Monday, May 14, 2012

Well Hello Mr. Doctor

So we just got back from an AH-Mazing! weekend all to top it off with a very extensive (pretty awkward) Doctor's visit this morning. He went over the entire process of the pregnancy and let us know one very crucial important detail...

That is right! I am 11 weeks along. Which brings us to the exiting due date of DECEMBER 2, 2012!!! On top of all that, he heard the baby's heartbeat ('he' as in Dr. McBride, Spencer and I couldn't hear it apart from my heartbeat, but he promised us that as the baby grows we should be able to hear it by my next appointment in a month). However, he did say that the heartbeat sounded really good. It really put things into perceptive for me. There really is a baby in there and it's heart is beating... weird right? Up until now the only conformation I've had that their is a baby is how extremely sick I have been. And I have been EXTREMELY sick. It is more afternoon sickness than anything else. Spencer says that is God's way of still letting work but really I'm nauseous all the time. I swear if one more person tells me that the secret is to not let my stomach get empty, I will loose it! I throw up everything I eat whether I'm eating it all at once or in tiny portions all throughout the day. Food, in general, grosses me out. The only thing that is working for me is Unisom. I take half a pill before I go to bed and it calms the nausea long enough for me to get some sleep in. I would not be able to sleep otherwise. The good news is that  Dr. McBride said that the nausea should go away at the end of the first trimester which is really only two weeks away. I can handle it for two weeks I think.

So onto less throw-upy news....

This past weekend Spencer and I joined Julie, Nate, and Julianna and drove down to St. George to see Brian Reagan at Tuacahn. It was so much freaking fun! We went down Friday night after I got home from work and stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Swenson's house (how nice it is that they have a house down there). The trip took forever thanks to unexpected side of the road stops provided by me, we didn't get there until almost midnight.

Saturday, we got up, had breakfast and (since I was feeling better) the first stop on the list

The Avengers! in 3D (because really why would you watch any movie not in 3D now days). It was so good! Spencer had said that it would be his new favorite movie and it didn't let him down. My favorite part of the movie? (Spoiler alert) When the HULK smashes the crap out of Loki. So unexpectedly funny.

We then ate a place called Durangos' it was really good. It is kind of like Cafe Rio but the food is completely different. It is more authentic tasting,

Spencer had the steak salad (so delicious) while Julie, Julianna, and Nate had grill chicken burritos (of Burrangos is they call it there)

It was pretty hot in St. George, we shopped around for a while and went back to the house to cool off

I immediately fell asleep. It's crazy how tired I am all the time... I guess that's just a pregnancy thing. Then it was time for the reason we had come. Brian Reagan! I had never been to Tuacahn before, it is a pretty cool place, Spencer and I are thinking about going to see Aladdin for my birthday although it may be way too hot.
We got valet parking because we are fancy ;)

This is how close to the stage we were (no this photo is not zoomed in at all) but it didn't look like they were too many 'bad' seats in the amphitheater. This is a before picture by the way, the show was completely sold out, the wasn't a spare seat anywhere.

This was Brian's opening act, his name was Kermit Pallet and he was absolutely hilarious! I had never even heard of him before but he most certainly got my attention now.

Then it was time for the man of the hour

We laughed SO MUCH!!!! It was all brand new material (which i was worried that I would know all his jokes) and so FUNNY!!!!! I am so glad we went (Thanks Santa for the tickets)

Which bring me too

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers! (which includes me no matter what Spencer says about me not being a mom until the baby is born). We spent Mother's Day traveling back from St. George and then at my parents' house and I even got a couple of presents (not from Spencer). I got a picture frame, and iron and this book

My mother in law said that it will tell me everything I need to know about the pregnancy. So far, I read the introduction to chapter one where it told me that since I was already pregnant, I could skip ahead to chapter two. I also got this book from my Dr. today

So now I have reading to do :)

Oh! in other news the Keeles got a pool! Oh yeah! It is sixteen feet wide and five feet deep. The problem however is that it needs to be on level ground and the their back yard has a slight decreas. So it's not looking too good right now

This is picture of Mark trying to get it fill up before we found out it had to be on perfectly leveled ground. By the way, this picture doesn't do it justice, the thing is HUGE!