Monday, August 27, 2012

First a year.. then everything else....

I has almost been a year since I stared blogging. I can't believe how quickly time has passed. Of course, my first blog post was explaining the fact that this blog is name The Keele Family even though we hadn't gotten married yet, and now we have a baby on the way. It is crazy how quickly everything has changed. Spencer says that since it has been a year I have to do a "Year at Glance" sort of thing so I figured I would just let the pictures (and captions) do the talking.

Our engagement pictures
Labor Day Lagoon trip! (We got back next week)
Pope Family Reunion (We go back in two weeks)
Married November 4th
Christmas as a married couple
Moving into our own apartment
Our first bills
Brian Reagan
It's a boy
Pioneer Day
I realize that those pictures barely do our year justice, but I didn't want to make this post so extremely long (although it looks like it's headed that way anyway). If you want a better review, please feel free to go through all of out past posts.

So onto recent events. We went to the second ultrasound and found that the due date changed to December 29th but since it is not a full two week they are going to leave the due date at December 23rd officially. We also got some not so good news that the baby had some fluid inside his kidneys. The ultrasound tech and Dr. McBride told us that it is not something that we have to worry about yet. They see it in a lot of babies and the problem will most likely take care of itself, but it does mean that I will get another ultrasound at 30 weeks to check on everything. Both doctors are pretty confident that everything will be fine though and they both said that it would be bad for both Rusty and I if I freak out over it so I have been trying really hard to put it out of my mind for now.

Meanwhile I have been having to worry about other things. Mainly, gestational diabetes. I failed my one hour test so today I had to go in and take the three hour test. My body wasn't having it however and I threw up everything about 40 minutes in. Which means that I have to go in tomorrow to try again (you have to be fasting). It's not looking so good though. I talked to my doctor today and he said that the first blood test they did this morning was already showing high blood sugar levels (a normal person should be at least under 100 when fasting and I was at 104). He thinks that we are looking at potential diabetes but wants to be one hundred percent sure before we do anything. Great huh? I guess we will find out for sure tomorrow (if I don't throw up again)

On happier news, I am finally showing, here is a picture to prove it

On Saturday the 11th I felt him kick for the first time and he has not stopped since then. It is so weird to feel him moving but it's even weirder to see it. As magical as it is, he has been keeping me up and there is a perfectly logical explanation for it. Dr. McBride told me that since I am at work and moving all day, the baby is getting rocked to sleep, but when it's time for me to go to sleep, I relax and stop moving so he stops getting rocked. Conclusion: this baby is going to be born with the habit of sleeping all day and staying up all night. I mean he is inside me right now, he doesn't have a sense of day and night it is only what mommy is currently doing. I have been trying to shake him up a little when I'm assisting to wake him up but I haven't had much success.

My birthday was so much fun! (sorry I took ZERO pictures) We started the week by going to Tucanos on Monday (thank you birthday club) we ate so much Spencer literally got sick from it. It was great (I mean not for him but the food was delicious) then on Tuesday we went to the ward block party and when I got home from work this was waiting for me along with a spotless house.

Wednesday (my actual birthday) we went to dinner with my in laws to Zupas (freaking delicious). Then I dragged Spencer home to watch Richie Rich (What? I love that movie and it was my birthday). We then went to my parents house for cake, and finished out the night by blowing out candles and having some of the cake that Spencer had bought me (pictured above). It was an all over lovely day. I really liked it.

So I guess that is it for now. We are getting ready to go to Lagoon on Saturday for the annual trip and then the reunion the week after. I can't wait. I talked to Dr. McBride today and he told me that while at Lagoon I can go on the Ferris wheel and the merry go round but that's about it. It will be fine though, I mean it is a fun weekend all around and I'll still get to go to all the shows and enjoy time with family and friends. Heck, I might even spend the majority of the day at Lagoona Beach. We'll see how I'm feeling that day.