do that at our wedding. And no.. I did not get him back, you see with a year of marriage comes maturity... and also I realized that starting any sort of cake fight would only result in me having to clean it up later. That's wisdom.

I realized that I never posted pictures of out apartment as my wonderful husband decorated it for Halloween so here they are

This is what it looked like with everything lit
Halloween was a lot of fun (even with next to no trick-or-treaters).  I was a cat (I wanted something with next to nothing imagination and that could be worn with scrubs to work). Spencer was Mr. Gold from Once upon a time. We forgot to take a picture so we he is going to get back in costume for my next blog post. His costume was PERFECT and he look to freaking hot... well, you'll see for yourself when I am able to get a picture up.