Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes I get a Good Feeling

As we get ready for Christmas, Spencer and I are getting ready for world to change (yet again). How? you may ask. By the simple fact that we are moving into our own apartment! I would now like to take this opportunity to thank Grandma and Grandpa Swenson. We really can't express how grateful we are you allowed us to live in your house this past two months. You guys really helped us get on our feet. We love you!

We are moving (you guessed it) back to Spanish Fork. I guess we just really couldn't stay away from our families. The good news is, it is the best of both worlds.... We are close enough to that we can visit, have dinner with them and share happy times... but... it's far away enough that we can leave and go home :) We found the greatest apartment. It is behind Fresh Market, three bedrooms (yeah, we don't know what we are going to do with that much room). Pictures to come.

Meanwhile we are super exited for Christmas. The plan is to spend Christmas Eve with the Keeles and Christmas day with the Titas. I can't wait! Spencer and I got our gifts for the white elephant gift and for the gift exchange. (Although if you are reading this family members don't really expect anything. Let's face it... we're poor)

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time on the Year

To say that I love Christmas is a very big, very misguided understatement. Christmas is by far my favorite time of year, made all the more special this year by the fact that every thing is new to Spencer and I for example:
This is our  first Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree was a struggle. We both had different opinions on how it should look. Surprisingly enough, the thing that gave us the most difficulty was the star, we could not figure out how to get that sucker on. We ended up having to stuff it on tip of the tree. Well as it turns out, we were actually missing the part that is able to put it on the tree, for whatever reason that part was missing from the box. To make matters worse we can't even return it anymore because we broke the packaging in order to get the star out. Conclusion: we are just making due with what we've got.

On better new... Spencer and I went went to Temple Square with Jessica and Carlson this past passed Friday. We had so much fun! Temple Square is one of my favorite places in the world (beaten only by Disneyland and the actual Temple).
Temple Square was absolutely PACKED! We literally had to wait in line to get up the the Jesus Statute. Of course I was going to make Spencer pose for a picture once we finally got up there. 

When he gets the chance, however, he makes me pose for pictures too. It's only fair I guess

Spencer has discovered he loves taking picture. He was sad about  this one because he thought that the picture would have been perfect had this not been the only tree that wasn't lit.
On top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Yes, even the nutcracker is taller than me
They literally could not have made this tree bigger, it touched the the chandelier.
The whole gang
Temple Square was actually not the best part of our weekend though... Spencer was selected to compete in a speech competition at Snow College and he made it to the final six so we got to go to Ephraim on Saturday morning were he gave his speech again in front of an audience and a panel of judges. He got 3rd place and I am super proud of him. His speech was awesome! (and I'm not just saying that because I'm married to him.... Judge for yourself)
The winners

Sunday, December 4, 2011


So I'm finally getting back to blogging and I have a lot of ground to cover. I could come up with some lame story along the lines of "I have just been to busy" but the truth of the matter is that I had packed away the cord that connects my camera to the computer and I couldn't find it. I just didn't want to blog without putting pictures up. (I would like to apologize before hand on how long this is going to be)

So anyways.... I guess I'll start at the begging... As you might have heard, Spencer and I are married now!!!! I can't even describe the joy of that day. I can't thank everybody enough. Everything was absolutely perfect, (even the weather) a true fairy tale wedding (pictures to come I don't have them yet, I know, I'm desperate for them)
The only "Official" picture we have. My new family
So after our incredible reception. Spencer and I stayed at The Springhill Suites Marriott in Provo, it was a wedding present from my new in-laws (Thank you so much Mark and Julie). The next morning it was off to Las Vegas for the most unforgettable Honeymoon of all time.
The first picture before we stared driving
The drive took 6 hours, three stops to the bathroom, two bags of M&Ms and a bag of sunflower seeds (Spencer's favorite when he is driving). Thankfully, Vegas is an hour behind Utah so we actually got there a little before 5pm with plenty of time to do things.

We stayed at the Excalibur or first night, of course we had no better idea than to actually go park the car and get our suitcases out before going to check in. Needless to say, we were walking around for about half an hour before we found the front desk and, of course, we had parked incredibly far away from were our room was. 

The next day, we checked out of the hotel and decided to go exploring... of course, Spencer had some time for his faces while I got ready.

Ready :)
We decided to start with M&M and Coca Cola World. It was awesome! Spencer had never been there and it had been a long time since it I had been there so we had a great time discovering new things. We even had time to watch the little 10 movie "I love my 'M' in Vegas", in which Red gambles away his 'M' and looses it.
This is the actually M&M sponsored race care for NASCAR. It's the #18 Toyota Camry 

This is one of the few pictures we are in together. We really should have asked people more. 

Spencer's Favorite M&M

The actual jacket

Add caption

This was the only drinking fountain we saw out entire trip

After seeing everything M&M world had to offer (and not buying anything, let's face it, the prices were absolutely ridiculous) it was time to head over to Coca Cola World. 
Probably my favorite picture (they would later put stuff on the green screen behind us but this picture was free). This bear was hilarious and very animated. In  the second picture (we didn't buy it) he was eating Spencer's head.  Even now as he saw me uploading this picture Spencer said "Oh my gosh I love that bear so much, I want to keep him"

My bear :)
So the new things they have going on The Strip is people dress up in very legit costumes and posse for tips
This is me and Bumblebee... Cool right?
It was still too early to check in at the Monte Carlo but we decided to give it a try anyways, lucky for us, our room was ready, and they upgraded us to a view of the strip.

(There are a lot more pictures of our room but I wont post them here. You can always go to the Facebook page)

A big highlight of our trip was, of course, The Lion King (we got free tickets for staying at the Monte Carlo).  To say that I recommend it for everyone is an understatement. It was absolutely incredible. We just had to buy the soundtrack.  Some of the sounds are so powerfully sung they literally make me cry when I hear them. Here's a clip of it. 

I got to live my life long dream of riding in the New York New York Roller Coaster. It is something I have wanted to do for the past 12 years. It was actually really scary but way fun at the same time. I love getting Spencer on roller coasters because he always screams that he is going to die. We bought the official photos from it but I don't have a scanner. I'll have to find one before I can post those. 

Needless to say, we were very sorry to go. 

But we were mostly sorry about all the things we didn't get to see. We walked around for hours, the strip is just way too big. We didn't even make it passed City Center. So the plan is to go back sometime soon. Spencer really wants to go see Terry Fator and he currently has a show there. Now, we'll just have to be able to afford it.

Which brings me to our life now. Going on a Honeymoon is nothing like going on vacation. You see when you go on vacation, you come home and everything is the same, but with a honeymoon everything  changes. 

Right now we are staying at Spencer's Grandparents house and we couldn't be for thankful. This has given us a chance to we able to get up on our own two feet while Spencer is finishing his last semester at Snow College. We are just getting used to living together but I have to admit we have both picked it up pretty easily, I guess we are just meant for each other (at least no fights yet). It is really sad for me when he leaves Monday morning and I don't see him again until Thursday night but it is something that I'm only going to have to deal with for the next two weeks (not even two full weeks since as soon as he is done with finals he can come home).

Good news.... we found an apartment! We are moving in the week between Christmas and New years. It is in Spanish Fork five minutes away from our families but away enough that we can still go to our own house when they get on our nerves. I am so exited for us to have a place of our own. 

I'm sorry this was such a long post, I really promise be better, now that I have my cable there is really no excuse. Look for a post of our Christmas tree as soon as we finish decorating it :)