Friday, September 23, 2011

Pope Reunion

We had an amazing time at the Pope Family Reunion. It is the family of Spencer's grandma so it's a little extended. The feeling is more like a bunch of friends you didn't even know you had. I loved it :) The only downside is that I forgot to take pictures....

The reunion takes place in Hurricane so we stayed at Spencer's grandparents' house in St. George (they have a house down there because they literally go South for the winter).
On the way there... Spencer and his faces :)
My first time ever touching a horse. This horse really liked to be petted,
and I was happy to be of service
The made a giant slip-and-slip, I didn't go on it but Nate and Spencer did. Nate's splash was pretty big but it was nothing compared to Spencer's.

Spencer and Nate found the sweetest van in the history of sweet vans
The talent show was my favorite part. Julianna sang "Tell me that you Love me" it was so good.
On top of all the fun times Spencer and I saw the biggest spider I have ever seen out on the street in my life. We went on a walk and saw a gigantic spider just chilling out on the sidewalk. Big enough that it didn't care that we stood staring at it for a long time (it was too bad(you know) to move).

Thank you so much for inviting me to go with you Keeles. I can't wait until next year :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


Spencer and I finally did our engagement pictures last week. I know that we are super behind on that considering the fact that it is one of the first things people do. My dad did them and they turned out awesome. I decided the best thing for me to do would be to just post my favorite three pictures on here and sent everyone to the Facebook page to see the rest. I posted my favorite 61 on my Facebook and Spencer posted his favorite 22 on his. Although it is no secret that I absolutely HATE his favorite photo. In my opinion it is one of the worst of the bunch. But hey, I can't change his opinion any more than he can change mine (well... maybe a little more) ;)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's What Fun is

So what do you get when you take Lagoon and Church things and add good friends and family? The greatest weekend EVER! Every year (for I don't know how long and neither do they) the Keeles go with the McEntires to Lagoon over Labor Day weekend, and this year, they invited me to come along. The moms all get together and plan out everything so that every one has a great time and all the food is taken care of so that we don't ever have to buy anything.

I think the best way to tell this story will be chronologically....

First things first, the McEntires and the Hardings (who came along this year too) stayed in the campground at Lagoon, but we stayed in a hotel in Bountiful.
It was called the Country Inn & Suites and it was super nice
It had this beautiful staircase in the entrance
But most importantly, it had and awesome pool and hot tub, which we definitely enjoyed to the fullest
The next day we got up early and after breakfast (the hotel had a delicious continental breakfast provided) we met the McEntires and the Hardings at the campground. Then all the moms (and me and Krista) made sandwiches to take into the park for lunch (like I said, everything was perfectly planned). Before I knew it, it was already 10:00 and Spencer grabbed my hand and we were inside Lagoon.

We stared with Bombora the new ride in which they play fun, suffer music as you go on a roller coaster (a little lame but the music was fun. Then we went on wicked and proceeded to walk a cross the park for Spencer favorite ride... Rattle Snake Rapids. We went on that ride for times in a row and got completely soaked. See, Spencer theory was that if we got wet first, we would have all day to dry off.

The nice thing was that we were never cold. Just really really wet

We actually got really lucky and were able to go on all the rides with little to no line. So we spent the entire morning going on ride after ride until we were exhausted and needed a break around 1:30
It was delicious
After lunch we took a lot easier than our hectic morning and spend a long time touring the house in Pioneer Village. It was great. I had never seen any of those before. Spencer and I even took the time to read the description of all the houses and places so that we knew what we were seeing. My favorite was the old Davis County Jail.

And this was my favorite prisoner

The Carousel is definitely one of my favorites

Spencer was forced to come along
Before we knew it was it time for dinner. So we went out to the campground and had dinner with everyone. I guess we hadn't realized how tired we were until we stopped for dinner because we both need a break. So we laid down for a little bit in one of the tents and Spencer was out like a light in a matter of minutes.
When we got back into the Lagoon, I did one of the craziest things I have ever done in my life. I went on the Skycoaster along with Nathan and some of the younger kids in our group
All of us with our tickets waiting in line.
To say that we were freaking out doesn't even begin to cover it
Well it turns out that as scared as we were (and trust me, we were plenty scare) it was a very little price to pay to the incredible fun this was. I literally felt like I was flying. It was the coolest sensation.

The best $15 I've ever spent
 Needless to say, all the rest of the rides felt tamed after the Skycoaster but Spencer and I still went on all of them one more time before the park closed. We even managed to make it to the show they had in that small theatre. At this point everyone was beyond tired so we went straight to bed.

The next day (Sunday) was my favorite (which is saying a lot considering the terrific day we had at Lagoon). We stared with another delicious breakfast and then met the McEntires and Hardings at the Conference Center to watch "Music and the Spoken Word". I was incredible. The Tabernacle Choir even sang my favorite hymn (High on the Mountain Top) and they sang it the best I've ever hear... twice.
Then the coolest thing happened. We went to the ward in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for Sacrament Meeting and Elder Oaks was there. And we actually got to meet him!. It was so cool. Spencer actually served his mission with Elder Oaks' grandson so we talked with him for a while (I was going go to get a picture but I thought it would be rude. I really wish I had). He wished us good luck on our up coming marriage. Then we went on a tour or the underground tunnels connecting all of the building in Temple Square. The word "amazing" doesn't describe it. Everything is connected.

After a quick lunch at the parking lot of the Church History Museum, we went inside for a scavenger hunt. Spencer and I totally won (no matter what anyone says).
The Original Podium of the Conference Center
Then we went back to the campground. Did you know that there is a trail that goes around Lagoon? I do... now. Spencer and I borrowed bikes and set off on the trail. It was great. We rode until I got super tired and desperately needed a break.
Break Time: He makes a lot of funny faces in photos and he times them perfectly so that I can't see them until I look at the pictures later
After the bike ride (the way back was a lot shorter, turns out we really hadn't gone that far) we went back to the campground and played Phase 10 with Julie (Spencer's mom). It was a surprise to everyone (specially him) when Spencer actually won for the first time. After dinner, it was time to go home.

I had so much fun this weekend. Thank you so much Keeles for inviting me to come along. It couldn't have been more perfect :D

PS I only put some of the picuter here. To see all of them go on Facebook