Thursday, March 15, 2012

WARNING: Extremely long catch-up Post

Spencer and I have been super busy (I know, I know super sorry excuse but still it's the best I've got). I could sit her and apologize for the fact that it has been over a month since my last post but instead I'm just going to move on and write about everything we have been up to this past month.

Fist and foremost...

These are our first bills (of course I took a picture of them). They are our electricity/internet and our gas bills. Now I'm not going to say how much they were but they are really not bad. Spencer and I are being super careful with our money and basically not buying anything our going anywhere. It's nice when we get small bills like these, it makes me feel like our hard work is being rewarded by the good people at Spanish Fork City and Quester Gas. 

So leads us up to 


We had so much fun on Valentine's Day. We usually work from 1:00 to 7:00 on Tuesdays but because it was Valentine's my boss switched our day from 8:00 to 4:00 so that he could take his wife out to dinner (THANK YOU DR. FISCHER!) Spencer surprised me and actually drove all the way out to Riverton (all 37.5 miles and 44 minutes each way) and came to the office with a big gorilla (pictured below) and a towel wrap that I have been wanting since before we got married. Greatest husband ever? OH YEAH! He had to work that day so he wasn't home when I got there, but there was an elephant and a box of chocolates for me on the bed (I know, right?). So,  I had but a chicken meal in the slow cooker that morning and  it was all ready by the time he got home and we had and awesome candlelight dinner (he surprised me with candles) complete with rose petals and a Lebron James shirt for him (the last two were my doing). After dinner we cuddled up on the bed and watched a movie (It was perfect). 

The next day it was back to business in the office all gearing up for the 2012 UDA Dental Convention (UDA stands for Utah Dental Association by the way). I truly love the convention. It is so much fun for me. I get to go to classes that teach me how to be a better assistant and get a bunch for free stuff and candy from vendor who want Dr. Fischer to buy their products (Not to mention toothbrushes). This year Melissa and I went to a class by a man named Gary Zelesky. He talked all about passion... It was AWESOME! He was by far the most passionate person I have ever met. It made me want to be better and find my passion. 

Here are some cool tidbits from his 4 hour lecture (there was a 2 break in the middle, just like General Conference)....

Passion is the one thing you would do every single day of your life without getting paid a dime to do it.

Your passion doesn't have to make sense to anyone but you (as long as you are not doing something illegal or immoral) 

Your passion for life will create your position in life

Here he is having two dentists ask each other to accompany the other to the restroom (He says that is the major difference between men and women)

Here is Melissa and I with him. He is just the about the coolest guy EVER!
The convention was really so much fun... The following are a bunch of pictures from it
Melissa and I waiting for our class to start

This maching vibrates and helps get oxygen to your brain.  After  30 seconds on it the head ache I had was gone, and I felt better... Like a better version of myself. Apparently athletes are using it a lot. It is a pretty new thing. 

Here's Melissa on it (Liz wouldn't get on, not even to take a picture)

One of the vendors had set up a blackjack table complete with a dealer. Of course we had to stop and play and once I started playing I just couldn't stop. I ended up winning a Hundred Grand (the candy bar that is)

Do you see my pile of chips? It turns out Spencer and I should have gambled a little when we were in Vegas for our honeymoon

This is a picture of Melissa, Liz and I on a monitor taking on the best inter-oral camera in the business. The one we have at the office sucks so bad we all begged Dr. Fischer to look into this one. It was $5,000! Just a tiny bit out of his price range (heavy sarcasm)

Do you recognize those two shadows?

The only downside of the day.... taking caught in traffic on the way home. The convention is held at the Salt Palace in SLC and we got out of class at 4:00 not a good combination. I got home around 6:30 (yuck right?)

I spent the rest of the weekend sick in bed (it was just the flu). On Tuesday when I got up to go to work I felt a lot better, but I was in the middle of when I passed out. Literally passed out! It was the worse feeling in the world, I felt like I was going to die. One minute I was washing my hair and the next I was laying down in the tub calling for Spencer to come help me. He helped me out, got me dressed and took me to the doctor. From what the doctor explained to us we all have little rocks lining the walls of the canals inside our ears and sometime (when your sick like I had been) one of those little rocks can flick off and affect the flow of equilibrium to your brain. It is sometimes that gets better slowly and over time, so he gave me something for the vertigo and nausea and sent me on my way saying that if it didn't start to get better by that Friday he was going to refer me out to a balance specialist. He also gave an exercise to do once a day that involved me laying down, turning my head a certain way and rolling up. I'm doing a billion years better now, but that was a really hard week for me (not to mention we had to cancel the housewarming party we were going to throw). It was really hard to miss a whole week of work but like I said before, we just don't spend money on anything. 

That being said.... Spencer and I decided when we moved into the apartment that we would not spend a ton  of money decorating the place but that we would do it one room at a time...FEBRUARY: The Bathroom. I got a shower curtain and rugs for it. Here is what it looks like now...

The only bad thing is that we apparently have a weird toilet, so the "one-size-fits-all" toilet seat cover I bought doesn't fit. But it's okay :) I'm so happy with it! March is our bedroom so I'll put the pictures up when we are all done with it. 

Now, unto more important news (keep in mind this whole post has been in chronological order that is why this is only now coming up)

Yes, you guessed it...SPENCER GOT INTO BYU!!!!!!!!!!!

He starts classes on April 23rd and will be finishing out the Spring Semester, then doing the Summer Semester and he will be all caught up for the Fall Semester like he never took time off when we got married. I couldn't me more proud of him! He worked hard at Snow and had straight A's. (what are the odds that I would have that great picture of him with that 'Y' shirt on right?)

That brings us to March

Spencer surprised me when he called me at work on March 2nd and told me that his mom had won tickets to the Jazz games vs. the Miami Heat that night on the radio (Julie wins so many things on the radio it is incredible). So he brought up clothes for me to change out of my scrubs and we took the Trax up to the ESA to the greatest Jazz game I have ever been to. There were so many Heat fans on the stands but when it got down to the wire, as they yelled, us Jazz fans were even louder. It was so cool!. The Jazz ended up winning 99 to 98 and the Heat left after getting frozen by the snow in Utah. 

As usual, Spencer's head is cut off a little. What can I say? I'm short

I accidentally dropped my phone in the arena but security found it. It was hard to be without a phone for almost a week but it was awesome to go pick it up. I got to go down to the security check in of the ESA where the vendor trucks and team buses go it... So worth it.  Thank you so much for the tickets Julie!

With that, we are all caught up until yesterday,

The day at the office completely fell apart with patients canceling at the last minute so I was back at home fore 11. Spencer and I spend the whole day in bed watching Gossip Girl (Spencer watched all 4 seasons of it with me in the past couple of weeks. I told you he was the greatest husband ever!) then we went to Tuccanos for dinner. 
This is the before picture

Spencer loves the Brazilian Cheese bread so much. He probable ate 25 of more last night

According to Spencer, this is his "I'm really full" face
There weren't that many people there and we had an awesome meat server who kept coming and coming. Spencer's favorite thing was something new that they are having for limited time... Fillet mignon wrapped in bacon. He said that this was the first meat that he'd ever had that was actually better than the bacon it was wrapped it and he actually took off the bacon and ate it separately. No joke. We ate so much, we ate ourselves sick. Literally, like "I had to go and have some tea to to make my stomach feel better", ate ourselves sick.
These are rocks on fire....

.... and this is a bear wearing a BYU shirt. The Shops at Riverwoods are so cool!

So (even with our over feeding) it was the PERFECT DAY!

I promise to be better at keeping this blog updated (I know, I know, you've heard it before) but this time I'm serious

PS I don't know if I have mention this before but Spencer, Carlson, Nathan, and I after playing fantasy basketball together... I'm winning... that's righ