Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ooh Baby Baby!

Just in case, for what ever reason, you did not see it on Facebook here it is again

That's right... I'm PREGNANT!

So here is the story:
I have been pretty tired for the last couple of weeks, actually, I have been SUPER tired. I would go to work, come home, and just want to go to bed. I though I might be pregnant (I don't know how to explain it, like I just kind of knew I was) So on Saturday, I had a two chocolate-chip cookies that Melissa had brought for us on the way home and, even though they were delicious, as soon as I swallowed the last bite I got so sick and nauseous. I knew it was time to make sure, so I went to the store and got pregnancy tests. Spencer was playing tennis with his friends so my plan was that if I was pregnant I would go back to the store and buy booties of something to give to Spencer when I told him. I got home, took the test, and sat down on the computer while I waited... Imagine my surprise! I didn't know what to think. So I got in the car and went to meet Spencer at the tennis courts and told him (completely forgetting I had a plan and that plain did not involve just coming out and telling him). He was really happy! Later that night, we went to Walmart and bought this mugs for our moms
So that we could tell them the next day. Originally I though it best to wait until Mother's Day but we decided against it (let's face it, neither of us are good with waiting, after all he did propose to me the same day he went and bought the ring). I did, however, take an other test just in case. I didn't want to get everyone exited and then not be pregnant.
Here is Julie opening her mug
And my mom opening hers
They both opened them and then looked up at me as they processed what they were reading. Needless to say, both families are beyond exited and happy.

I went to the doctor yesterday for the first time. It was a very long appointment and they drew a ton and a half of blood (you would think that they would like to leave some blood in my body for the actual baby). The bad news, they can't tell me how far along I am because of the irregularity of.... "times".... The doctor thinks that I may be somewhere between four and six weeks or maybe even less than that, but he is leaning towards six. Now I have to wait another four weeks (when I may or may not be ten weeks along) to have my first ultrasound when we will all know for sure. Conclusion: right now we are looking at a due date between late November, December, and early January. It's a surprise.

Meanwhile, I'm still really tired but I at least have not thrown up yet. You know when you haven't eaten in a really long time and you are nauseous because of it? That's how I fell all the time, especially right after I finish eating. But even that hasn't really been too bad.

So here I am, getting really to be a mom and freaking out a little bit. It is a really good thing I have about nine months to prepare.

Monday, April 9, 2012

What's better than chocolate? A chocolate BUNNY!

HAPPY EASTER everyone!

Ever since I stared dating Spencer last year, Easter has taking a new meaning. Of course my family always celebrated it and made a big dinner; but now, my Easter is filled with egg dying, candy, and egg hunts. I LOVE IT! 

Easter Holiday stared on Saturday with egg dying at the Keele's house. Spencer and Adam had to work so it was only Julianna, Nate and me (and, of course, a messy kitchen)

It was so fun! We each got a dozen eggs and let me tell you, right around egg six my creative juices had run out. (I'll admit it, there was a lot of copying my brother-in-law at that point.)
The ones you see here are originals
Then I went home and made cup cakes for the next day. I got the idea of although their version was a little much so I gave them my own style 
They are chocolate with cream cheese frosting. The grass is made out of coconut 
They made me feel really good. Like I was capable of making really cute things. Talk about a confidence boost. :)

Easter Sunday we got up and Spencer had hidden the eggs I had dyed the day before for me to find. It was my first egg hunt! (He took a lot of pictures but I was in my pajamas so I won't post them... Sorry). We went to church and it was absolutely pack (Missionary farewell). The pre-elder (as Spencer calls them) shared a poem in which he used used visual aids, then another sister in the ward shared a talked in which she used visual aids. Needless to say, Spencer and I felt silly for not using them when we talked a couple of months ago. Spencer played the piano for the Primary musical number, it was great. Our ward is really smart and they put the lyrics to the song the Primary sings in the back of the program (how many times have you heard the kids sing and though it was beautiful but had now idea what in the world they were saying?) Then they asked Spencer if he could come play the piano for sharing time (the usual piano player was out of town). He loved it!!!! (by the way... the Primary gets out around five minutes early, if that is not the biggest oversight in the history of the world, I don't know what it)

When we got home, it was my turn to hide the eggs so that Spencer could find them. Here is a picture of him finding the last egg. 
PS. Isn't Spencer's the tie the worst tie you have ever seen?! Oh how I wish he would let me get rid of some of his ties!
We then, proceeded to make egg salad sandwhiches and hang around the apartment untill it was time to go over to Grandma and Grandpa Swenson's house. Everyone was there! It was great because we hadn't seen them all since Kate's wedding in January. We had dinner, (there was so much food! Grandpa Swenson make the best hamburgers and hot dogs) and were able to visit with everyone for a while, until it was time for the kids to go inside so that we could hide the eggs. There were so many eggs to hide!

It was absolutely ridiculous! In the end, Adam had to go around collecting all the eggs that were still left because the kids didn't have room in their baskets for them. 
This is my darling Darcy
And her older sister Addie. I love these two so much :)

Spencer and Grandpa Swenson

Oh Yeah! Spencer and I won... our price? we got to brag about it!

Shay wasn't very happy that day :(

Then everyone settled down for a game of Wizard... It's like hearts, only a little different. 

All in all, we have a terrific time!

Today I got to go see Titanic (one of the greatest movies of all time) in 3D. It was awesome! I don't want to ruin in for you but you feel like you are actually on the ship. And (spoiler alert) the part when the door blows and all the water starts rushing through is incredible. Although I had forgotten how much breastiness there was in that movie. I can't believe that it is PG 13. Oh! and (spoiler alert) one thing that did bug me was that Rose pulls down the separating window when she pulls Jack to the back of the car, there is no way it could have gotten foggy in there. But still.... EPIC is the only way to describe it. I did, however forget how long it was and made the mistake of eating a lot of popcorn, which meant that I had to drink a lot, and really had to go to the bathroom. So I ended up missing about 3 minutes of the movie. It so LONG! but so worth it! Thanks so much for going with me Jessica :D

Here's Jessica with the poster!
Here's something funny I saw on Facebook
So my current favorite song is "Somebody that I used to know" by Gotye, here is my favorite acapella group, Pentatonix, doing a cover for it. To be honest, I even like it better than the original.

PS Favorite quote from Easter: "Hannah Montana was the biggest thing in the United States since George Washington" -Spencer Keele (He really said that, ask Adam)

Friday, April 6, 2012

The New Old Routine

Oh General Conference! What a spiritual makeover you bring unto all our lives. I have this thing that I try to renew and revive during conference weekend. I'll take a bath and moisturize, do my eyebrows, clean out my pores; that sort of thing. It is an attempt to feel good inside and out. This weekend was different though because it was our first General Conference married (we have had one when were dating and the other one engaged). I must take a second and make a plug for the amazement that technology is to me. What a truly amazing thing it is. Spencer and I don't have any channels on our TV so we watched the conference in bed on the lap top (don't you wish you had the excuse of not having channels). The sessions were incredible. Although we still have yet to watch the Saturday afternoon session. Nate had the closing night of the musical he was in: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat (he play a brother and Potiphar) Spencer and I hadn't been able to see it so we went at that time. It was an Amazing Technicolor show. One of the best plays I have seen in a while, definitely the best I have ever seen from Spanish Fork Youth Theather (Sorry Adam and Julianna if you read this... the plays you guys were in where pretty good too). When we came home, Spencer had to go to work so he also missed the Priesthood Session :(

Sunday completely made up for it though. I got up about 45 minutes before the session started to go make breakfast when Spencer caught me in the kitchen, told me he was making breakfast and pushed me back to bed. This is what he came back with half and hour later...
Oh Yeah.... Be Jealous
This is how we watched conference. The glare on the screen showed up really good in the picture but it really wasn't there in real life. 

 As soon as the morning session was over, we got dressed (Shorts and t-shirts, not that far off from the pajamas we were wearing) and went over to my parents house for lunch and to watch the final session with them. (If you for whatever here don't know how to watch the sessions you missed or how to re-watch any part of conference CLICK HERE)

We later proceeded to go to the Keele's house when Nathan said something that really sparked my interest "I spent General Conference playing with Legos". Of course I demanded that the Legos would be brought out at once so that I could play with them too. Nathan, Julianna, and I spent the next hour and a half building this
It's and Estate
We all had our jobs: I took care of the mansion. Julianna did the the yacht, pool and hot tub. Nate did the baskeball/tennis court and all the vehicles (including the speed boat). Then we all but it together, added the fountain and build the fence around it (there is no fence on the back because the estate opens up unto a private beach and the ocean)
Here's a closeup
After we were all done (and all the Legos were put away), I convinced my husband and siblings-in-law to go outside and fly kites with me.

There was a plane and a dragon. Unfortunately, neither of them flew well. Specially the dragon. Spencer tried so hard with it, but all he was....

That's right.... getting it stuck in a tree. It took up 40 minutes to get it down
The dragon didn't survive :(

On Monday (after we cleaned the apartment) we decided to go hiking... The original plan was Payson Canyon but Spencer had never been to the up to the Cross. It was cold and windy but SO FUN!
This is before the hike. Do you see the cross in the background?
"It's the Circle of Life"

This has got be my favorite picture of all time. It is for sure going up on a frame and in our apartment.
This is my castle. It is a group of light color rocks that look like a castle from  far away
The view from the castle

Spencer decided he needed a castle too (even though his is more like a fort)

Getting up to the cross is really a hard hike (well at least I thought so )
In hindsight, going on that hard hike and then to Zumba class was not the smartest idea. To say I was sore the next day is a gross exaggeration. I am just getting over it.

PS I can't wait until Easter... we are spending it over at Gandpa and Grandma Swenson's house with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. I can't wait. We haven't all been together since Christmas