Monday, July 30, 2012

'Cause I want it that way

This sure has been a fun couple of weeks (please notice the fact that it has only been two weeks since my last post... that's right). Fiesta Days is really one of my favorite times of the year the entire town comes alive and is full of fun things to do. This year, I went to the rodeo for the first time ever! (after living in Spanish Fork for over 9 years it was bound to happen eventually). I have to be honest, if I had know it was that cool, I would have gone a long time ago. My favorite parts were the bull riding (of course) and something called Mutton Bustin' where they put 5-6 year old kids on top of sheep and have them ride them as long as they can. It was just about one the funniest things I have seen. Of course I'll never let Rusty do it, are you kidding?! those kids looked liked they could have gotten really hurt. It was both scary and hilarious at the same time. My stupid camera was out of battery so I couldn't take any pictures at all :( so the memory will just have to live inside my mind... sorry.

Monday the 23th I dragged Spencer out to watch "My Fair Lady" this year's musical (Spanish Fork does one every year for Fiesta Days). Ummmmmmm...... well..... the main people were really good, specially the lady playing Eliza, she was incredible. But that's all I'm going to say about the show. Well, I'll say one more thing. Mark went with us and he had never seen the show before so at the end when Eliza goes back to Henry and he asks her to get his slippers, he turned to me and said "You've got to be kidding me, that can't be the end. She just goes back to be his slave?!" He was very disappointed. Spencer that, if comparing the two, he likes "Taming of the Shrew" a lot better than "My Fair Lady" because he says that in TOTS he is at least training a wife as opposed to training a slave on MFL. Either way, neither show is necessary a female empowerment movement. Adam and Laura came with us but they left at intermission. What they didn't know is that the show actually got better the second half.

On the actually 24th, we met Julie and Julianna at One Man Band for breakfast (by the way, if you have never been to One Man Band you are sure missing out).

It was so freaking good! On Monday night Julie had put our chairs out right outside the restaurant so as soon as we were done eating we went out to watch the parade. It was PERFECT timing. I think that the Fiesta Days Parade is a thing that you either really like or really hate. Personally, I LOVE IT! I love seeing the local High Schools, City Royalty, and just about everyone else trying to out do each other on floats. The best part is seeing people you know (Nate was in it this year because he is the Sophomore Class President at Maple Mountain) I get really into it so there are really no pictures except for these two I took before the parade stared (by the way, the parade is kicked-off every year by some guys shooting off old-fashion musket and a cannon. Talk about your start of a good parade!)

Spencer and I met some of his band friends for scones at One Man Band later that afternoon. It is a tradition that they have been doing for a while. It was really fun to catch up with everyone one (we hadn't seen them since last year on the 24th). The best part... I got to satisfy my fries craving :). Then we went to my parent's house for dinner my dad made asado (Argentinian bbq) so FREAKING GOOD! It went perfect my mom's potato salad, I ate so much I though I was going to exploded. There were some other stuff there too but really who cares... there was steak and potato salad, what more do you want?! My family has gotten into playing UNO so Spencer joined them for a game while I ate ice cream (hey! I'm pregnant, leave me alone). They play such cheating rules... I won't get into it but it makes me SO MAD! We then went over to the Keele's house to watch America's Got Talent with Julianna and then saw the fireworks. It was a perfect day. 

In other, not so perfect, news, I have this weird thing growing on the side of my neck and face. About a month ago I got all these little white bumps on the right side of my neck. I showed my Doctor when I went in for my check up and he said that they looked like molluscous (warts) and he took some liquid nitrogen and froze some of them off but they were so many of them I could only take a little (it burned like crazy). Well, this passed week something happened, they went from the white bumps to seriously hideous red bumps and spread like a cat video on YouTube. Spencer and I took this picture yesterday, it doesn't even do it justice. 

They are all over my face, neck, shoulders, and back. I even have a couple on my chest and legs. Needless to say, I have shed a few tears over it. I look so ugly (of course my pregnancy hormones don't help). I went to a dermatologist today who straight out told me he is not sure what they are. Like my doctor he says they look like molluscous but he took a piece of my shoulder and they are sending it out to a biopsy. We will know in about ten days. Meanwhile, he did give me a cream for them, because to top it all off they are super itchy. So now there is nothing we can but wait for results. I'll tell you what, this pregnancy is turning out to be the funnest time of my life. 

Speaking of pregnancy, I am feeling a lot better. Spencer and I even went on a walk yesterday (something we used to do every Sunday but haven't in forever). I think that the best part is the joy I get from actually felling so good. It's kind of like when you have a stuffy nose and you realize that you don't ever notice your nose, but then when you feel better, you appreciate your nose so much. Of course, I still get sick but it is nothing compare to what it was before. Here is my latest bump picture

I know right? it's getting there, you can see it really good when I were a dress. It is nice to be getting out of that awkward stage and looking more pregnant as opposed to fat. Spencer and I were even able to go on a date last week (Rusty doesn't like it when we go on dates. He takes personal offence to it and makes sure every time we have something planned, I get really sick and can't go anywhere). But we were able to trick him. I had the day off work so I went to class with Spencer. His class is inside the BYU Art Museum so when toured it when class was over. It was really cool. There were so many things to see and it was nice and cool in there (a must for me to feel good). Then we went to Red Lobster. It was my first time ever going because I don't like any sort of sea food but we had a gift card. I had chicken (delicious) and he had rainbow trout (surprisingly good considering I hate fish). By far the best part were the biscuits, it is worth it to go to Red Lobster just for that. 

And now... this whole post has been leading up to this moment... the best news of all

That's right! the Backstreet Boys have just announced a new album!!!! and guess what?! Kevin Richardson is back as part of a 20 year anniversary. I CAN NOT WAIT! Of course the other 4 have been doing incredible without Kevin but it is nice to have him back. They will be singing on Good Morning America on August 13th (as an early birthday present to me). I am one happy girl :)

PS My lower back has been hurting me. I saw a pregnant lady at Church the other day with an inflatable donut. Is that the road I'm heading towards?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Helpless when "HE" smiles

Let's start things off with this AWESOME picture (if I say so myself)

That's right... The Keele baby is a BOY! Spencer and I are super happy. It turns out I'm actually only 17 weeks along (instead of 21) so we are going in for another ultrasound in 3 weeks since the baby was too little to see everything. We got a 12 minute DVD of the baby moving and printed out photos so unfortunately I can't put any on here. Maybe when we go in for the "official" mid-pregnancy ultrasound they'll give us the pictures on a disc instead. The baby is looking GREAT! two arms, two legs, weighs 7oz,  his spinal chord looks exactly like it should (which I was really worried about) and he is definitely a boy. He was being a stinker though, all curled up and facing my spine, he wouldn't let the doctor look at anything. It took a while to get him to move and when he finally did, he wouldn't stay still. It was really cool to see him. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to see anything because I can NEVER see anything in those pictures, but I didn't miss a single detail (I guess you have to be the mom in order for your eyes to work with ultrasounds).

So yes, we are naming the baby Spencer Russell Keele. Spencer and talked names before we even got married so it was easy. Spencer wanted his first born son named after him and I love old timey names. We are planing on having the baby go by Rusty. Both families have come to terms with the fact that they really have no say in the matter (shoot, Spencer barely had any say) so now everyone is happy (mostly me). I am worried though, panic struck last night when I realized that I have NO IDEA how to raise a boy. I don't know anything about them! The first thing I asked Spencer was "what do they talk about in the boy's maturation program?" 

There are so many things to think about we want to decorate the nursery with animal, sports, cars, railroads?! Is he going to wanna play football, basketball, soccer, hockey... fencing?! I just really don't want to mess up the poor child. What songs do you sing to boys to get them to sleep at night?! What stories do you ready to them?! You can keep buying little girls dolls until kingdom comes but really how many basketballs does a boy need?! So yeah... I'm freaking out a little. 

Anyways... since I'm only 17 weeks, the due date changed it is now December 23rd at 7:00 AM (yeah, they can pinpoint it down to the time) so Santa is bringing us a baby this year. It will be so close, we might celebrate Christmas in the hospital, or celebrated with a new born baby that was a few days early (best case scenario as long as there were no problems), or I'm going to be very, very, very pregnant (also not a bad scenario all things considering). It will be a surprise. I'm definitely not going to get a "Baby's first Christmas" ornament until after Rusty is born because if he is born before Christmas, he will need one; but if he is born after Christmas, he will have to wait a whole year before it is his first Christmas. If he is born on Christmas... well, we'll cross that bridge when, and if, we get there. We took a new picture of my growing belly (which is actually starting to show a little) but I figured I better edit the previous ones first to show the correct weeks (sorry about the first one, I accidentally deleted the original picture so all I could do was blur out the writing and put the correct weeks)

So there is really not that much change, although you can see it a little bit better when I'm wearing a dress instead of jeans.  I have't felt him move at all yet. Even yesterday when I could see him moving, I couldn't feel him. 

Here is a picture where you can see the belly a little bit better (I didn't bother editing it since I was making a funny face and wasn't going to use it) Although I may be sticking my belly out a tiny bit. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some Nights I Always Win

I figured I would give a quick update on what's up with us lately. Mostly because I wanted a chance to add a poll to the blog on whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

First of all, I am feeling about a bazillion years better. I still throw up but it's more of a part-of-my-life kind of thing now. I'll be doing something, go throw up, and go back to doing whatever I was doing as if it was nothing. If I'm being honest, this is an arrangement I can live with. Of course, I would rather feel 100% better but beggars can't be chooser I guess. It has sure made work a lot easier. I saw the doctor yesterday and he told me that everything is looking good. Most importantly, he ordered the ultrasound! Which means that next Monday we find out what the baby is! We are both very exited. The thing is that I might not be as far along as everyone originally though so we will all find out for sure then. Supposedly I am at 19 and 2 days right now, but I guess we'll see. The one thing I'm really not looking forward to is the fact that I have to do the ultrasound with a full bladder. I have no idea how that is going to happen since I can't drink anything without running to the bathroom in a matter of minutes. I think that the baby is sitting right on my bladder. For those of those you that have been pregnant, did you have the same problem? How did you deal with it?

Sorry I took absolutely NO pictures on the 4th of July. We met the Keele's at Brick Oven for lunch celebrating Adams birthday. I was starving! I ended up eating more that Adam (and he pointed that out himself). Then Nathan, Spencer and I were supposed to go get Veronica and go to Seven Peaks for the rest of the day, but the drive home was torture for me. I have been having a really hard time with heat. Where I used to live for the sun and its hotness I can't do it at all anymore. I get so hot so fast and it takes me a really long time to recover. So anyways, we ended up coming back home and I lay on the couch under the air vent while Nathan and Spencer played video games. It was still a pretty fun day I guess. We went to my parent's house for dinner and then watched the fireworks in the exact same spot that Spencer and I watched them last year (before the proposed) at the church close to Keele's house. There is an open field right in front of it that made it so that we could all the aerials (thank you so much rich Spanish Forkians for putting on a show).

Things have pretty much settled down. We have fallen back into our old routine (as opposed to the "Ana is always sick" routine) and are pretty happy. I am starting to show a little bit more, but instead of posting a picture of my bump now I decided to wait until the ultrasound next week so that I can have exactly how far along I am. Dr. McBride said that they will change my due date if I am off on over two weeks, which means that my due date might change to somewhere around Christmas. Spencer had a bit of a panic attack when I told him that we had to both maternity shots and newborn pictures plus Christmas card and announcement. His first though was "and you want to do this with each baby?!" Luckily, we have reach a compromise. We will do maternity pictures with the baby and only do newborn pictures with the rest. As far as the newborn pictures, depending on when the baby is born, we will do Christmas themed newborns and make them our Christmas card/baby announcement. Hopefully the baby will be born in time to get everything done because it looks like that, for Christmas this year, Spencer is either going to have a newborn baby or a VERY pregnant wife.

That brings us to another segment of
Today's rant is brought to you by stupid people that don't merge

One of by biggest pep peeves in the entire planet is when people know that they are going to have to merge and they don't do it! I'm talking about the people that see the light board telling them to merge ahead but still keep driving in that lane to try to get ahead of everyone. Now I have no problem letting a car merge into my lane but it irks me so much to have to come to a complete stop simply because you wanted to be two cars farther ahead. Don't these people realize that if they only merged when they are suppose to it will make traffic flow much easier? Of course cutting a lane down will slow down traffic but when I have to stop completely to let someone in the person behind me has to stop completely and so on and so forth. Get a clue! You are not going to get anywhere faster just because you think you are being slick and passing all the cars. Selfish.

PS There should be a law that says husbands are NOT allowed to eat the pudding of their pregnant wives!
2PS Don't forget to vote on the poll!