Monday, October 24, 2011

Catch up

So I know it has been forever and day since the last post so I figured I would catch everyone up.
First things first... we are to the point that everything is done :) My 'freak out' list the last post is all completed and now we just have to take care of a few last minute details (mani-pedis and such) and just sit back and actually enjoy the fact that we are about to get married. (My bridal pictures last Saturday being the final piece to the puzzle)

It all stared with two aw-mazing bridal showers (compliments of Laura, my mom and Julie). They were both so fun and full of people that I care about and care about me. I can't thank them enough.

I am getting my endowments this Friday and I can't wait. Although I have to admit that I freaked out beyond my wits. I really don't know what to make of it, I really don't know what to expect.

This Saturday is the rehearsal dinner. I was really looking forward to it until Julie asked me to ask my family to prepare a story to tell about me, or Spencer, or Spencer and I together. I don't know what story they are going to pull from their memories but I know that the chances of it being embarrassing are really high.... okay... they are EXTREMELY high.

On a happier (less scary) note...


It was Spencer's birthday last Tuesday (the 18th) and we had a ton of fun. He unfortunately had school that day so I went and surprised him there and went to class with him all day. We also watched "Signs" and I was freaked out the entire time (I have a problem dealing with scary movies). Of course the fun did not end there, on Friday we went to Tuccanos (thanks to their birthday club) and Saturday we hung out and played games with his grandparents. All in all a really good weekend. (sorry about the lack of pictures, my camera is out of battery and I am a ding-dong who keeps forgetting to charge it)

I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. It seems only yesterday that I went to Spencer's homecoming and now we are getting married in just a little over a week. It's insane (a good insane). Can't wait :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011


We are exactly one month and three days from the wedding and to say that I'm freaking out doesn't ever begin to cover it. I figured that maybe if I put all done in writing it might help me see things in a better light (a more relaxed light hopefully). I guess I should start with the....

  1. Send out the announcements and invitations (that is a biggie to say the least)
  2. Finalize the food
  3. Get Temple recomends
  4. Get marriage license (this one I can actually put off just a little bit longer since they only last for 30 days. I don't want to cut it too close)
  5. Find a dress to wear to the Temple and to leave the reception (I don't want to have to drag my wedding dress around on our honeymoon)
  6. Have my dress altered
  7. Have my bridals taken (the last two are both pretty huge)
  8. Make a date at the Temple to get my endowments
I have to be honest that this list did make me feel a little better... for about two seconds, that is, until I looked up on the post and saw that I only had one month left to do all that. Plus, I can't stop working and I have two bridal showers and a batcherlorette party to attend.

I think that I might have reached time-bomb stage. Good news is that Sperncer's best friend Carlson got tickets for the closing session of General Conference tomorrow. You never know, maybe they'll be a talk that specifically says how to deal with pre-wedding stress.