Monday, October 29, 2012

Stressing out...

The past two weeks have great... and super stressful. First of all it was Spencer's Birthday. Unfortunately, he had to work and I hardly got to see him, but I still decorated the house and waited up for him so that I could make him blow his candles before midnight. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to make breakfast in the slow cooker the night before so it was ready for him when he woke up. The worst part about his birthday, however, was that I just randomly got really sick in the morning and didn't quite make it to the toilet so my poor husband had to wake up at 6 AM on his birthday to help me take down the shower curtain so that I could put to wash. HORRIBLE! It really broke my heart to wake him up. I was so sorry. He was okay with it though, I love him so much :) Then on Saturday we went to Golden Corral with the rest of the Keele's for his birthday. SO GOOD! we all ate so much. AND... they had cotton candy and a chocolate fountain. On top of all that (as if it could get any better) Spencer and I had some time before we met the rest of the family so we stopped by TJ Maxx and found the CUTEST baby tennis shoes. I have been having such a hard time finding shoes in the New Born size every store I go to always seems to be out, so I was really happy. (Oh side note.... Spencer and I did inventory on all the baby clothes we have and we really don't have a lot of new born clothes... so... Spencer doesn't give me a lecture about how we need all the money we can save when I come home with something new for the baby).

This past Friday, we went spent all night cleaning out the nursery (it's coming along quite nicely) then on Saturday we had Tempenyaki with the Keele's for Nate's birthday (I didn't catch a shrimp in my mouth this time) then met my family up in Salt lake for "Luz de las Naciones: Sus Promeses" (Light of the Nations: His Promises). It was a cultural program about how the Savior came to America so there were dances from different Hispanic countries, Samoa and Hawaii. The biggest dance of the night was the Mexico (of course) everyone was singing along and cheering. It was one of the last numbers of the night and with good reason, really the only thing that could follow that would be the entire cast together in a big finale so that is what they did.

Needless to say, I spent all day sleeping yesterday. I figured out our problem. Since Spencer and I don't see each other all we try to cram and entire week's worth of things into two day and my body just can't take it anymore. By the time Sunday comes around it takes all energy to THINK about getting out of bed. Spencer and I talked about it and we decided that we are going to have to slow down a little.

I had another ultrasound today and I am happy to say that the liquid problem in the baby's kidneys has been resolved and they are fine :D that makes me one happy mommy-to-be. The EIF thing in his heart is still there but I am being told that it wont make any difference. I am trying really hard to not take the internet and have a full on freak out attack. I am glad that I'm seeing Dr. McBride in two weeks he'll tell me the truth. I have a feeling that the ultrasound guy just doesn't like giving bad news.

Last, but most certainly not least, our anniversary is this coming Sunday!!!! I can't believe its already been a year! It has been the fastest year of my life (even if I threw up for most of it). Marrying Spencer is really the greatest thing I am ever going to do in my entire life. I love him so FREAKING MUCH!!!!! We are going up to Salt Lake for the weekend (that's as much of a road trip as I can handle now days). Which reminds me we need a good fancy restaurant worth of a first anniversary for Saturday night... any suggestions?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Start of a Birth-Week

We stared Spencer's birth-week off right with a super fun weekend. On Friday I got home from work and Spencer was there, there was a mix up in the scheduled and he didn't have to work after all. So I convinced him to let me shower really fast and we went to the Temple. It was so great, I love the Temple so much. It was absolutely packed though! We had to park way far away and Spencer had to run and get the car for me because it was poring when we got out. On Saturday, we went shopping at DI and came out with six new VHSs (they were 3 for a dollar). Then we went to Ross and bough Spencer new shoes for his birthday. After that, we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant: Gloria's Little Italy. Seriously if you haven't been there, you don't know what you are missing out on. We ended the night by going to see "Blithe Spirit" at the Covey Arts Center. It was pretty good and pretty funny. Spencer had to go see it for one of his classes so he had to take notes through the whole thing. All in all, a perfect weekend.

I have come to the realization I have a big problem... I do not have a coat. I think I still will be able to fit into my heavy snow jacket but as far as my nice coat... no freaking way...mine was nice and fitted already. So keep your eyes out everyone. I need a coat that will be big enough for a realistic price since I'm only going to use it for about two months until the baby is born. The worst thing is that there is nothing I can do it about it. The baby is going to be born in December so it is going to be cold, I NEED a coat.

In other news I had a sort of breakdown due to the fact that we have nothing ready for the baby's arrival. So after I calmed down a little I decided to take it one step a time and buy something every time I am out shopping. I stared with a pack of diapers. Wow, are diapers expensive! I have heard that the best place to buy diapers is Sam's Club or Costco. Good thing the Costco here in Spanish Fork opens before the end of the month. I think (well I hope) we will be okay though. There is a saying from Argentina that says that a baby comes with a loaf of bread under each arm. Meaning that baby's a miracle and there is always a way to provide for them. 

I'm very big and uncomfortable now. Finding a position that I feel good in is like finding money (money that you are very happy you found but then you put inside your pocket that you didn't realize has a hole in it). What I mean is that even if I find a comfortable position, it really doesn't last long. 

On happier news... here is a cute collage I made showing my baby bump process. 

Oh and PS, I know it still says Russell on that picture, but it is now a "maybe". Spencer and I are back in discussion for the middle name. At least we know that "Spencer" is for sure. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fitting our Summer into one Month!

September was INSANE! This summer went by so fast it was like we didn't even have a summer... the solution? fit the adventures of an entire summer in one. It worked out, for the most part.

First news first... I DO NOT HAVE GESTATIONAL DIABETES! It was such a relief when I got the official call from my doctor about it. I was freaking out. Everyone one kept telling me that it was going to be okay and that all I had to do was change my eating a little bit but I just kept thinking it was easy for them to say since they weren't the ones that were going to have to "change their eating a little bit". The funny thing is that I'm not a big sweet girl in the first place but those two weeks when I though I would have to give up sugar I went CRAZY for it. Isn't that always the way?

Then it was Labor Day weekend! Spencer and I though we weren't going to be able to make it up to Bountiful until 1 in the morning because he had to work but there ended up being some sort of mix up with the schedule and he got out around 5 so we left as soon  as I got home and made it in time to play in the pool and hot tub (I only got to put my feet in the hot tub). Then it was time for Lagoon!!! Spencer and I got up early and enjoyed an extremely delicious and satisfying breakfast compliments of the hotel...(oh yeah, that's the new thing, I am no longer feeling sick and food is GREAT again) and we were ready to go.

I though as we were going into Lagoon that it wasn't going to be an especially fun day for me, but boy was I wrong. I had a blast! The boys were really nice and stood for all the pictures I wanted to take, made sure I was always doing okay, and kept pace with me (I am moving a little slow these days).

I don't want to overwhelm everyone with pictures so I'll only post a couple here and the rest on Facebook.

Adam and Nate liking arms... of course it was a Kodak Moment
The first time going on Rattlesnake Rapids. I say the first time because they went on 9 times! 
I took a picture of who went under the waterfall every time. Well... not  EVERY time. I had to take a potty break  for one of the times.
Adam convinced everyone that it would be funny to scream as loud as they could in the tunnel and be really quiet as soon as they came out, and guess what?... it was really funny

The funny thing is that I still got soaked even though I didn't go on any water ride, all thanks to a LOT of rain. It got really cold for a while, but the rain stopped after lunch. Around 4:30, Spencer and I went back to the hotel for a nap. I hadn't realized how tired I was until my head hit the pillow and we were both out like a light. We woke up around 8 and it turns out we actually slept through the big thunder storm. I'm glad we weren't there for that.

We made it back to the park and took a ride on the train to see the animal s
By this time and thanks to the fact that it was still raining, the park was pretty empty. Well it turns out that they wont run a ride unless there are at least two people, so Spencer had to wait a little bit in order to ride the Bat. 
We caught the last show and then headed back to the hotel for some rest and relaxation. The next morning it was really hard to get up (we had played a lot the day before), but we eventually made it to Music and the Spoken Word. It was their first time back in the Tabernacle from being in the Conference Center all Summer and if you ask me, they went back a week too soon. It was PACKED! but oh so worth it. The music was absolutely lovely and that was actually the first time that I hear the Tabernacle Choir in the Tabernacle the acoustics make them sound even better than usual. After Music and the Spoken word, we went to Sacrament meeting in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and Julianna and I got to meet Elder Ballard. It was so cool! Last year we met Elder Oaks and this year Elder Ballard that means that if no body dies and there is someone different every year, we will have met all the Twelve by 2022... nice huh?

That brings us to the Pope Reunion! We went down to grandma's house in St. George without stopping once (oh yeah... I didn't even throw up once the entire trip). Unfortunately  Spencer, Nathan, and I still got the living room again this year as the bedrooms were taken. Last year Nathan got to sleep on the floor between Spencer and I but this year Spencer and I got to sleep on the floor together... Yay for being married! The only downer of the reunion was that Spencer and didn't get to go on walks this year (by the time we got back to grandma's house every night we were just too tired to go anywhere). The other difference this year was that everyone was on their own for lunch so Spencer and I went to a Chinese Buffet. It was so good! They had all so much delicious food. Then we went to see the Avenger's at the movie theater. We missed the raffle but it was worth it to get out of the heat. Then it was pool time! Turns out baby Rusty LOVES to swim. I have so much fun and so does he. Hopefully he will still love water when he is born. The big thing this year at the pool was Spencer, Adam and Nate inventing games to play all leading up to this awesome video of them dunking a tiny basketball (you'll have to turn your head to see it... sorry)

Another fun highlight of the reunion was this cat

She was a stray that just wandered into the farm and I fell in love with her. I tried to convinced my Parent-in-law that they need to take her home with them (out apartment has a strict no pet policy) but they said no. She ended up going home with a family that we were super weird :(

Spencer at the horseshoe tournament
And stamping washers for a cool bracelet
Julie and I making root beer (the secret is an entire bag of sugar. Something I sure would have not been able to drink had the diabetes test come back positive) 
Mexican Fiesta dinner!
Dinner time! We came and ate at the pool house because oh how many flies there were.  Even the people that live there were shocked and saying that they had never seen that many flies. 
Spencer feeding the horse
That brings us to the zoo! The Keele's gave Spencer and I tickets for my birthday and we finally got to go. I hadn't been to the zoo in about 15 years (no joke). It was so much fun!

Again you can see all the pictures on Facebook
It was really worth the wait going to back to the zoo. The animal did NOT disappoint, and I got to see a gorilla eat a bug... oh yeah! After the zoo we went to Teppanyaki something I had never done before. It was great. The chef was really funny and the food was DELICIOUS! My favorite part was the onion volcano, it burned for so long and then he made it into a train to mix in with the rest of the vegetables  Oh! and I caught a shrimp in my mouth!
My super hot husband
And of course, last but not least...The Baby update! My stomach is in full bump mode now

I can't believe that that I am already 29 weeks already... we are a little more than two months away! I'm not going to lie... I'm starting to freak out a little bit. We still have SO MUCH to do before the baby comes. My mom and I went shopping for maternity clothes last Monday, because out of no where, NOTHING fits. I bought a pair of jeans, a couple of sweaters, and a dress. Turns out that maternity clothes is ridiculous expensive. Lucky for us 'Ross' has some. I spent less on all the clothes I bought than I would have spent on one pair of jeans in the store at the mall.

That brings us to yesterday...Spencer had two mission reunions (as he had two mission presidents) both on the same night so we got to go both. I really love the reunions, I get to hear a ton of stories and eat lots of yummy treats. This year I found out something huge... Spencer was just as popular of his mission as he is at home. EVERYONE loves him (surprise surprise)

This is everyone yelling "Sister Keele" for me. Turns out on his mission, every time someone saw Spencer they would yell "Elder Keele" sticking both hands out
This is Harrison Schultz just about the happiest guy I have ever met. Happy and full of life. 
It was a great month and I love that we are now in October. General Conference today was great I can't wait for the sessions tomorrow. Not to mention the love-of-my-life's birthday on the 18th. I'll try to be better at blogging more in smaller sections so that I don't have such long posts in the future... promise.

PS did you see the cute baby countdown on the right. All thanks to